Brief of Minor Policy

The unaccompanied Minor Policy is the one that makes your minor travel alone on the flight. Following this policy posted forward by any airline will make your minor travel without any interruption to any place they want. But every policy of the different airlines has some changes in their terms or conditions and respective clauses. Many differences are there, but the basic details remain untouched by everyone.

The Basic Layout of the Unaccompanied Minor Policy

However, the details, information, numbers, and facts may differ, but the whole crux is the same. They put the information according to their means and conditions. Whichever airlines Pet Policy you want to witness, you will find out the same layout of every policy as highlighted below:

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Unaccompanied Minor Policy
  • Terms and Conditions stated under the policy
  • Mandatory documents to make minor travel easily
  • Way to book a flight for an unaccompanied minor
  • Fees for a minor to travel on a flight
  • Tips for minors to implement before traveling
  • Conclusion
Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Rules Involved Under This Policy

A cluster of general rules is included under this Unaccompanied minor policy. All the airlines agree with these rules, but they have some other rules in addition to this. They recommend all the passengers adhere to the rules of this policy. Generally, these rules are present in every Minor Policy introduced by several airlines:


  • Minor under some fixed age bar is not permitted to travel alone as every airline asks someone as a guardian to accompany that minor.
  • A fixed period is present for minors to do the check-in as their check-in process is different from the others.
  • No minor without their identity card can get into the flight.
  • They must ensure that their health is alright and they can travel on the flight. Besides this, in case of an illness or any matter with their health, they must know us in advance so we can make the necessary medical arrangement on the plane.

Documents Necessary for Traveling of Minor

Every Minor has to present some documents during check-in to make their travel smooth and without any hindrance. Thus, all of them must present some documents to the airlines anyhow. Compulsory documents to submit for the minor to travel on any of the flights are listed below:


  • Birth certificate to confirm the minor’s age as it is the same mentioned there.
  • Address proof of the parent’s current one where they are living.
  • The address proof of the single parent, if there is any.
  • Copy of the passport belonging to both of your parents for the matter of verification.
  • Identity proof of the person who is leaving you at the airport and the one who is collecting you from the other side.

Which Airlines Don’t Allow a Minor to Travel?

Every airline worldwide allows minors to travel on their flights, but their definition of minor is slightly different. They all have alterations in their rules regarding the traveling of the minor, and some airlines don’t permit minors below 8 years to travel alone on the flight. So, for this type of information regarding every airline, you need to know about the policy of that airline specifically.

Scroll down as every airline’s minor policy is stated here with complete details, so you don’t need to go anywhere else to check out the minor policy. Go through the conditions, and if they are suitable, then make the booking for your minor on that airline only. But remember to go through the policy of the airlines with whom you will travel or have your booking. 

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