Privacy Policy

Tours N Travel Pro is an all-in-one platform, and we provide the facilities to make your trip anywhere come true without hassle. On our platform, you can book your flight, rent a car, and book hotels. All the words like “We,” “Us,” and “Our” are words that denote Tours N Travel Pro directly. We use your data and collect it so that it remains safe with us. It is our duty to let you know how we store and use your personal information. It should be self-evident that your use of our services justifies your agreeing with our terms and conditions.

Note: Any changes will be made in our policy at any moment, and we are also not liable to give any prior notice.

Details that We Used to Collect

  • All the general personal information like name, age, date of birth, gender, and nationality is collected.
  • Contact details of the User of the website like Phone number, permanent address, and Email ID.
  • Details regarding your booking, like itinerary information. It includes your departed city, arrival port, date and time, booking ID, Carrier name, flight number, and passenger details. Other information we collect is luggage information, meals, scheduled time, layover places name, and accommodation details.
  • All the information regarding your payment comprises a debit card, credit card, and billing confirmation copy.
  • Some of the social media details if you accepted to compile any of your social media accounts with our website for an easy login process. It snatches data like your name, gender, age, photograph, and personal identification that you filled out on your social media account.
  • Validate your submitted content (like all the posted content, comments, or personal information).
  • The chat feed or conversation consisted of all the questions, queries, complaints, and requests you made with our customer support team.
  • Figures related to any promotion or offer you have entered while participating in any of the events. It has to be hosted on our website. Only then do we reserve the right to do so.
  • Several other irrelevant data you had filled in on our website (include any third-party app or any contributors’ details).
  • All the contact details are saved on your mobile for a better account flow.

Log Data and Means of Collecting it

Visit this page to get aware of the privacy policy of Tours N Travel Pro, including all the contributors.

Third-party service providers or ad network supporters use many ways to store data for their benefit. At the same time, they take many preventive measures to save your data from leaking out. These methods are Cookies, Web bugs or beacons, and JavaScript, which scrap away tour data. They also catch your IP address to increase the efficiency of their advertising modes.

It has to be kept in mind that we, as an independent service provider, don’t have any access or authority to regulate those cookies. These cookies are used by our third-party advertisers, which are fully responsible for that concern.

Usage of Cookies

Cookies are the way through which our company specifically stores data. We commit this act only by taking consent as a notification will appear on your screen whenever you use our website. It implies whether you accept the cookies or not. You can go for any of that options. But if you discard that option by choosing “you don’t accept cookies, ” you can’t take services from our website.

Note: Cookies means a file whose work is to store the data so that it can recall that whenever you use that same website. Entering a website is the step that activates the penetration of cookies in your system, and later, it gets stored in your system hard drive and settled there.

Details of Children

We focus on the privacy of the users that come to our website. Especially in the case of children, we try to put the best of ours. In this case, we strongly recommend all parents keep an eye on their children. Check what they are using while streaming the Internet, what websites they use, and what type of stats they share.

We have an automated system-generated procedure through which, without our permission, our website collects our data. We, Tours N Travel pro, unknowingly didn’t store any of the information of Children under the age of 13. If you find out that your kids have shared any data under this age on our website, then instantly reach out to us. And we assure you that we will immediately do our best to clear out or delete that information from our database.

Bound by the Laws

Our privacy policy clearly states that we will not disclose or share your figures with anyone until and unless any law creates the circumstances to do so.

Right to Amend the Privacy Policy

We possess the right to change our privacy policy whenever needed, and we don’t need to notify anyone before making our policy modifications. All the changes get updated on our website when there is a scope for indulging some changes.

It is advised to all our website’s regular or new users that a regular visit in a time interval is a must. As soon as the policy is updated, it gets into effect. Before taking any services from any website, a smart task is to visit the privacy policy page.