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Book Cheap Airline Tickets Online

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When you plan the travel, you search for cheap fly tickets to the places you want to visit. Only when you find that the plane tickets match your budget, you go ahead with the plan. On Tours and Travel Pro, we have marked certain tourist rates which see good number of travellers. On those routes, we offer cheap airfares along with the customized accommodation packages. With us, you get the best possible rates, if you buy plane tickets on those marked tourist routes.

Ways of Bagging Cheap Airline Tickets on Tours and Travel Pro

One-Way Ticket Vs Round-Trip Ticket

The debate about choosing a one-way ticket or a round trip one has been going on for ever. While it is much more convenient to manage a round trip ticket, it is advisable that you go for the single trip. The reason behind that is that you might come across different discounts offered at a later stage which you might miss if you have already booked a round-trip. The overall cost of your trip can be brought down by booking two single side tickets. With booking round-trip tickets, you have to be careful that you cancel the booking well in advance if you intend not to travel.

Cheap Airline Tickets

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Plan Your Travel Well in Advance

Another great way of scoring cheap flight deals is by planning your travel well in advance. If you buy plane tickets near the date of your journey, you might not be able to make it an affordable and cheap travel. However, if you planned months in advance and book your tickets a month or two before the day of journey, you can very well get the cheapest flight deals. So, if you want to avail the best of flight deals, try to research well and book your plane tickets before to get discount flight rates.

Mid-Week Price Vs the Weekend Price

Weekdays are usually better than the weekends when it comes to prices. Airlines announce the sales on a Monday night keeping in mind that the aggregator sites will spring into action at the beginning of the week. By late Tuesday or Wednesday morning, competitors try to match up with the prices, thereby bringing the prices down. So, if you intend to buy cheap airline tickets, the best time to do it is a weekday. On weekends because of more people travelling, the prices of air travel go up.

Waiting Until the Last Minute is the Trick

Waiting until the last Minute flight to book could play the trick sometimes. To fill up the seats in the aircraft, airlines come up with last minute deals, which are significantly cheaper. In some cases, the prices are slashed to almost half. But doing this also comes with a bit of risk. What if you wait till the last minute and the seats fill up? So, if your itinerary is an open-ended one, you can take this approach to land a cheap airline ticket.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking for cheap flights, it is a good idea to start about 6 weeks in advance. This will give you time required to search through different airline websites, flight search engines and also aggregator sites. If you are looking for a cheap flight for an international route, you might want to begin about 24 weeks in advance. This would help you understand the fare pattern of different airlines as the rates keep fluctuating throughout the week. Once you get hold of the fare pattern of different airlines, you will be able to zero in on the cheapest flight available.

You need to search through various travel search engines and look for the prices that suit you. Another way is by marking the days when the cheap flights are available. Also, you can go through the various aggregator sites that offer flights at affordable prices. Compare the prices, timing and the airline and you will get the best and most cheap flight deals.

The best way of finding the cheapest flight is booking well in advance. You should also keep an eye out for the best discounts and offers. Keep searching the flight search engines from time to time. Also, sign up for newsletters and price drop alerts so that you know when the prices of a particular airline go down. Following all these mediums on social media for latest alerts is also a good idea.

At the risk of sounding boastful, we have to say that Tours and Travel Pro is the best site when it comes to offering cheapest flight deals across the planet. We have tied up with who’s who of the airline industry turning our dream of “affordable travel for all” into a reality.

It is not a good idea to buy a flight ticket directly from the airport as tickets on airport are generally costly. More importantly, they might not be available on the said dates. You should think of airport as a place where you board and de-board flights, not as a place where you buy tickets.