Want to stay in Abu Dhabi? Explore all the Best Hotels

From a Fishing Village for the last 40 years to a Modern Metropolis, Abu Dhabi has emerged as the capital city of the United Arab Emirates. Undoubtedly, it is the largest Emirate and is considered “Big Brother” in the entire Emirates. Abu Dhabi is the stunning amalgam of both, i.e., cultural aspects along with modern skyscrapers. Every year, tens of thousands of people got attracted by the glimmering beauty of this place, including marvelous hotels, Massive shopping malls, and amazing restaurants of every kind. There is so much to do in Abu Dhabi, as every turn of the street will bring a new face to this place in front of you.

Loftiest Towers Standing Uprightly near the Charming Waterside

Almost everyone who lands at the airport will go straight to the Corniche for a good reason. It is due to all the best hotels in this stretch. The sandy beach here gets hidden away by the skyscraper, and the water remains warm for a long time. So, people’s priority will always be diving inside the hotel pool as the water is cold here. Want to take a break from all the leisure activities? Visit the Marina Mall, the largest in Abu Dhabi and famous for people who aim to take some duty-free stuff with them. People who don’t have ample time to visit the desert can visit to the Emirates heritage village. The distance of this place is not so much from Corniche. It is a theme-based park that was formed to give people the feel of the traditional culture in the middle of the desert oasis. If you get bored of the traditional skyscrapers, then roam to the very end of Corniche, where you can witness the grandeur of some of the Presidential Palace.

Hand-Shaking with Global Culture in the Realm of Desert

In recent years, the administrative team of the Emirates has been making constant efforts to attract global culture and educational institutions to their land. Some of these efforts have become successful, and others are still waiting, whose result is still veiled. If you wish to see the Louvre and New York University while staying in Abu Dhabi, then flow down to Saadiyat Island as water flows to a place. New York University is the first International institution in the land of the Emirates to give liberal art degree to students. On the other hand, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is open to everyone with its upfront gallery that has art pieces from around the World since 2017. This island is also home to some of the best hotels that act like the cherry on the cake on your trip.

Realm of Desert Abu Dhabi

Solace in the Epicenter of the City

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Being stuck in the place’s glamour, sparkling, and commercialism, Corniche sometimes becomes over, but solace only exists nearby. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is the venue where peace is waiting for you. It is the prime mosque in the whole of Abu Dhabi in UAE and one of the largest in the world. Its main feature is not splendidness or size. It has a very simple design and is not so big. It is the colored white confluence with gold leaf that imparts the origination of peace and calmness, not like many other spiritual locations. The interior is so encapsulating that it is enough to bind someone towards its beauty by casting a spell on everyone else’s eyes. The carpet inside is considered the world’s largest, and the chandeliers are so gorgeous with their Swarovski crystals that are enough to deflect light in multiple directions. 

As there are too many mosques everywhere, all males and females unaware of the rituals and dress that must be worn during the visit can get introduced to that information.

Tips for Finding the Best Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Follow these tips without considering anything else if you want a cheap hotel deal in Abu Dhabi. These tips and tricks will surely let you have a good hotel deal.

  • To find the best hotel for yourself, you should always aim to take a visit in the low season that are not so popular among tourists. June and July are considered as these low seasons.
  • Day plays a major role in your decision to stay in Abu Dhabi. Saturday is the day staying on which can get you the best and cheap accommodation in Abu Dhabi. In contrast, Wednesday becomes the most expensive day to stay in Abu Dhabi.
  • Try to make the booking of your hotel at least 90 days before to attain the ideal price for a good hotel at an exquisite location.

Insider to Book a Hotel at the Perfect Spot

Go through all these points, as it will guide you right back to the place your heart is longing for. Choose the place to get the best hotel depending on the site you would like to take visit to.

  • Are you a person who is fascinated by the desert? Then Rub al Khali is the apt spot for you as it is the world’s largest uninterrupted desert. By staying here, you can get fast access to only the activities in the desert area. Those activities include Camel Riding, Sand Boarding, and Desert Yoga.
  • Have you heard of Formula 1 and Grand Prix races? Carrying a feeling to step on those tracks where such racing vehicles run? Make your hotel booking near Yas Mariana Circuit. Staying here will create this trip for a car enthusiast worth remembering, as normal people can run go-karts at these tracks when no race is going on.
  • Shopaholics don’t need to worry, as treasures await you when you stay at one of the hotels near Marina Mall. It is the shopping center that can captivate everyone’s attention as it has 400 shops of different brands and different types. There is also a bowling alley, ice rink, movie theatre, and observation deck. From that particular point, you can see the view of the Persian Gulf, the Corniche, and the Emirates Palace.

Entrancing Facts about Abu Dhabi

  • Number of alternatives of Accommodation – 585 Properties
  • Most Iconic Hotel to take a stay – Khalidiya Hotel
  • Famed Area of whole Abu Dhabi – City Center
  • One Night General Price for Hotel – $16
  • The airport where most people land – Abu Dhabi International Airport
  • Rigid reasons to visit Abu Dhabi – Shopping, Beaches, Desert, Fun Activities, Cultural acquaintance, and Family Fun.

Know the Places to Live in Abu Dhabi

The list of the renowned places of Abu Dhabi is highlighted here, and on the other side, you can find the number of hotels in that particular area of Abu Dhabi.

Frequently Asked Questions

Corniche and Saadiyat Island are the places you can consider to make your stay in Abu Dhabi. Form here; you can go anywhere as everything is nearby. By staying here, there is no such place exist where you can’t go or take a visit.

When an individual goes to Abu Dhabi for a trip, they can have a double room for the price range of $20 to $40, which is the cheapest. But if you want to stay in a general hotel, you have to pay between $130 to $150 for one night.

Yes, for sure. Each hotel in Abu Dhabi is the best, and you can have all the facilities and amenities you want. And if you are unsure about this, you can check in advance regarding the hotel where you are proceeding to make your booking.

The name of that hotel and resort is the Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort is situated mainly on the Corniche and has a speciality that has completed three outdoor pools. All the guests have the right to access these given pools. Other than this, there is another place called Al Seef Resorts and Spa, it has 4 swimming pools as it is located at Al Seef Resort and Spa. Most people who come here prefer to go to this place.

Emirates Park Resort is the best pet-friendly place in Abu Dhabi. It is answered here based on the votes of those who already came here with their pets.

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