About Baggage Policy

A baggage Policy is essential as it solves the significant worry of the individual they think they’ll face during their travel. Questions like how many pieces of bags I can take, the maximum weight of the baggage that is allowed, and the maximum size that is permitted are get answered by this baggage policy. After reading their baggage policy, you can pack according to the airlines you plan to go to.

About Baggage Policy

What type of baggage is allowed?

What type of baggage is allowed

There are different restrictions laid down by the airlines on the type of bags that they can take with them. Three types of bags are personal, carry-on, and checked-in. Every airline has permitted the number of baggage according to their rules and restrictions. But generally, they permitted one personal baggage, one carry-on baggage, and two checked-in baggage.

But, if you have more baggage, you can bring it only after paying extra charges per bag. But there is also a limit for carrying out that number of bags. A person can only take 10 bags maximally, and the charges are quite high for every increasing bag. It also gets double up from the previous one whenever you increase the number of baggage.

Apart from this, you can also take some oversize and overweight baggage as there exist separate provisions for these in every airline. Some extra fees get levied on the passenger if they bring out any bag over the weight or size limits. But suppose you cross down the maximum weight and size limit highlighted under the overweight and oversized baggage section. In that case, your baggage will get discarded from getting accepted as checked baggage.

Restrictions on items of the baggage

Some of the items are not allowed or prohibited by the airlines to carry on the plane, which is quite dangerous for the people and can lead to a tragedy very easily. So, considering everyone’s life, all the airlines banned some items from carrying on the flight. These items include gunpowder, chemicals, batteries, heavy stuff, and sharp objects.

Synopsis of the Baggage policy of each airline

All the airlines provide the same information as the policy remains the same, but the numbers, prices, restrictions, and all similar things change. So, it is better to know the basic synopsis of the baggage policy. For this, pay focus on the pointers given below:

  • Introduction
  • Carry-on Baggage Policy
  • Checked-Baggage policy
  • Overweight and Oversized Baggage Policy
  • Rules and regulation of the Baggage Policy
  • List of the restricted items
  • List of allowed items
  • Fees for the baggage
  • Conclusion
Restrictions on items of the baggage

General Conditions in the Baggage Policy

Certain conditions exist that you need to know and are listed under the baggage policy of every airline. These are as follows:

  • You can take the baggage number according to that particular airline’s baggage policy.
  • You have to adhere to the size and weight limits mentioned in that airline’s baggage policy.
  • You are not permitted to bring those prohibited items with you on board.
  • All of you have the authority to carry your musical instruments, sports equipment, and medical staff on the flight easily.
  • You must reach the airport on time to ensure your baggage gets checked on time so no discrepancy will follow.

To know more about the airline’s baggage policy with which you will fly or make your booking, tap on that airline’s policy below.