Tours N Travel Pro is the owner and regulator of this gigantic platform. We put our users as our priority rather than anything else. Hence, it is our responsibility to let you know what data we requested from your side, how we store it, and how we use it in our process. We understand our responsibility and therefore came forward with this privacy policy. The data here represents the information entered by the user or a customer when they come to our website, register, sign in, or take any of our products or services.

Note: Remember that the words that represent us here are “We”, “Us”, “Our”, and “Ourselves”.

It is self-evident that when you come to our website, sign in by entering the information, Purchasing any product, and taking the services listed here, you must agree with our privacy policy clauses. We receive that you all believe in us, then only you are visiting for the services, and we try our best to maintain that belief of yours in us. You should know that your privacy is significant to us, and we would not leave any stone unturned to keep it safe and secure.

Here, under this privacy policy, you all will see what information we collected, how we are using it, and the cause for which we are using it.

A Cluster of Information that we Amass

Personal details or information are the details that enable you to make your identity among the masses. With the help of this information, anyone can identify who you are. In this account, the information that came up is as follows:

  • Name of the User.
  • Permanent Address and Postal Address.
  • Contact Details that consist of Phone Number and Email ID.
  • Social Media Account details.
  • Details of Credit and Debit Card for the matter of payment.
  • Passport Number.

Along with this general information, the details also get stored up relating to the time of your booking through our portal. It comprises your itinerary, departure place, date, destination, time of traveling, and choice of diet as well. This act of submitting or entering such data of yourself or other people for whom you are making the booking denotes that you are taking accountability for those people for sharing their information. And imparting permission as well to use the information of those people according to our privacy policy.

Ways to Store Personal Data

Tours N Travel Pro and its service providers gather and then compile the details of you and someone else submitted by you in several ways. The ways are listed here:

  • With the medium of the Website- when someone comes here to take our services or products, they register by entering the information or signing in through their login credentials.
  • By the offline mode: When someone contacts our customer care team.
  • Through multiple other sources: When you agree or allow permission to take the information we already shared on our Social Media handles, Public handles, pages and websites, and to other third-parties platforms.

Usage of the Personal Details

Being the manager of this platform, Tours N Travel Pro will take the usage information provided by you in numerous ways, as it is all mentioned here. To know those methods, go through all of the pointers stated below:

  • To complete the payment process that you did for buying or taking our products and services, respectively.
  • To settle out or to answer your question and queries.
  • In order to do communication with you regarding the purchase or bookings that you made through our website and to provide adequate customer support.
  • To conclude, your purchase from our third-party travel service provider.
  • In a matter of sharing any information about the update in the terms & conditions, privacy policy, or to any major segment of our website.
  • To ask for your participation in contests or promotions. (Settle this point in your mind that these promotions and contests come up with rules and policies about the matter of use. So, it is suggested to each of you to read the following segment carefully before stepping into any of the contests as such. You must know the conditions for that, and then only you share your information with us).
  • To send you promotional emails, messages, alerts, and notifications within a limit passed by the law or not counted under the section of hampering personal liberty.
  • In the scenario of providing you an experience customized based on the websites in the form of products or several exciting offers depending on your previous visits to the websites.
  • Regarding the enablement of sharing of data on the social media platforms that are used by you.
  • To perform the analysis of the data.
  • To prevent any type of cyberattack, fraud, and online scam.
  • To determine the campaign status and promotional events running on the website.

Sharing of that Personal Data

We indeed shared your personal information with all the travel service providers or third-party apps, but we didn’t have any control over them. Nor we can’t control the method through which they use your data, and we can’t have the right to interfere in the process that is going on in their portal. Thus, we left it to you as your duty to go through the privacy policy of that travel service provider from whom you purchase products or take their services through the platform, i.e.,

If we consider ourselves, then we share your personal information with the following entities:

  • To all of our third-party travel service providers.
  • With our all listed business partners.
  • Among our outer source who provide us the service of Internet and payment gateways.
  • To our third-parties sponsors or regulators who manage various promotional activities or campaigns.
  • With all the other travel-related companies who invested in us or are our aggregators.
  • To our outer customer service providers who help us in settling the issues that emerge within the users.
  • To the surviving firm, like with the merger, in a state of dissolution, or sale of all our assets if any such type of situation will occur.

Safeguarding the Personal Details

To make you guarded against online scams or frauds, we make sure that the usage of your credit card or debit card on our website will take place with your permission only. And to ensure this, we also introduced the OTP (One Time Password) feature. Thus, we verify your details during the booking process, like the name, number, address, and contact number. By entering this information, you permitted us to proceed with the process highlighted here. We give you full assurance of the fact that nothing out of this will hamper your credit score a bit.

You don’t need to worry for a bit as all the information or details you provided to us at the time of booking or registration is used by taking all the safety measures and guidelines. The process that will take place by considering your personal information will strictly fall parallel with the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Data Stored Directly by Third-Party Websites

Any kind of information you give us may get collected by massive firms like Google, Facebook, WhatsApp, Microsoft, and Twitter is done by their own method, and we don’t have any control over that. Their practices or system for the same are quite different and have tight security enabled. Tours N Travel Pro is not answerable for data sharing that happened without our consent.

Security of the Data

We have ample safety measures to ensure that your personal data will not get attacked by anyone and can’t get into the hands of someone else in an illegal way. To implement this promise, we laid down some restrictions on fetching data by our third-party travel service provider and employees who need it for some business processes. It is true now that they use your personal information on our instructions and will always stick with us under the conditions of this privacy policy. Tours N Travel Pro has discovered its methods to deal with the act of data breach and also lets you know with a notification whenever they spot any suspicious activity with your data.

Holding Tenure of the Data

Tours N Travel Pro possesses the right to hold command over your data till the moment we want. But generally, it would be done to finish down the attainment of the service you apply for, like legal, accounting, and reporting work. The reason we save your data for an exact period is that by disclosing it, the harm of breaching or disclosure will become higher. We take the assistance of the data we collected from you to offer you the finest service next time you book with us.

According to the law, we are legally bound to save your data for six years, and after that, you are not considered a customer. The act of saving data is performed only to file the tax. If those six years are inactive from your side, then we will delete your whole data from our database.

Some instances also occur where people ask us to delete their data, and we sometimes make that data unidentified to make it apt for research. If this case happens, then we do not have to send you any kind of prior notification.