Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minors Policy

When a parent thinks of the idea when their kids are flying alone in the flight, it will make the parents quite nervous. But if necessary, you need to let your child free to fly. Besides this, you need an airline you can trust, and Spirit Airlines is one of those. For convenience and to make parents or guardians reliable on them, they came forward with the Spirit Airlines Minor Policy. Under this policy, they mentioned every aspect related to your child’s safe and secure traveling. 

So, read every point carefully till the end, as this write-up is all about Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy. 

Documents Needed for Minors Flying Alone Spirit

According to Spirit Airlines Minor Policy, all passengers with the age of 17 or below then are obliged to present an identification card with a picture on it. In Spirit Airlines, the documents that are needed at the time of traveling for the minors are:

  • A valid or genuine Passport.
  • Any government-approved identification proof that has a photo in it as well. 
  • A Copy of the birth certificate as well that confirms the age of the person. 
Spirit Airlines minor policy

All the parents and guardians who came to drop off their kids at the airport must present one of their Id proofs along with the above-mentioned documents. 

  • Before the entrance of the minor on the flight, the parent or guardian must fill out a form at the airport. And for this same reason, they must come to the airport sometime before the scheduled departure. 
  • It is needed from the side of parents or guardians to submit and enter the information of the person who will receive the minor at the destination. 
  • Every minor must tuck this form in the lanyard, and every minor must wear this. It helps the staff of Spirit Airlines to recognize all the unaccompanied minors on the flight. 
  • The same goes for the parent or guardian responsible for picking up the unaccompanied minor from the destination earlier. They must do so as they must fill out a form to achieve the gate pass. It will allow them to enter the gate area to wait for the minor. A flight attendant will bring the child from the plane and hand it to the concerned parent or guardian. They handed over the documents as well as the minors. 

Spirit Rules For Minors Flying Alone

Following the Spirit Minor Travel Policy will make you bound to follow the given rules under it if you are reserving for a minor who is just below the age of 17. These rules are as follows:

  • By considering Spirit Minor Policy, all minors are not allowed to make the booking of their children on any of the International flights. But the flights from and to Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are exempted from this scenario.
  • All minors are prohibited from completing their check-in process through the official website. 
  • All the children between the age range of 5 to 17 who are traveling alone have the privilege of checking in the same number of baggage as an adult. 
  • The minors must check in at least 60 minutes before the scheduled departure. 
  • You all need to mention that your reservation is for an unaccompanied minor specifically. 
  • The person who came to see off the child needed to stay at the airport for another 15 minutes at the counter even when the minor was getting on the flight.
  • The parent or guardian with whom the child comes needs to get their gate pass issued from the airline’s counter and then have to drop the child at the gate. Furthermore, they must stay in the gate area until the flight takes off. To obtain a gate pass, you must present a government-approved identification card with your picture as well.
  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t permit any minor to travel on any connected, domestic, or International flight with their scheduled change. 

Spirit Minor Age Policy

Some age restriction is levied upon everyone who is traveling on Spirit Airlines. All of you must follow those age bars, and if you don’t know about them, then focus your eyes on the given below data: 

Younger than 4 years or up to 4 years

Spirit Airlines restricts passengers of the age of 4 years or younger than that to travel alone on flights of Spirit Airlines. If they want to travel, then they must fly with the company of an adult who must be the age of 15 years or more than that. 

Passengers between 5 to 14

All the passengers who fall under this age slab are permitted to travel alone according to the Spirit Airlines Minor accompanied policy. Their key point is that they can only make their reservation on the domestic flight. Besides this, they have to opt for Unaccompanied minor services as well. 

People of 15 years or more

All the passengers who are the age of 15 years or more then can travel on their own and don’t have to proceed with the option of Unaccompanied minors. But one thing they all need to do is carry an Identification proof or birth certificate that verifies the person’s age.

How to Book a Flight under Spirit Airlines Minor Policy?

After knowing about the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy in a detailed manner, the next thing you need to know in detail is how you can make the booking for the minors. Spirit Airlines laid down several ways to make the booking for minors. You can book the flight by phone or by online means as well. 

Booking through an online method

Spirit Airlines proceed further by introducing a simple way through which people can make their bookings. They can make flight reservations for the minors on their own. All they need to do for this is to follow the mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, you need to reach the browser and search for the Spirit airlines website. Then make your way to the homepage and enter the details like destination, departure place, travel date, and name. 
  • Make the selection of the number of passengers. If the passenger’s age falls between the range of 5 to 17, then pick the number of minors as well. Now, you need to feed down the date of birth of the passenger to confirm the booking of unaccompanied minors, if any. 
  • According to the Spirit Unaccompanied Minor policy, every passenger needs to pay the fee of $100 per passenger for one way. This fee is added up on top of the airfare as well. 
  • Pick the flight on which you want to make your reservation. To move further, fill in the passenger’s name and date of birth. 
  • When traveling, take an id card with a photo and a birth certificate or passport to confirm yourself. 
  • Now, it’s your turn to pay the fees to conclude the flight booking process. 
  • A confirmation message will then come to your registered mail ID or mobile number. Check it and save it for future purposes. 

Note: It is suggested that all of you reach the airport at least 60 minutes before so that parents and guardians can do the paperwork. They need to fill out the Spirit Airlines Unaccompanied Minor form. 

Booking by Calling

It is a simple booking method for those who want to save themselves from the hassle. You can call the airlines on the given number and then directly ask them to make the booking for your children. Submit the minor fee that will get levied at the time of the booking, and then the airline’s team will take care of everything. All the passengers are only permitted to make bookings for their children at least 2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure.

Note: You have the right to cancel the booking for your children up to 1 hour before the flight’s fixed departure time.

Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Fees

All the passengers must know the Spirit Airlines minor fees in advance so that no difficulties will prevail. The airlines charge $100 per passenger for one way. And it gets added up on the airfare when the passenger is traveling within the territory of the United States. Look at the table below to acquire a better or clear understanding of fees under the Spirit Minor’s unaccompanied policy.


Spirit Unaccompanied Minor Travel policy

Service fee for one way (in USD)

Service fees for round trip (in USD)

In case of the flights within United Sates



In case of flights outside the territory of United States

Not applicable or valid

Not applicable or valid

To conclude..!

Booking a flight for your minor is a completely different experience, but you must do this very precisely. Doing this will put you in the space under which you need to follow the rules and regulations highlighted under Spirit Airlines Minor Unaccompanied Policy. So when you are ready to make a reservation for your child, just follow the steps that are given as the procedure. If you feel anything disruptive in between, Contact us airlines directly or write them at their email, i.e.,

Frequently Asked Questions

Children below the age of 16 must present a copy of their birth certificates or passport to confirm their age as stated under Spirit unaccompanied minor policy. 

Yes, it is possible, as all minors between the ages of 5 to 17 can travel alone. However, there are some rules that every minor needs to follow as an unaccompanied. 

  • The flight should be a direct flight, not having a layover anywhere.
  • Spirit Airlines doesn’t permit minors to make their booking on all of the red-eye flights. 
  • No minors are allowed to travel on any of the International flights of Spirit Airlines. 
  • Travel of minors is not permitted on codeshare, and Interline merged flights. 

According to Spirit Airlines Minor policy, all kids between the age of 5 to 14 years of age who are traveling alone without any assistance will fall under the section of minors for this airline. 

The minor has to reach the airport at least 1 hour before the flight's scheduled departure. The parent or the guardian who came up with the child to drop him off will have to see them off till the gate. And then have to wait for 15 more minutes after the flight takes off from the airport. 

All the concerned parents or guardians must reach the airport to pick up their child at least one hour before the landing. In addition to this, they need to get the pass from the airline's ticket window. A flight attendant will take your kid or children from the plane and hand them over to the concerned person after confirming or by having the form filled up. 

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