Reference Guide on KLM Flight Cancellation Policy

Most of the time, when you plan a trip to take some time off, some emergency pops up and kills your excitement. In addition to that, you also end up facing a huge loss on all your pre-bookings. But what if we tell you that you might not have to bear that loss?

You heard that right. When you take the right action at the right time, you can avoid any cancellation charges on your flight bookings. But how to know the perfect time to hit that cancellation button? Well, let us help you with that.

KLM Airlines has been in existence for more than a century. It has seen people struggling with their flight booking termination. This is why the airline operates with KLM Flight Cancellation Policy. This document includes everything that a passenger needs to know.

Let us put a glance at the terms and conditions mentioned in the document. By the end of this blog, you will understand how you can withdraw your reservations and claim a refund.

KLM Flight Cancellation Policy

KLM Airlines operates in around 150 destinations worldwide. Therefore, the airline also has a huge flyer base. To ensure complete transparency and to avoid disputes, KLM offers a cancellation policy.

Under which, you can get every detail about refunds, cancellation charges, and free flight terminations.

KLM Flight Cancellation Policy
  • Free Cancellations

    • KLM offers its flyers a 100% refund if they withdraw the bookings on the same day of purchasing the ticket. However, it is important to note that to avail yourself of this option, you must buy a ticket in advance (at least a week before the departure date).
    • Also, if KLM cancels your flight because of an issue that was under the airline’s control, you can claim a refund. For people who need to take the journey on the same day, KLM proffers a free seat on the next flight available.
    • Canceling a fully flexible KLM flight ticket can also prevent you from any monetary loss and penalty.
    • In case the flight that you have reservations for has been rescheduled, you can get free cancellation. If the new timings do not suit you, ask the airline to terminate your booking. Fill out the refund form and claim your money back too.
    • In addition to that, if KLM delays your flight to Europe by 90+ minutes and there is no other option available, get your money credited to your original mode of payment.
    • Flight delays of intercontinental journeys by 3 hours are also refundable.
    • KLM also transfers your entire money back in case of the demise of your co-passenger.
    • Another situation when you can have your flight fare back is if the airline declines your visa or doesn’t let you board a flight.

Cancellation Fee

  • KLM flight cancellation fee depends on the type of ticket you are holding.
  • In case of a non-refundable booking, you need to terminate the reservations within the first 24 hours of your purchase. Otherwise, the airline will charge you a fee between USD 100 – USD 500.
  • People who have refundable flight tickets can claim a complete refund. An exception to this is when you make a cancelation on the day of departure. Then the penalty will vary between USD 100- USD 400.


  • It is advised to buy refundable tickets. However, they charge a little extra but are very beneficial in case of a cancellation.
  • It is important that you claim your refund via the form on its website or by contacting the airline directly.
  • KLM will credit your refund within 7 business days after you make a claim.

KLM Flight Cancellation Online Process

Now that you have A to Z knowledge about KLM Flight Cancellation Policy, here are the steps that you can follow to make the termination.

  • First of all, run your web browser and go to the official website of KLM.
  • You will then need to choose your country from the list of options.
  • Furthermore, click on the My Trips section from the menu bar.
  • Next, fill in the empty fields with your Booking Code and Last Name, respectively.
  • Once you enter the right information, hit the Search button.
  • Following that, the airline will display your reservation details before you.
  • Select the booking that you want to withdraw, and you will locate the Cancel button.
  • Click on that and then Confirm on the prompt window.
  • Lastly, the airline will display the invoice on your screen. Pay the fee (if any), and you are done with the process.

Remember that the Airline Always Sends a Confirmatory Email.

Other Methods For KLM Flight Cancellation Process

If you do not want to terminate your reservations from the official website, don’t worry. KLM offers other methods too that a flyer can use to avail himself of this service.

Over a Phone Call

Simply give a call to the KLM customer care number and connect with a live expert. He will ask for a few details and will help you cancel the bookings. In addition to that, he can also fill in your request for a refund.

From the Airport

You can always choose the good, old way. Head to the nearest KLM airport near you and visit the cancellation counter. An executive will assist you through the cancellation as well as the refund process.

Summing Up

KLM has been in business for so long because it has always prioritized its flyers above all. In fact, this is why the KLM flight cancellation policy is available on its official site, and the process is available through various modes.

In case you are stuck and are in need of some further assistance, you can connect with Tours and Travel Pro. Our experts are working day and night to serve you with the best possible services.