Are you scared of leaving your children to travel by themselves? Well, don’t be. Because Skywest Airlines, or many airlines for that matter, have a policy that ensures your child reaches their departure destination safely and soundly. To have a clear understanding, you must understand SkyWest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy guidelines. As per this policy, all kids under 5 to 14 years will be considered minors, and the airline crew member will be with them during departure and arrival timings. Let’s start with the SkyWest Airlines children flying alone policy and its terms and conditions to get insight into this topic.

A Heads Up on SkyWest Minor Policy

The overall motto of this policy has a lot to do with the ages of children. If your child comes under the age of 5 to 17, they, too, will be considered unaccompanied minors if they are traveling without adult supervision. To get a brief idea about the policy, read these guidelines:-

    • According to the SkyWest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy, anyone who is under the age of 18 will be considered a minor.
    • All minors traveling with SkyWest Airlines must take advantage of the SkyWest unaccompanied minor service. The overall services may include help during flight boarding and departure.
    • Nothing comes free. And the SkyWest minor policy is no exception. Those who want to enroll their children under it must pay a certain amount charged by the airline and reserve their seats before their scheduled departure.
    • Most importantly, anyone under five cannot travel on SkyWest Airlines as per the SkyWest unaccompanied minor policy.
SkyWest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy

SkyWest Airlines Rules & Regulation: If you are Travelling With Your Infant

SkyWest Airlines Rules & Regulation: If you are Travelling With Your Infant

When traveling with an infant on SkyWest Airlines, it’s essential to be aware of and adhere to specific regulations to ensure a safe and comfortable journey for both you and your baby. While SkyWest operates regional flights for various major carriers, the following guidelines are generally applicable:

Age and Ticketing:

Infants under the age of 2 (24 months) can travel as lap infants for free or with a purchased seat, depending on your preference. It’s crucial to inform the airline when booking your ticket if you plan to have your infant on your lap during the flight.


Always carry the necessary documents for your infant, such as a birth certificate or passport. Some international flights may require a passport for your child, even if they are traveling as a lap infant.

Car Seats and Child Restraint Devices:

If you purchase a separate seat for your infant, you can use an FAA-approved car seat or child restraint device for their safety. 

Baggage Allowance:

Baggage policies may vary depending on the major carrier you’re flying with, since SkyWest operates on behalf of multiple airlines. Therefore, check with the airline you’ve booked through regarding the specific baggage allowance for infants, which may include a stroller and a certain number of diaper bags or baby-related items.


You can bring baby formula, breast milk, and baby food through security in reasonable quantities, even if they exceed the typical 3.4-ounce liquid limit. Be prepared for additional screening of these items at security checkpoints.


Many airlines, including those served by SkyWest, offer pre-boarding for passengers traveling with infants. This provides you with extra time to get settled on the aircraft and ensures a smoother boarding process.


Consider requesting bulkhead seats or seats with bassinet attachments if available. These seats can provide more space and comfort during the flight. However, availability may be limited, so inquire at the time of booking.

Procedure of Booking Tickets For Unaccompanied Minors On SkyWest Airlines 

In most cases, the guardians of underage minors cannot make their flight booking online. There are some things that their child may require during the trip. That is why passengers must contact the airline and explain everything on a call. During the call, remember to mention that you are booking this particular flight for unaccompanied minors. All you have to do is call the airline and give them personal information regarding your child’s age, name, address, and contact details. Also, remember to give out more people who will pick up your child at the airport after landing.

For information regarding any special cases, you can mention it on the call. However, the SkyWest Minor policy advises the minor passenger to carry out their important documents, such as their passport and visa for that particular country and the re-entry permit to return to the country. With that being said, mention all the medical-related certificates, such as vaccinations, medical check-ups, and other medical documents.

SkyWest Unaccompanied Minor Fee?

If your child is about to fly with SkyWest Airlines, knowing the fee structure is important. For smooth and safe travel for your unaccompanied minor, you must pay certain fees for every reservation. As for the service fee, it will cost you around $25 for non-stop routes and $50 for all the connecting flights.

Here’s what you would need to pay as allowance:-

Age Criteria Eligibility CriteriaTypes of fareUnaccompanied Minor fee
From 2 to 5 Years OldAccording to the Skywest Airlines Minor Policy, the unaccompanied minor must be at least above the age of 16 years old. Additionally, they must be accompanied by the same person who has the same age.Child FareThe airline would not charge you any amount.
5 to 15 Years OldWill be considered as unaccompanied minors by the Skywest airlineAdult Fare150 USD each way per child
16 years or abovePer Skywest airlines policy, any passenger who is above the age of 16 can travel all by themselvesAdult Fare150 USD each way per child

What is the Procedure for Reserving a SkyWest Airlines Flight For your Child? 

You can easily reserve a flight for yourself by using on-screen steps. All you have to do is use a laptop or smartphone and ensure you have a stable internet connection. Here’s what you will have to do:-

  • First rule of booking your flight is always navigating your way to the SkyWest airlines official website.
  • As soon as you reach the main page, scroll down to the bottom of the menu to find the phone number.
  • Call the official number of SkyWest and wait for the customer care agent to make the call.
  • Next, remember to tell them about your requirements once they are connected.
  • From then, the agent will inquire about your details, such as your child’s first and last name, permanent address, destination, and the person’s phone number who will pick up your child.
  • Recheck with your agent to review all the details, and once you are done with that, make the complete payment, and you are good to go.

What Documents are Needed for Unaccompanied Minor on Southwest?

There are certain criteria that every unaccompanied minor must follow while traveling alone. Here is the list of documents that you need during the trip:-You may require an unaccompanied minor form signed by the guardian of the minor.

Keep a government-issued photo ID so that the person dropping you off at the UM airport recognizes you.

  • The same goes for the person picking you up from the destination airport.
  • Always carry your passport, visa, and letter of consent with you.
  • However, the steps can be very difficult for those traveling with someone other than their parents on the flight. Here’s what they have to do;-
  • Make sure to carry the letter of consent.
  • A government-issued photo ID of the person with whom your minor is traveling with.
  • All the required travel documents, such as passports & visa

Final Words!

It is time to wrap this article right here. It is not easy to let your child wander off alone on a flight; in most matters, it can be scary. But do not worry. SkyWest Airlines has you covered. All you have to do is read all the fine print of the SkyWest Airlines Unaccompanied Minor policy. Once you are familiar with all the rules and regulations, you can send your child without worrying about their safety. For more information regarding flight policies and ticket booking, Contact us through Live chat or Email us at []

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Many airlines do allow children above the age of 12 to fly by themselves. Airlines like Hawaiian, Southwest, Air Canada, and WestJet allow children above 12 to fly alone on a domestic flight. As for SkyWest Airlines, the child must be above 12 and accompanied by someone other than their parents.

Ans. The fee structure may differ depending on various situations, such as fare type, ticket, and departure destination. According to the SkyWest minor policy, the passengers may have to pay between $25 to 50 dollars.

Ans. The airlines usually charge 50 dollars for a child for non-stop and direct flights to your departure destination. In most cases, the prices can go above $70 for all the unaccompanied flights. However, if your children are part of the MVP, MVP gold or Gold 75k & 100k mileage plan, then they can get their fees waived. 

Ans. First, you must bring an authorized letter from your parents/legal guardian. Besides this, keep your passport and visa and a government-issued photo of yourself for identification. 

Ans. You can start by calling the airline to get related information about the particular topic and ask the airline to book one for your child too. However, you can go to the official website of SkyWest airlines and book, one by yourself.

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