Who Are We?

Tours N Travel Pro is the hub of services that makes traveling possible. We provide all the services related to the travel domain by taking your stress on our head. Some words in this whole terms and conditions will be used repeatedly, so it is better if you know what they denote. Words like “We,” “Us,” and “Ourselves” is used for Tours N Travel Pro, whereas phrases like “You,” “Your,” “Them,” and “Yourself” refers here to all the users.

General Description

We, Tours N Travel Pro, aim to put our customers on top in terms of priority so that nothing will leave hidden from them. Another reason is that they will receive a flawless experience from our website. By following this, we suggest that every user visiting our website read this page to get aware of their rights and restrictions. Hence, read all the clauses under the Terms and Conditions section to seamlessly use our website. Remember that these conditions are legally binding for each who enters our portal.

If you are coming to our website, it is self-evident that you must agree with our terms & conditions. You should also know that we hold the right under which we can make alterations in our clauses whenever we feel a need for a change. We are not responsible for sending any of you a prior notification or an after one regarding the fact that we have made some amendments to our terms and conditions. If you fail to identify such changes, then you are answerable for that. Thus, bookmark this page and review it before taking our services or products whenever you come here. Your continued visit to this page is evidence that you accept our update’s terms and conditions, and if something wrong happens, it will fall legally upon you.

The owner and regulator of this website are only Tours N Travel Pro; if you are here to take any of our services or purchase any of our products, you must agree to our terms and conditions. In contrast, if you do not think some clauses highlighted here are incorrect, you should stop coming to our website for anything.

Acceptance from the User Side

From the moment you start using the website of, along with all the hyperlinks, products, and services, it is regulated according to the terms and conditions stated here. It comes into effect or gets applied when you make an account, register, sign in, and take any usage of the services or product.

Usage of the Website

You all are permitted to take the usage of the website and have access to the products and services only when you satisfy all of these conditions:

  • When you belong to 18 years or more then this.
  • You will only come to our website to make an accurate or valid booking for yourself or any member of your knowledge for whom you can also take legal responsibility.
  • Under the scenario when you convey the terms and conditions stated here to the individuals for whom you made the booking. It is necessary to complete it as you are the one who completed the booking for them.
  • We, Tours N Travel Pro, have the right to focus on all of your comments and eliminate any comments that are found abusive, inappropriate, or offensive. Besides this, it shouldn’t hamper any of the terms and conditions clauses.

The Compulsion to Provide Complete and Accurate Information on the Website

You are bound by the legal obligation according to which you need to provide true, accurate, complete, and right information about yourself. You have to become accountable for the entire security of your account and take responsibility whether you are using your account or someone else is using it.

You don’t have permission to copy, reproduce, publish, transmit, or modify any content on our website. You will also have no right to sell or resell any components or parts of our website.

Besides this, if you agree with our terms and conditions, Tours N Travel Pro holds the right to deny access to the website or block you from accessing our website, and we limit you from taking any of the services from our website.

Regarding Cancellation and Exchange

All the bookings you make through our website are non-refundable unless the service provider specifies it. In terms of initiating any cancelation from the side of the travel service provider, you will receive a credit from their side. This credit is valid till your future booking, and you can redeem it to make your future booking for less money. Such cancelation sometimes also lays down a penalty from the service providers’ side. In addition to this, you are also required to pay the price difference that comes when you are making future bookings.

Make a note of this point that Tours N Travel Pro does not provide any type of cancelation. If you did make any cancelation through our website, you or the user doing the cancelation is responsible for all the charges, taxes, or money deductions that arise at that time.

Refund After Cancelation

The booking you created from the Tours N Travel Pro platform is non-refundable in every situation. Other than this, it is non-changeable and non-endorsable. You can get a refund if the travel service provider specifies the thing. The refund will come back to your source of payment. The money will take 10 working days to get back into your account. The counting of these days will begin from the date of cancelation.

Read the conditions stated below as only the entertainment of these conditions will provide you a refund back:

  • When the travel service provider from which you had taken the service permits cancelation and refund.
  • In the scenario when you didn’t become part of the “No Show” Policy.

Important Note: Remember that the refund request will get processed from the side of the travel service provider. We (Tours N Travel Pro) don’t have any control over the timeline of the refund process getting back and submitting to your account. If the refund gets late or doesn’t get processed from the side of the travel service provider, then we are not responsible for the same. Besides the matter of refund, you would not get back the service fees that you received back at the time of confirming the original booking.

Regarding Fee Payment

The fees charged to you happened according to the listing of the prices showcased on our website. Moreover, Tours N Travel Pro also holds the right to add additional charges in the name of service fees over your complete payment. All of you, as the users, have to pay the charges, fees, duties, and taxes while taking and purchasing any of our services or products simultaneously. And, as the regulator of these services, we have full authority to revise any of the charges at any time whenever we feel there is a need to make any alterations.

Keeping this all aside, Tours N Travel Pro is not Responsible for any such kind of Situations that are Highlighted below:

  • In any kind of loss or damage of your valuables or significant items.
  • When an injury happens to any random customer because of the incompetency or negligence of the service provider.
  • Occurrence of delay, cancelation, change in schedule, and changes in the flight fare.
  • A claim of the total amount when a natural calamity or disaster emerges.
  • When the departure terminal or anything like this altered.

Regulations about Linking to Our Website

Tours N Travel Pro has given everyone the right to visit our website homepage that you are acting by considering the legal conditions stated under the segment of Terms & Conditions. According to the rules, it is your responsibility that you wouldn’t hamper our reputation. You are not granted permission to form a link on our website to go for any endorsement or add when such a thing didn’t exist. In addition, you are not entitled to create a link on our website upon which you don’t have control or authority.

As the owner of this portal, we hold the power to deny or suspend the right of any individual to form a link. The link on the website must parallel the content standards fixed out based on the clauses present in these terms and conditions. In your matter of linking to or using any of the content available on our website except the one written above, you can reach out to us at

Not Accountable for any Virus

As we are running a portal, we can’t assure you that our website, i.e.,, is virus-free. On the other hand, being a user, you should be responsible for choosing the apt platform to gain data from our website. You have to configure your information technology well; to save yourself from this, and you have to use virus protection software like some anti-virus.

Every user has no authority to misuse our website and use the data misled. You can’t introduce or launch viruses, trojans, worms, or any unwanted thing that may lead to some harm or damage to our website. Anyone is not permitted to take access to our website, our server, or any of our service provider’s servers along with the database to which our platform is merged. You can’t lead an attack through the fact of denial of service. If you breach any of these limitations, it becomes a criminal act per the Computer misuse act 1990. In case of such an event, we have to report you for the breach to the connected law enforcement state, and we will definitely cooperate with the authorities to open up your identity. In that state, you get blocked, or your right has been seized to take the usage of our website.

Booking in Safe Mode

We stand rigidly and take all the safety measures to ensure the security of your details. But, it is also a fact that no data system exists that ensures the full safety of your data. Along with this, the team of Tours N Travel Pro is always open to assisting you in the matter of having any discussion regarding the security of your account.

Undoubtedly, it is true that there is a three-level security process that exists in our system that makes sure the safety of your details as it remains within us, and no one can even dare to breach or hack them. Besides this, if you want to discuss anything about the case of guarding your personal information, we are open to all of you every time. Moreover, whenever you feel that your data is not safe enough now with us, i.e., Tours N Travel Pro, you have the full liberty to write us at We will revert you with the apt answer by analyzing your mail in a proper working time.