A Complete Guide About Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Policy 

Hawaiian Airlines is known for its exceptional service and its straightforward policies. Have you ever wondered about the Hawaiian Airlines check-in timings of the airlines? Well, this blog has everything that you may require about the check-in. For starters, there are many modes by which one can check in without any hassle. To put everything in place, you must know about the Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Policy to understand all the rules & regulations related to the check-in procedure. The Hawaiian Airlines check-in method is specially made to determine your journey and saves you from spending unnecessary time in the queues. 

Let’s start with the Hawaiian Airlines Check in Policy without further ado. 

  • Per the Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Policy, keep your details handy during check-in.
  • If you do not want to lose your e-boarding ticket, download it onto your mobile for easy access.
  • Those checking in using the online method may make errors during the procedure. This happens when a passenger travels with their pet or on military orders. Whatever the case, try a different method to check in at American Airlines.

Multiple Modes to Check-in with the Hawaiian Airlines

As per the Hawaiian check-in policy, there happens to be a plethora of ways by which one can check-in, such as;-


  • Online Check-in
  • Mobile Check-in
  • KIOSK Check-in
  • Airport Check-in

Note: Passengers can check in using any method of their desire. The online check-in method allows you to check in from anywhere and anytime and saves you from spending time in long queues. It allows you to check in as early as 24 hours before your scheduled flight or check in 30 minutes before the final countdown. On the other hand, you can also check in via an offline method, which you can do via the KIOSK Check-in procedure or Airport Check-in process.

hawaiian airlines check-in policy

Breakdown of Hawaiian Airlines Flight Check-in Procedure

1. Hawaiian Airlines Online Check-in

All passengers on a scheduled flight with Hawaiian Airlines must check in at least 24 hours before their scheduled flight. Check-in as early as possible gives them the benefit of the doubt, and the passengers can get multiple advantages, such as priority boarding, business class upgrades, and many more. However, the online procedure allows you to check in as early as possible, 30 minutes before the scheduled departure. Here’s how you can check in using the online procedure:-

  • Start your procedure by simply navigating to the Hawaiian Airline’s official website. 
  • Then, you can add your personal information, such as a six-digit confirmation code and ticket number. 
  • Once you have done that, go to the My Trip option and choose your flight. 
  • Next, enter the number of your bags and other details. 
  • Pay for your check-in and then download your boarding pass from the site. 
  • Make sure to re-check your details and check out the seat arrangements. 
  • Lastly, go to the boarding gate and check in using the boarding pass.

2. Install the Official Application of Hawaiian Airlines

Do you know that Hawaiian Airlines has its official application allowing passengers to check in using it? All they have to do is download the official application from the App Store or Play Store. Passengers can check in at least 60 minutes before their scheduled departure. However, if you are flying within North America, you must check in at least 45 minutes. On the other hand, if you are flying on domestic flights, you can check in at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure.

3. Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Through KIOSK

You can use this method if you haven’t found the other two methods feasible. But beware, there are many rules and regulations that you must know about. As per the check-in policy, if you are check-in using the KIOSK procedure, then you need to have these things handy;-

  • Confirmation Code
  • Ticket Number
  • Your Payment Procedure, such as Credit Card/Debit/Master Card
  • Account Number of the flight booking
  • Printed E-Boarding pass
  • Seat Assignments
  • Upgrade your seat
  • Get your Printed baggage tag
  • Plumeria Lounge Pass
  • You can check for the security check-in as soon as you get all these things with you during the checking-check in.

Detailed Information on the Boarding Zone of Hawaiian Airlines

  • For all the guests who need assistance
  • Boarding zones for the Unaccompanied Minors
Premium Cabin
  • For First Class Passengers
  • For Business Class Passengers
Boarding Zone 1
  •  Zone for Pualani Platinum members
Zone 2
  • Only for Pualani Gold members
  • Booked for Premier Club members
Early Boarding
  • For Active-duty military personnel
  • Families who have children under the age of 2
Boarding Zone 3
  • For the Extra Comfort seats
Zones 4 and 5
  • For Main Cabin seats
Boarding Zone 6
  • For the Main Cabin, Basic seats

If you are boarding at the Hawaiian Airlines, then you need to keep the below-listed things in mind:-

  • Per the Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Policy, the Pualani Platinum, Pualani Gold, and Premier Club passengers can board their flight using the boarding line for the two guests. Remember, at least two guests can join the boarding line at that time. 
  • If a number is missing from your ticket, you can easily proceed with Boarding zone 4.

Rules & Regulation of Check-in Using KIOSK Procedure

If you are opting for the KIOSK procedure, then there are some instances where you cannot check in using the KIOSK Procedure- 

  • Recent Updated reservations
  • A Group reservations
  • All the flights operated by the codeshare partners
  • Your Paper tickets 
  • Exchange Tickets
  • One-way international bookings
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • Guests Requesting for many seats
  • Passengers traveling with their pets
  • Travelers who are still reserving their seats
  • Passengers with some due payment

Final Thoughts

Do you know that check-in as early as possible has many advantages, such as priority boarding and Hawaiian airlines flight upgrades? Here, we discussed everything you must know about the Hawaiian Airlines Check-in Policy and its rules and regulations. Per this policy, the passengers are allowed to check in as early as 24 hours before their scheduled departure or at least 30 minutes before final boarding. If you are traveling with Hawaiian Airlines, you must know the perfect time to check-in. Hence, for more related queries, you can visit the official website or contact us using our live chat facility.