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10 Tips to Deal with your Pre-Travel Anxiety

Most people don’t believe Anxiety is a medical illness, but it can be severe sometimes. In the literal sense, travel anxiety is a fear or unwanted feeling that resists individuals from walking away from their homes to explore new places. It happens in the scenario when your mind overthinks about things and becomes protective of the unusual stuff.

• Fast heart beating rates, chest pains, or difficulty in breathing.
• Losing of focus and concentration in any task.
• Insomnia (failure to sleep properly).
• Cold, cough, nausea, and diarrhea mostly.
• Uneasiness and body ache.

Over-effects of these symptoms may cause Anxiety, and feeling these symptoms before a trip may lead to pre-travel Anxiety. During these moments, people feel disconnected from their bodies and aren’t energized and strong enough to do anything.

Here is the elaboration of 10 tips to solve your problem of Pre-Travel Anxiety. Please scroll down to read all of them.

1. Make a Plan for Certain Happenings

Pre-travel Anxiety commonly arises whenever we think of visiting a new place & we also imagine that we are all alone in a new place with random strangers. We can’t be prepared for the worst cases scenarios as we can’t apprehend those all priorly but what we can do is we can make a plan for the most obvious happenings that can occur to us. These are:

• What if you get lost? Always have a map or a guidebook of where you are heading for a trip. Make sure to charge your phone before leaving your hotel to explore the venue.
• What to do when you have a money shortage? Have a credit card along with a debit card for these types of issues, and inform some of your friends so that they can help you immediately after you make a call.
• What if you get sick during the trip? The ideal solution is to buy health insurance before your journey, which will take care of you.

2. Thought of What’s Coming Up

Always be positive in your mindset. Don’t anchor in your mind the cases of “What if….. happened”. Rather, focus on the things you will do in your next expedition and be happy. The feeling of romanticizing the aura of that place towards you will be heading makes everything fall on the right spot so that Anxiety wouldn’t have a space at all to exist.

3. Travel Along with Friends

If the issue of your Anxiety is traveling alone, search for a traveling buddy for yourself to explore new places and indulge in many group activities. It is an opportunity for you to be more open and comfortable around people, and you can also have the chance to make some new friends who will become your travel partner for the next exploration.

4. Arrange an Ample Number of Distractions for Yourself

Think about your distractions and make a list to arrange all of them. Some people consider playing video games, while others like to watch movies or T.V. series to spend their time so that they get distracted from the reasons causing pre-travel Anxiety.

Bring it with you no matter what your distraction is, as it can help you focus on something else while it forestalls negative thoughts.

5. Talk to Tour Friends and Tell Them About your Plan

The more you spread your plan, the simpler it is for you to execute it. People in this period are so questionable that they’ll ask you such questions as, why are you doing this? & why are you traveling to that place? It provides you the space you want so you can justify yourself while making your point out loud.

It will also make an impact in making your decision more rigid as no one will regret it after having a trip somewhere.

6. Determine the Triggers Which Initiate Anxiety Inside you

It is advised to know the Anxiety triggers that give you anxiety disorders. It is proved that sometimes it is connected with traveling issues like boarding a plane or packing for the trip. Many external factors can also give rise to pre-travel Anxiety, like stress, too much caffeine consumption, or maybe bad health conditions.

So it is necessary to identify those triggers and deal with them before your trip to have a vacation free from Anxiety.

7. Make an Elaborate Plan of the Responsibilities of your Home

Leaving your home can be a major reason for most people’s anxiety disorders. Leaving your child, pets, and spouse alone can also be a factor that gives you Anxiety during travel as you get sudden thoughts about them, like, Are they alright? What will they do if they need anything? So, to deal with this issue, build a plan to manage things properly.

Several options are there as solutions, like asking a friend to take care of all these things or arranging a babysitter when your child’s issue comes across in your traveling.

8. Do a Thorough Research

It is always good to perform research before your trip. On Google, many people share their experiences of visiting the same place, the issues that can arise, and how to deal with them. You can be prepared before your trip for those kinds of instances.

9. Take Long Deep Breaths to Get Relaxed

Becoming hectic with the issues and problems in planning a trip is normal, resulting in some pre-travel anxiety. Meditation and taking deep breaths is proven to be the best solution to stamp out anxiety issues in a complete way. If you are performing this solution, you always feel lighter and calm and can think more properly.

10. Foresee the Positive Events

If in your mind, the thoughts of some negative scenarios keep coming, you think that it can happen to you, then it is obvious that you will have some anxiety issues about your travel. To get rid of that anxiety issue, list all the positive outcomes, like exciting, relaxing, or thrilling things that you think came out of your trip.

You can also include where you are aiming to pay a visit for clicking a selfie, expectations about the new people you will meet on your vacation, and the electrifying task to do for which you have waited so long.

Wrapping Up

Having Anxiety can be a serious issue as it can become the reason for a panic attack. So to get rid of Anxiety disorder or pre-travel Anxiety, follow the given tips. These tips can help you fight against your pre-travel anxiety so that you can execute your trip well. We are hoping that all these tips will bring a change and help you to have a splendid and unforgettable journey.