The KLM flight cancellation policy consists of the guidelines to be followed when passenger wishes to cancel their KLM tickets, or the airline has canceled the flight. Important information that has been asked by the passengers is the Refund policy, how to refund or whether or not their ticket is eligible for a full refund.

While the cancellation within 24 hours of booking offers the passengers a full refund, after this period, passengers need to pay a cancellation, and the refund amount will be offered in the form of travel credit that needs to be used by the passenger on their future booking within 1 year.

Along with that, other terms and conditions are applicable as a part of the KLM Flight Cancellation Policy that has been discussed below, including useful insights related to the KLM airlines.

KLM 24-hour Cancellation Policy​

The first concern of the passengers while canceling their flight is whether or not they will be getting a full refund on their cancellation. As per the KLM refund policy on cancellation, any ticket canceled within 24 hours of booking and at least 7 days before the flight departure will be eligible for a full refund in the original form of payment.

The 24-hour cancellation policy is a guideline of the U.S. Department of Transportation, which allows every passenger to make changes or cancel their flight itineraries for free and with a full refund in the original form of payment.
As per the KLM Flight cancellation policy, passengers will need to apply for a refund separately once their cancellation has been confirmed.

KLM Flight Cancellation Policy

How to Get a Full Refund & Compensation from KLM

While cancellation is possible to be made till the last day prior to the flight departure, passengers can refer to the following guidelines if they are seeking a full refund in case of KLM Flight cancellation:

  • The ticket was canceled within 24 hours of the flight departure. Any type of travel class or fare type can apply for a cancellation within 24 hours and get a full refund.

  • If KLM cancels your flight or there is a significant delay, then passengers have the option to either opt for the alternate arrangements made by the airlines or request for cancellation with no additional cost,

  • Passengers with Fully Flexible tickets of any travel class can cancel their ticket and get a full refund in the original form of payment.

  • In case of the death of the passengers or serious illness, a full refund is offered. However, support needs to be submitted.

  • A full refund is available if the passengers have been denied boarding or their VISA has been rejected.

  • If the passengers have confirmed their booking through a third party, they need to contact the same person for any changes, modifications, or cancellations of their flight.

  • Compensation is offered on delayed or canceled flights depending on the extent of the delay or the route of the canceled flight.

Cancellation of KLM flights made by the passengers can be done through official sources like the website, helpline number, or directly visiting the airport. For third-party booking, you need to connect with them for the same.

KLM Flight Cancellation in Case of Certain Circumstances

In a situation where the conditions are beyond the control of the passengers, they can apply for a cancellation or request to postpone their flight. However, valid documents are needed to be submitted by the passengers. In these cases, refunds can be offered in the form of travel credits, vouchers, or even in the original form of payment. Following are the situations where passengers are offered a refund on cancellation:

  • In case of a serious illness, a valid medical reason, or the death of someone closely related to the passengers, they can request for cancellation. In this case, a refund will be given in the form of a travel voucher. Passengers also have the option to extend the validity of their ticket.

  • In case a travel companion of the passengers has passed away, the voucher will be offered to the passengers.

  • Refunds in the original form of payment can be offered to the passenger if they have been denied boarding or their Visa has been rejected.

KLM Cancellation & Refund Policy for the International Flights

In case the passengers are traveling to Europe that has been delayed due to which passengers have missed their other flight booked for the same day, they can apply for a full refund in the original form of payment.

KLM flight Cancellation for various travel class

The flight cancellation policy of KLM flights might vary for different travel classes. While some are non-refundable, others have some terms and conditions while making cancellations. KLM Flight refund for different travel classes has been listed below:

  • The Standard Fare is usually non-refundable and non-changeable. These include the Economy Standard, the Premium Economy Standard, and the Business Standard. While the Economy and Premium Economy cannot be canceled or changed, the Business standard can be canceled for which passengers need to fulfill some terms and conditions.

  • The Flex ticket, on the other hand, offers the flexibility to cancel a ticket. However, a cancelation fee will still be applicable to their ticket. Refunds on Flex tickets will be in the form of Travel credits or Refund vouchers that can be used by the passengers within a given time period.

How to Cancel a KLM Flight Ticket

  • Visit the official KLM website where, on the homepage, you can locate the option “My Trips.”

  • To access your flight reservation, you need to provide the “Confirmation Code” and the “Last Name.”

  • Once your flight details have been displayed on the screen, you can locate the option “Cancel Booking.”

  • Follow further on-screen instructions to complete the KLM cancellation process. Once the cancellation has been completed, you will receive the instructions on your screen.

  • Depending on various factors like 24-hour cancellation, travel fare, and others, either you will be offered travel credit or need to apply further for a refund.

KLM Refund Policy in Case of Cancelled or Delayed Flight

Under the circumstances of a delayed or canceled flight, the passengers are offered alternate flight options. However, if passengers do not prefer the given option, they can apply for a cancellation. Under the following circumstances, a refund can be requested by the passengers.

  • In case of flight cancellation, passengers do not wish to opt for the alternate flight scheduled.

  • In case of a flight delay of more than 90 minutes within Europe, passengers have another flight scheduled to depart on the same day.

  • Cancellation, along with a full refund, is applicable for the passenger under the situation of a delay of 3 hours for the flight within Europe and more than 5 hours in the case of international/intercontinental flights.

  • Passengers who are having a connecting flight and are unable to catch the next flight segments due to delays in their first flight.

Compensation for the Delayed or Cancelled Flight

Apart from cancellation and a full refund, the KLM also offers compensation to the passengers who are willing to board their originally booked flight. Passengers are offered two choices i.e. either receive a cash voucher or a non-refundable voucher. Three types of vouchers are available that are offered to the passengers as compensation based on the distance of the journey:

  • For any flight within 1500 km, Voucher A (£350) or a cash voucher (£)250. In case the flight has reached within 2 hours of the scheduled arrival, then the compensation value will be reduced to 50%.

  • If the flight distance is between 1500-3500 km, then Voucher B (£)500 or the equivalent cash voucher of (£)400. 50% value will be given in case the flight has reached 3 hours of the scheduled arrival.

  • For any journey which is more than 3500 km, Voucher C, which (£)800 or the cash equivalent (£)600 will be given to the passengers. Anyhow, if the flight has reached the destination where the delayed time is less than 4 hours, then compensation will be reduced to half.

The voucher will be non-refundable.

Passengers can claim the following benefits in case of a significant delay of more than 2 hours:

  • Refreshment

  • Hotel Accommodation (only if necessary, like for a night stay)

  • Phone Calls

KLM refund policy in case the passengers have been downgraded

A passenger who had to travel in a lower travel class than their original booking can request a refund on the fare difference.

  • The passengers who have paid for an upgrade but are unable to get one will be offered a refund on the money paid by them for the same. In case they are not given a refund, then they can request a reimbursement, which can be equivalent to a significant portion of the flight booking amount depending on the distance of the journey:

  • For flights within 1500 km, 30% reimbursement will be offered.

  • Passengers having a flight booked with a journey of 1500-3500 km can request reimbursement, which can be upto 50% of the original booking in case they are downgraded.

  • The reimbursement amount will be 75% in case the passengers have been downgraded on a flight that is more than 3500 km.

Ending It Up

A full refund in case of KLM flight cancellation is possible only if the passengers have requested the same within 24 hours of booking or if they have been going through special circumstances which are beyond their control. The cancellation fee can be between USD 50 and 150, depending on various factors. KLM’s cancellation policy allows the passenger to cancel their flight in case of a scheduled delay or the cancellation has been made by the airline. In case of a significant delay, passengers are entitled to compensation. Passengers who have been downgraded can ask for a reimbursement.

Frequently Asked Question

Ans. Refund on a KLM flight ticket will depend on various factors like fare type, travel class, and whether you have canceled it within 24 hours of booking. Other situations where KLM offers a full refund include: Significant delay or flight cancellation by the Airlines where the passengers have the option to either cancel their flight. Passengers if denied boarding or their Visa has been rejected. Unavoidable circumstances like serious illness of the passengers or passing away of the passenger or the close relative.

Ans. Passengers, if not eligible for registration, will be awarded travel credits, which they need to use within a given period of time.

Ans. Compensation on KLM flights is available in the case of flight cancellation, denied boarding or downgrading of their flight reservation to a lower travel class.