Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minors Policy

Is your little baby traveling alone for the first time? Are you worried and scared of his well-being? Do you want someone to put all his attention, especially on your kid? Well, if this is what you desire, then Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy is there for all your needs.

Lufthansa, short of Deutsche Lufthansa AG, has completed its 69 years in 2022 as a part of the traveling family. It is a Germany-based company and operates in more than two hundred destinations worldwide.

With this many years of experience, the airline understands its audience. It knows how stressful it is for guardians to let their child travel alone. This is why the airline has a Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy.

This policy talks about how and under what conditions a kid can board a Lufthansa flight. Read this post further to understand the policy in detail. In addition to that, also get to know everything related to minor traveling with Lufthansa.

Who Does Lufthansa Consider an Unaccompanied Minor?

You cannot expect the airline to let your 3-year-old fly with it without an adult. There is an age bar that Lufthansa has set for it. According to that:

  • Any kid between the age of 5-12 years needs to sign in for unaccompanied minors services if traveling alone.
  • The service is optional for teenagers (12-17 years old).
  • A child below 5 years of age needs to be accompanied by an adult.
Lufthansa Minor Policy

Ways to Book Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Services

Even though Lufthansa lets its flyers book tickets for minors online, it is important to note that it does not allow booking unaccompanied minors’ services from the site. However, you can use the following ways to do so:

  • You can visit the airport and get it done.
  • By giving a call to Lufthansa Airlines
  • With the assistance of a travel agency, such as Tours N Travel Pro, Flightaura, etc.

Necessary Documents For Unaccompanied Minor Traveling

If a child is traveling alone, it is necessary that he carries the following documents along with him:

  • Passport or Identification Card mentioning the age of the traveler.
  • Copy of Special Service form with the details.
  • Visa of the destination (if needed)
  • Child’s allergy information (if any)
  • Certificate of travel insurance (if required)
  • Copy of the payment slip for the services
  • Parents’ consent declaration stating that the child can travel alone

Points to Remember

Remember the following when you send your child to fly with Lufthansa alone.

  • You should make three copies of the special services form. One for the airline, one for the parents/guardian, and a third one for the child to carry along.
  • Make sure you collect the yellow bag that the airline offers to everyone traveling under Lufthansa Minors Policy.
  • You can not make an unaccompanied minors reservation from the official website of the airline.
  • Make sure you pay for the services 24 hours prior to the departure. The same goes for check-in.
  • Also, ensure that the person escorting the child at the departure airport does not leave the premises unless the flight takes off.
  • The baggage allowance for minors is the same as for adults. You can check out the Lufthansa Baggage Policy for your reference. However, ensure that the kid must be able to carry the luggage himself.
  • The airline also lets a child bring a toy, some money, medicine (if needed), and warm clothes in addition to the baggage allowance.

Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Fee

Refer to the table provided to see the fee that you need to pay for the special services:


Charges (in USD)

Domestic Flights




Levant and North America


Arab Regions, The Middle East, and Central Africa


Intercontinental Flights (Medium Haul)


Intercontinental Flights (Long Haul)


Note that these charges are in addition to the flight fare. To check out the fee in EUR, CHF, and CAD, refer to the official site of the airline.

Important Guidelines Under Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy

Here are the guidelines that must be followed mentioned under Lufthansa Airlines Minor Policy.

At the Departure Airport

  • It is important that you are at the airport at least 2 hours before the departure time.
  • The person dropping off the kid at the airport must have his ID along with him.
  • Also, the kid must have the yellow bag, which the airline provides the little passenger holding all the necessary documents.
  • An 18+-year-old must accompany the juvenile and should stay at the airport till the flight takes off.

During the Journey

  • Your child is welcomed and taken care of by a flight attendant throughout the journey.
  • Additionally, the airline ensures that the minor’s seat is close to the attendant’s.
  • The guardian/parent who is supposed to meet the kid at the destination must be available over a call throughout. This way, the airline can inform him in case of some unforeseen circumstances.
  • In case of a connecting flight, a staff member will take care of the transfer.

At the Final Destination

  • If you are supposed to escort the minor, then you must reach the airport before the landing time of the airline.
  • Get yourself an airport pass and wait for your child at the security checkpoint.
  • Also, a flight attendant will make sure that your kid reaches safe and sound to you.

Addition Rules For Lufthansa Airlines Unaccompanied Minors: Country Specific

In addition to the rules and regulations stated under Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minors Policy, some countries have more to add. Make a note of the following:


  • Children between the age of 5-14 years must have an adult with them at the airport.
  • Also, the traveler has to carry his passport.
  • A consent written by the parent/guardian must be submitted. It should also be authenticated by the police headquarters of the state.


  • A kid flying alone or with a single parent must carry the following additional documents:
  • Consent form of both parents and authenticated by Brazilian consulate.
  • Birth certificate


  • In case a student is boarding a Lufthansa flight, he should have a mandatory disclaimer (Descargo de Responsabilidad Obligatorio).
  • This document must have a stamp and signature of the school authorities.


  • Minor booking a flight to/from Mexico must have the notarized consent form signed by the parents.
  • In addition to that, the language used in the document must be Spanish.
  • Also, get authorization from the local police if flying to/from Spain.

Wrapping Up!

Flying with Lufthansa has always been a pleasant experience. No matter if you are boarding the flight with your family or are traveling solo, the airline ensures the utmost comfort. This is why it has a special Lufthansa Unaccompanied Minor Policy.

In this piece of content, we have discussed the same. We have also provided all the important details that a guardian must know. We hope that after this, you won’t be scared to let your kid take his first solo trip.

However, if you have any more concerns, you can reach out to us via live chat or email. Tours N Travel Pro experts will make sure that you have no doubts in your mind.

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