Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Want to cancel a flight booking at the last moment? Did plans get changed? And might there be a change in destination, time, and date? All these issues are normal, and Spirit Airlines understands this. They introduced their Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy for dealing with such issues. This airline understands and wants to create a genuine relationship with its users. Spirit airlines offer a wide range of options for making changes and canceling your flight anytime.

Spirit airlines are among those airlines for which almost everyone searches. They want specifically to make their booking on this airline. This airline is regarded as an Ultra-low-cost airline across the whole United States. The services of this airline are extraordinary, which binds people to get their service again and again. Their main aim is to make regular customers. Spirit airlines possess a fleet size of 153 and serve customers in different locations in 77 destinations.

Read the conditions mentioned under the Spirit Airlines cancellation policy for a sudden cancellation of your flight booking.

Facts Related to the Spirit Flight Cancellation Policy

  • Most Spirit Airlines users are indeed eligible to get a refund, but eligibility criteria for this case may differ.
  • Appeal for canceling your flight booking within 24 hours from the time of making the booking. If the departure date is more than seven days, then only you can claim the refund in the form of travel credit or some airfare points, redeemable for further booking. One point or credit is equal to one value of money in your currency.
  • In case you are making the flight ticket cancellation after 24 hours from the booking time, you need to pay the charges as cancellation fees. The fees will be deducted automatically from the ticket price, and the rest of the money will be processed into your account.
  • In Spirit Airlines, passengers are permitted to make changes to their flight tickets prior 24 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • After canceling the ticket and making the reservation for the new flight, you need to pay the difference in the price of the flights that occur. In contrast, if the price of the new flight is less than the prior one’s, the airline submits a credit to you. The credit is convertible after some time for a future booking.
  • Perform the cancellation online through the Spirit Airlines website and get a $10 voucher as in return based on per way.
Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Important Note: Spirit Airlines, under their cancellation policy, mentioned that no refund in direct money is processed for anyone or in any case. With that money, they maintained the prices of the flights very low.

What is the Procedure for Canceling a Flight Ticket on Spirit Airlines?

There are two methods for reaching the desired outcome, i.e., canceling the flight ticket. Pick any of the methods to cancel your flight booking.

By Visiting Spirit Airlines’ Official Website

It falls in favor of the airlines when you do the cancellation through spirit airline’s official website. Just read the steps one by one and apply them precisely.

  • Firstly, open the website of Spirit airlines.
  • Tap on the “My Trips” button on Spirit Airlines’s homepage and many other options like Spirit Airlines book flight, flight status, etc.
  • A confirmation code and the passenger’s last name are required to complete the process. You can find the confirmation code in the confirmation email. You received the confirmation email at the time of flight booking.
  • Click on the “Continue” tab to validate your ticket after entering all these mandate details.
  • Lastly, choose the flight booking you want to cancel and proceed further with cancellation.

Through the Help of Service Representatives of the Spirit Airlines

It is so convenient that you don’t need to perform anything; all the main tasks must be done by the customer service agents of that particular airline. You can take help from the customer service agents at the airport. In addition, you can cancel with the help of a third-party agent. But you have to face one drawback, i.e., spending more money as the third-party agent will cost you more for time, resources, and flexibility. They need to spend while booking your flight. One benefit while canceling the ticket through the agent is that you don’t need to stress about anything.

Cancellation of the ticket on Spirit airlines is easy and flawless. No matter, even if you cancel at the last moment.

Explanation and Benefit of Flight Flex on Spirit Airlines

Need to fix travel plans? Or do you need to confirm whether you make the trip or not? Are you doubting some changes in the plan of the trip? Then it is advised to add up the “Flight Flex” at the time of your booking with spirit airlines. Flight Flex is an option that gives you a privilege over others—the right to modify your flight ticket even 24 hours before the flight departure time. Amendments in names are without charges, but some conditions have also been listed. You need to pay the fare difference if there is any while changing the flight due to time, date, and destination. Moreover, a difference in fees and taxes is also a headache for the users. Remember the below-given points related to flight flex.

Flight flex is done at the time of flight booking only. You cannot buy flight flex if you have already made a flight reservation. After having the flight flex, you can make modifications to your name. All the Spirit airlines flights don’t have flight flex availability.

Ways to Get a Refund on your Cancelled Flight from Spirit Airlines

Getting a refund from many International brands is quite difficult, like trekking on the loftiest mountain. Sometimes the efforts to obtain the refund fail, and in many instances, it leads to headaches and time spent reading the policies. On the other hand, many companies hand you some forms and papers to claim a refund. And Spirit airlines is one of them only. They didn’t provide a refund in the form of money, which is why they provide cheap flights to everyone. Every technique to get a refund from spirit airlines failed, as they also mentioned in their policy. In the form of money, no refund will be processed.

Only one exception might be valid in Spirit airlines for receiving the refund. It is when a passenger might face death during the journey due to any incident or before the departure. They only required the death certificate of that concerned person, and then they forwarded it to the concerned team and the help center of spirit airlines.

Note: There is one tiny possibility of receiving a refund in your original mode of payment by spirit airlines. That is when you cancel your flight booking in the initial 24 hours from the reservation time of the flight.

Final words

In the end, Spirit Airlines doesn’t provide any refunds for their canceled ticket as listed under Spirit Airlines Cancel policy. But some methods exist for acquiring credit points or future travel points, which are redeemable for booking in the future. At any point, if you are facing any issue regarding understanding any of the clauses of Spirit Airlines’ cancellation policy, then you can build contact with the customer service team of Spirit airlines. Being a low-cost airline, it provides the services apt for believing it is one of the top airlines in the world.

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