In any instance, when someone makes a booking of a flight with Tours N Travel Pro, we need to ensure that you know everything about the process. Here comes the entry of the Price Match Policy, according to which if you make the same booking for a lower price in any other prime OTA (outer travel agency) within 24 hours, we will match that price or refund you the difference in the amount. After claiming the same, firstly, we implement a verification to check whether it is true or not. If it comes out true, you have the complete authority to cancel your booking, and a complete refund will be processed into your account within the normal working period.

Note: One of the main conditions that should prove it true is that the itinerary has to be the same on both booking pages.

Explanation of “Same Itinerary” by Mentioning it

“Same Itinerary” is the term by which we denote every aspect and detail, including flight booking. So, it also matches the details written in the comparative booking. These details are airline number, ticket number, date of traveling, identical departure and arrival place, flight number, and types of seats.

Is it Necessary that Comparative Booking should be Live, Available, and Working?

The responsibility to check whether that link can beat our offer on the website working or live falls upon you. Thus, when you declare it is live and running, our customer care executive can easily click on this and book it. Through this method, they will let you know if your claim is correct or not.

How to Let us Know About the Applicability of PMP (Price Match Policy)?

Suppose you want to proceed with Price Match Policy or implement it; you can tell us about this by emailing or calling us at 123456789. Succeedingly, share the booking reference number and all the other details stated in the lower fare itinerary. It comprises the airline name, flight number, date of traveling, departure spot, arrival place, time of departure, number of customers, and seat. You must also share the link to the website or a screenshot, and it will help our travel experts on the team navigate to the verification step.

Following the information that you provided enables us to reach that spot. But If by any chance, If any information seems to like wrong, or if we can’t reach that spot, then your request for the claim will get canceled. Consequently, we are leaving with some choices if the Claim doesn’t get verified, and these are:

  • Get back the ticket along with the refund of the difference in the fare.
  • Cancelation of the booking and receiving the full amount as a refund.

Exceptions Present in Price Match Policy

You can’t apply the Price Match Policy to some fares types. Here the list of all these fares is given:

  • Some Corporate discounts include the presence of any group.
  • A special promotional offer that is not accessible by the normal masses.
  • When you belong to any of the membership programs.
  • Fixed fares and by applying any coupons gathered by promotional events.
  • Rewards of any program, incentive, official meeting, etc.

Other exceptions: Packages complete for vacation, booking of bulk tickets or many tickets at one time, Military, Students, and tours operator.

In cases when some type of error occurs in the fare are also excluded from implementing the Price Match Policy.