Flights to Buenos Aires

The City of the Colonial Architecture – Buenos Aires

One of the most beautiful cities in South America – Buenos Aires – never sleeps and never runs out of exotic places to visit. Also known as the capital city of Argentina, the place is a great tourist attraction with a magnetic charm. Are you planning to make a trip to the place? If yes, then perhaps you might want to put these on your bucket list;

  1. Casa Rosada ->It is the executive palatial mansion and also the hideout of none other than the president of Argentina. The location is a massive tourist spot, with tens of thousands of visitors coming to the place every year just to admire the beauty of the spot.
  2. Palacio Barolo ->It is a huge architectural state-of-art specimen that reminds you of the colonial era. The monumental marvel itself is an exotic beauty that magnetizes tourists with its historical significance.
  3. La Recoleta Cemetery -> Located on the outskirts of the Buenos Aires neighborhood, the place is a graveyard for several famous people, including the Presidents of Argentina, Eva Peron, The founding member of the Argentinian Navy, Nobel Prize winners, and various others.

Buenos Aires – Picture Worth a Thousand Words

The big cosmopolitan city is divided into 48 segments or neighborhoods and is one of the most visited cities in the whole world. The place is famous for its European architecture and is more than four centuries old. For those who are avid dancers, the city can teach a lot as it is the birthplace of tango. The second largest metropolitan city in South America, the place takes full authority of the legislative chambers, judicial power, and the defense forces of the country. The buildings and other monuments of the city are purely French, Spaniard, and Italian influenced and infused with the aura of the Victorian era. The city is engendered with the taste of tango when it comes to dancing and the vigor of football when you talk about sports. Proudly known as the gem of South America, the capital city of Buenos Aires displays effervescent and spirited cultural life.

How to Reach Buenos Aires

Ezeiza International airport is the main airport in Buenos Aires, where all the major flights land and depart. Emirates, Lufthansa, British Airways and American Airlines are some major airlines that go to Buenos Aires from major parts of the world. On the other hand, Ethiopian Airlines, Air Canada, Etihad Airways, American Airlines and Air France are the airlines operating direct flights to Buenos Aires. In contrast, some connecting flights have one or more than one stopover. You can reach the city center from the airport after landing by taking a taxi whose charges are negotiable.

Wise Tips to Search for Cheap Buenos Aires Flights

  • Low-Cost Flights – > With a little time you spend searching about flights to the capital city of Buenos Aires, you can go with Norwegian and LEVEL to fly to the place. You must know that the fare fluctuates between checked and unchecked baggage. Besides that, you must know that you need to pay a little extra for the services like meals, unless you can bare traveling for 13 hours right from Europe to Argentina.
  • When To Book a Flight – There’s a Trick – > Just like the majority of the tricks, this one is simple too. All You need to make a stop-over. Yes, you heard it right. Do it in Brazil, where you can save approximately €200. However, you may need to check out your baggage. Just pass it over the passport control and then check it once again at the stop-over airport. Certainly, it will take precious two hours of yours, but you will save a lot of money doing that trick.
  • Land in Brazil and Travel to Buenos Aires – > Yes, you can save tons of money performing that trick. You must know that Buenos Aires is one of the airports that comes with the highest tax charges. You can do the same when you are going back from Buenos Aires. You must know that when you are flying with premium airlines, it’s going to cost you even more. Money saving trick, isn’t it?
  • Opt for the odd timing – > Everyone places their ticket booking three to four months in advance but doesn’t know that timing of your desired flight can change the face of the deal. Always choose the daytime or midnight as it is less comfortable, that’s why many people don’t book their tickets or prefer to travel at this time.

Perfect Timing For Visiting Buenos Aires (H4)
April – June – > During this time, the autumn season flourishes and screens the entire city with pleasant moisture. The humidity remains bearable with a mild temperature of 60s and 70s. The colorful fall dampens the place, and evenings are, even though a bit chilly, yet soothing when you are around your friends.

July-August – > This is the time when the capital of Argentina engulfed itself in the winters where the daytime temperature hits to 50s and 60s only, and the nights are surrounded by 45 degrees. For those who are planning to visit the place during this time, do not forget to enjoy the Tango Festival that begins in August. You’ll see people enjoy dancing and cheering together while spreading happiness during the season.

September-December – > The city’s beautiful violet trees of jacaranda are never this beautiful because this is the time when they blossom and immerse the streets of the great city with mesmerizing violet color screens. You certainly don’t want to miss the visit to the “Paseo del Rosedal” where you will see thousands of roses blooming, spreading their sweet fragrance in the atmosphere. The temperature fluctuates between 60 degrees and 80s, and hotel prices peak a little because this is the time when most tourists visit the place.

December-March – > This is yet another duration when the city is crowded with people wanting to spend their vacations with their loved ones. However, you need to accommodate with the high level of humidity, the variety of events that don’t cost you a penny would not let you remind of it. Though nights are soothing and comfy, the days spike to triple digits. Since the season is bustling with people paying a visit from all across the world, get ready to pay a little more for the hotel rooms and ensure that you have made the advanced booking.

Final Word

Have you ever heard the saying “not every day is a monopoly”. Speaking of which, you may need to look sharp and act smart regarding bookings during the “September-December & December-March”. While other seasons may not cost you much for your trip to Buenos Aires yet it is advised to plan in advance for a more rewarding and cheering tour. The place is filled with restaurants and hotels offering Argentinian delicacies and guesthouse rooms at affordable prices. Make your booking with Tours N Travel Pro, get a cheap flight to Buenos Aires, and become free-minded. So now that you have fantasized enough about South America, pack your bags now!