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How To Upgrade Seats On Spirit Airlines

There is a reason why Spirit Airlines is considered one of the most recognized, popular, and finest airlines in the world. They give you the privilege of upgrading our travel class in just a few steps. These steps are easy to follow and are mentioned under Spirit Airline policy. This Airline is sincere towards their services as they have the most comfortable seats in the front section of their flight. No comparison between the airlines exists in the matter of seats, as Spirit Airlines turns out to be a clear-cut winner.

If you grab the “Big Front Seat,” then “Expectation turns into reality” becomes true. This seat is in front and comfier than any other seat on the plane. And you wouldn’t receive any other benefits while getting this seat. There is a cost you need to pay for this seat; even the elite passengers can’t get it free.

If you wish to travel on a low budget, aim for the exit-row seat with a minimal charge. If you want to raise your legs freely, scroll downwards to learn the method of obtaining the seat upgrade.

What is the Procedure for Upgrading the Seats on Spirit Airlines?

Sometimes it is very tough and depends on luck to get a seat upgrade on Spirit Airlines as it is subject to the availability of the seats. You need to visit the official website of Spirit Airlines to avail the option of a seat upgrade.

The customer support executive of Spirit Airlines promptly helps you in finding the seat availability for which you are looking. So raised a request for the preferred seat option and went with the flow.

Terms and conditions regarding the Seat upgrade under Spirit  Airline  Policy

Be updated with the terms and conditions of Spirit Airlines for acquiring a seat upgrade. These are all given below:

• Firstly, there has to be seat availability for which you are raising a request. Satisfying this condition only leads you to the achievement of your desired seat.
• Generally, the minimum charge on Spirit Airlines for the seat upgrade is $35. But it varies based on routes and distance.
• It is mentioned in the Spirit Airlines Policy that a specific period is available for getting the seat upgrade. If you didn’t get in that span, you might not apply for a seat upgrade or pay an additional charge.

Note: The charge for the seat upgrade depends on the time you are applying for the upgrade and the type of fare you paid for your flight. 

It’s better to get aware of the conditions applied to the Seat upgrade of Spirit Airlines. As of now, you can proceed with the process smoothly and flawlessly.

Know the Process of Upgrading the Seat on Spirit Airlines

Follow the steps highlighted here to apply for a seat upgrade on Spirit Airlines:

• Open up your browser and visit the official website of Spirit Airlines.
• Navigate to the Reservation segment of spirit airlines and reach the booking management section.
• Click on the option of “My Trips” on that page.
• To reach the next page, fill in the required details in the asked places, like the passenger’s name and the ticket confirmation number.
• Under that page, opt for the Booking management system.
• Here you can get the option of “Add and Modify seats” in the modify section.
• Make the selection of seats from the seat map of the Spirit Airlines flight and then proceed for the upgradation of the seat.
• Get done with all the other facilities and then tick the box for agreeing with the terms and conditions of spirit airlines.
• If an alert asks for the charges, it needs to be filled out. Choose the payment method out of all and make the payment.
• Now, you have done with the payment for the seat upgradation. A confirmation mail or message will appear on your registered mail Id and mobile number.

Grab the upgrade of Big Front Seat by doing the Bidding

Recently, Spirit Airlines implemented that the only way to grab a Big Front seat is by bidding on the official website of Spirit Airlines. Spirit Airlines allows us to seal our name on the Big Front Seat at a bare minimum charge through this method.

It would be best if you waited to know whether you received the opportunity to travel in one of the comfier seats on the flight. The bid results wouldn’t be out till 48 hours before the departure time, and sometimes the bid opens out even closer to the departing time of the flight.

One more clause is specified under the Spirit Airlines policy, “Instant Level Up.” The instant level-up option of Spirit Airline provides the allowance of snagging an upgrade of the travel class immediately.

Note: Remember that this option is only available on some selected routes.

Avail a Free Upgrade of Seat (exit-row seat) with Elite Status

Being loyal to Spirit Airlines makes you win the race against others, as you can earn elite status, which presents you with a free seat upgrade. You can’t get the Big Front Seat, but the exit-row seat is the surprise you deserve.

There are two levels of the free Spirit Airlines Seat Upgradation, i.e., Gold and Silver. Silver Members have the opportunity to get a free seat upgrade, but luck has an important role in the game. All these members can snatch the free exit-row seat, if available, three hours before the departure time. On the other hand, the Gold Spirit members have the upper hand as they can get the free exit-row seat even at the time of Spirit Airlines reservation.

The Crux of the Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade Policy

Spirit Airlines possesses a wide range of options for seat upgradation. But the main issue for the majority is paying a lot of money to get the comfort they only imagined. The possibility of obtaining a free spirit upgrade of the Big Front Seat is negligible. It doesn’t matter that you hold elite status or a Spirit credit card; you can’t grab the free seat upgrade. It is better to be in the game when traveling is in their low phase. You can save some bucks while stealing the comforted seat for a better journey.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the seating arrangements of Spirit Airlines bad? Or they don’t have ample leg space?

The seat space in Spirit Airlines exists in the area of 28 inches, which is quite apt. Other airlines have 30 inches of free area around their seats. But you can have the opportunity to upgrade your seat after giving some extra money. In contrast, you can let your luck play in the game.

2. What are the charges for the Big seats on Spirit Airlines?

The charges always vary based on distance and the seat you book. The amount for the same is (from $25 to $175) and is directly paid at the time of the journey. During the booking, always find the availability of the big seats first as this option stands out as the finest one. For the process, read the steps mentioned above.

3. Can we access the option of seat upgrade on Spirit Airline?

Yes, you can have the accessibility to the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airline. You need to pay the additional charges for a better seat which is $35 for general. It is applicable to all and some changes might come due to other factors. For attaining the seat upgrade, two methods posed by Spirit Airlines. You can either visit their official website or can reach out to the customer support executive of Spirit airlines.

4. Which seats are everyone’s choice in Spirit Airlines?

Everyone explores that one opportunity to get the Big Front Seat or the Exit-Row Seat. As these are the seats upon which everyone has stuck their eyes.

5. Will I not regret getting the Big Front Seat on Spirit Airlines?

It is completely worth it when you book your flight a Big Front Seat. Have a zeal for comfort on your vacation, then opt for this seat. Every seat on the flights of Spirit Airlines has great quality. After sitting in those seats, the time doesn’t feel at all. And the travel passes like a phase of wind.