Terms and Conditions

As a user-oriented service provider, we advise you to go through our terms and conditions minutely and carefully. Please read all the pointers and clauses one by one and understand them to grasp better the conditions applied to our services. If and only if you agree with our terms and conditions, continue your expedition to our website. If you find anything that doesn’t meet your expectations, then resist taking any of our services at any cost. Utilizing any of the services listed on our website is self-evident of your agreement with our terms and conditions completely.

We hold the authority to modify our terms of use and are not liable for providing any prior notice for doing so. Whenever we felt the conditions were not falling on our side, we could amend the terms of use instantly. On the other hand, your act will be restricted under the updated terms and conditions. So it is better to bookmark both these pages (Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy) of that website to which you are a regular visitor. Do read it again whenever you opt for any services from their website.

Note: The words like “We,” “Us,” and “Our” all refer to Tours N Travel Pro. In contrast, “You” and “Your” denotes the User who takes the services from the website.

We Are Not a Seller of Any Travel Product

Tours N Travel Pro is a gigantic platform that is not subjected to selling any of the travel products listed here. All third-party service providers manage these products, and we are not directly responsible for any of the products. So, it is mandatory to agree with the terms and conditions of that specific service provider to avail of their services.

By enlisting the travel services on our platform, we are not indicating that we are promoting any of the travel service providers.

We don’t have any liability for the prices on our website. All these data, including content, services, products, and prices, are uploaded by third parties. Tours N Travel Pro is not responsible for any description’s accuracy, completeness, and validity, as we didn’t guarantee such promises.


Agreeing with our terms and conditions, you allowed us to share cookies per our Privacy policy description.

We used cookies to save the User’s details to remember for his every visit. There is an increment in functionality, witnessed by the involvement of the cookies in our website, and it makes the website interface a lot more engaging and smooth. Apart from us, most of our third-party contributors also hold the right to implement the usage of cookies.

Avail of our Website

Any of the Users must satisfy the requirement of legal age, and they should use the website when they are ready to be parallel with the terms and conditions of our website. As soon as you enter and become a new user on our website, you bind yourself to our terms of use. It is your responsibility now for your account. If any of the violations of any clause happen, then we hold the right to ban you immediately without any notice.

If someone else is using your account, you are responsible for any of the harm. Each detail, even the minute one provided by you, must be right and valid. If you want to make changes, do it as early as possible. Besides all this, reach us whenever you feel your account is hacked and someone else controls the account in your name.

License for our Website

Tours N Travel Pro thought for the users and allowed them to independently share their views on the website. We don’t change, edit or remove any of the comments, as it is your right to do so. We hold the authority to eradicate any inappropriate, abusive comment that breaches our website’s terms of use.

You can only comment when you are following the below points:

  • All the users are completely entitled to post any comment on our website.
  • One necessity is that the comment doesn’t include offensive, indecent, abusive, or promotional aspects.
  • Abolishment of any of the Intellectual property rights is not admissible.

Conditions for Utilization of Website and Copyright

The copyright guard shields us. All the services highlighted on our website must be available only under the terms of use provided by us.

  • Our website provides a provision that it is accessible for the User’s personal usage only.
  • It is not permissible to use our website for commercial purposes without our allowance.
  • We, Tours N Travel pro, hold all the rights, and breaching those rights will result in legal actions.
  • You are not subjected to making a copy of our website as it is for private use only.

Links Elimination from our Platform

If you find any of the links on our website offensive and non-operational, you can contact us. We’ll inspect the case, and if it turns out true, we consider it as we don’t have the right to remove the link instantly. The third-party providers have the right to those links particularly.

We are not responsible for any of the data mentioned on our website. The links might need to be updated and fixed, so it’s up to you to check the links frequently.

Responsibility of Tours N Travel Pro

Tours N Travel Pro is responsible for the validity of the content on our website, and they have to maintain the information on the website updated. We compiled the content of this website very attentively so that no error will persist. We are responsible for the content, but no guarantee will provide by us for the content. Along with this, Tours N Travel Pro is not subjected to any loss and damage that occurred.

You can contact us when you find any of the updated content invalids on our website. We take the best possible steps to deal with that issue.

Permission of iFrames

Without our approval and permission, i.e., Tours N Travel Pro, you can’t create any frames. As it directly impacts the appearance and working of the website and doing so without our allowance lands you in some legal action.