Are you traveling with American Airlines for your next big adventure? If yes, then there is news for you. What if there was a way for you to check in from anywhere and anytime using various methods by American Airlines? Well, the airline offers both online and offline methods. Both methods are easy and convenient, and you may choose any of them. Read the article till the end to understand how the American Airlines Check-in Policy works and what the ways to check in are.

Tips & Tricks to Check-in at the American Airlines

  • As stated by the American Airlines Check-in Policy, please keep your details handy during check-in.

  • Doing this will make the check-in process faster and easier.

  • Download your boarding pass on your mobile, or take out a printout of the same to avoid end-moment confusion.

  • Those checking in using the online method may make errors during the procedure if they are traveling with a pet or on military orders.

  • Therefore, it is best if they choose a different check-in method by American Airlines.

American Airlines Check-In Time

Check-in Options

Before Departure Time

Check-in Timings for International & Domestic flights

Minimum check-in time

Timing for Domestic flights

International Flights

For Online web check-in

24 hours

45 minutes

90 minutes

Mobile check-in

24 hours

45 minutes

90 minutes

Airport check-in

4 hours

60 minutes

90 minutes

Self service Kiosk check-in

24 hours

45 minutes

90 minutes

Curbside check-in

4 hours

45 minutes

90 minutes

American Airlines Check-In Policy

How Can you Check-In on American Airlines?

According to the American Airlines check-in policy, there are multiple ways by which one can check-in. American Airlines provides multiple options for its passengers to check in from anywhere & anytime, such as;- 

  1. Check in Via the Official Website.

  2. Install the American Airlines application.

  3. Check-in at the ticket counter.

  4. Use self-service, AKA KIOSK machines.

  5. Lastly, Check-in at the Curbside.

The airlines have various modes, and passengers can choose any mode according to their convenience. For starters, the online mode allows passengers to check in as early as 24 hours before their final boarding. The offline procedure may require you to stand in a queue and can cost a lot of time. On the other hand, other methods, such as self-service (KIOSK), are also convenient for passengers. To understand the methods briefly, read the information given below.

Web Check-in Method

The online procedure makes it ten times easier for passengers to check in from anywhere & anytime. However, the best part about this method is that it only requires a few minutes, and you will be done for good. This way, you can save time and a few bucks as you normally pay.

Furthermore, the process is quick and simple, and all you have to do is go to the official website of American Airlines. From there, search and click on the check-in option and enter your details to proceed.

The passengers normally have to enter their name, ticket number, booking & reference number. Once they complete all the details, they can click the Check-in option. Always remember to check at least 24 hours before your scheduled flight. The check-in procedure normally starts from 24 hours until 45 minutes before the final countdown.

Those checking in using the official application can get their e-boarding pass on their device. An important detail you must take advantage of is that passengers can only check in through the web check-in option if they do not have to drop off their baggage at the airport and are not traveling with their furry friend. If you are traveling with your pet, you must check in at the airport for further security checks. According to the American Airlines online check-in policy, military personnel traveling strictly on orders cannot check in using the online method.

One last rule is that passengers cannot check-in their baggage using the web check-in option. Most importantly, there is no option for passengers to pay their luggage fees, and there are many more things you cannot access if you check online, such as choosing/changing seats.

American Airlines Mobile Application

Travelers can use the mobile application to check in before their scheduled flight. Much like the web check-in procedure, this method calls for you to navigate through the same steps, ensuring a hassle-free and straightforward process. Like the web check-in, the mobile check-in timelines are also open 24 hours to 45 minutes before the scheduled departure. Remember to get your e-boarding on your device at the end of your procedure.

Checking-in at the Airport 

There are many methods through which passengers can check in, and check-in at the airport is one of those. If you need help understanding the structure of online check-in, opt for the airport or check in at the ticket counter. According to the American Airlines check-in policy, passengers can check in at least 4 hours before the final boarding announcement. Remember, the American Airlines check-in time may differ for domestic and international passengers. 

To ensure fast and hassle-free check-in, keep your passport, booking number, and other personal details handy for a smooth verification. As soon as the ticket counter agent verifies your details, they will give you your e-boarding pass, and from there, you can board your American Airlines flight.

KIOSK to Check-in

According to the American Airlines Flight Check-in Policy, the check-in terminal opens 24 hours to 90 minutes before the final countdown. As stated above, the timings for check-in for both domestic and international flights vary as per the airline’s rules.

Before heading down to the KIOSK machine, ensure all the necessary documents, including any health documents, are there with you.

As per the American Airlines Check-in Policy, there are restrictions while checking in using the KIOSK method, such as;- 

  • Passengers traveling with their pets cannot use KIOSK to check in. 

  • The same rule applies to unaccompanied minors and military officials.

  • If you are traveling with your family or a big group of friends, then do not check in using the self-service option.

Curbside Counter Check-in

The airline has added another option for those who want to check in at the airport or use KIOSK. In this case, the travelers must arrive on time at the American curbside counter to check-in.

Regardless of which route you are flying on (domestic or international), the desk agents will help you in any situation. According to the American Airlines flight check-in policy, the ticket counter timings for check-in start 4 hours before the scheduled departure and last until the final 45 minutes or 90 minutes.

Those with special aid must visit the American Airlines ticket counter. However, there are certain criteria that exist for those who want to check in using the Curbside option.

Requirements to check-in at the Curbside

  • Make sure you have an authorized reservation

  • Your boarding pass

  • Make necessary payments for your baggage using your credit card


Check-in is that one procedure without which the journey cannot begin. Therefore, it is essential to complete the check-in procedure as soon as possible so that the rest of the travel is hassle-free. American Airlines understands the trouble that a passenger has to go through while standing in long queues. Therefore, the airline introduced various Check-in methods for customers to use. If you wish to know more about American Airlines’ Check-in policy, then feel free to call 1 (800) 433-7300 or 1-844-402-8105.

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