JetBlue is a renowned air carrier that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to catering to the needs of its customers. JetBlue aims to make traveling easy by providing easy check-in, cancellation, and other services. If you are planning to fly with JetBlue and aren’t sure how and where to check in, then read this detailed article on JetBlue Airlines Check-in policy.

Check-in has a number of advantages, as it will increase your chance of getting upgradation while boarding. But before you check in to your JetBlue flight, you must go through the entire article to understand how check-in works. So, without any delay, start reading about JetBlue Airlines check-in policy. 

What Are the Ways to Check-In Successfully on JetBlue Airlines?

According to the JetBlue Airlines Flight Check-in Policy, passengers can complete their check-in using multiple ways, such as

  • Firstly, through Web check-in 

  • Secondly, Mobile Check-in Procedure

  • Via Airport KIOSK check-in

  • At the Ticket Counter 

  • Lastly. Curbside check-in 

How Can you Check-In at JetBlue Airlines Using the Online Method?

Passengers can check in using the online method as it is one of the most convenient ways to check-in. Plus, it saves you time from standing in long queues and saves some money too. All you have to do is go to JetBlue’s official website and then choose the check-in option. Once you finish that, you can start by entering your personal information, such as your last name, flight number, ticket number, departure, and destination. Next, follow the on-screen steps to select your seat and get a boarding pass. But the twist in the tale is that only some passengers are allowed to check in online. So, it is necessary to ensure that you are eligible for offline check-in at the Airport.

JetBlue Airlines Check in Process

Check-In Issues on JetBlue Airlines

One can only check in at JetBlue Airlines for a few reasons. Here’s why you cannot check;- 

  • You are trying to check in when your flight is closed for check-in.

  • Or you have surpassed the given time limit for check-in.

  • There is something that you forgot to enter in the required dialog box.

  • You are only eligible to check in online by some means.

However, if you are still facing this issue and need help with the above-mentioned options, you can contact JetBlue Airlines directly. JetBlue customer service is available 24*7, so call 1 (800) 538-2583 or 1-844-402-8106 and talk to a live person at JetBlue.

How Can You Check-in at JetBlue Airlines in Less Time?

The process of JetBlue Airlines check-in is quite easy, and it will only take a few minutes for you to complete the procedure. You can opt for either online or offline methods to check-in. Remember, the online check-in procedure requires you to check in as early as possible, and you can do it without paying any fees. Now, let’s get started;-

1. JetBlue Airlines Online Check-in Procedure

According to the JetBlue Airlines Check-in Process, passengers can check in within 24 hours before their scheduled flight. JetBlue Airlines opens their check-in facility 90 minutes to 60 minutes before the international flight. You can follow the below-listed steps:-

  • Firstly, navigate your web browser to the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

  • Secondly, click the Manage Booking option and enter your details, such as your booking number, reference number, and last name.

  • Thirdly, click on Check-in if you are eligible for online check-in.

  • Afterward, you can print out your boarding pass.

  • Lastly, you can change or cancel your flight.

  1. Official Mobile Application

This method is similar to the web check-in method. However, the only thing separating these two is that you must download an application for this one. Passengers can check in using the official application of JetBlue Airlines, which they can find on the App Store or Play Store. Once you are done downloading the app, you must follow the below-listed steps:-

  • Install and launch the official application on your phone.

  • After this, you can create an account or sign in with an existing account.

  • Next, click on the Check-in option.

  • You can choose your seat using the seat selection option and add your checked bags as soon as you finish this.

  • Lastly, you can download your boarding pass to your mobile device.

  1. Check-in Using the KIOSK Option

The JetBlue Airlines Flight Check-in Policy states that passengers can check in at KIOSK for up to 6 hours before their scheduled flight. Here’s what you need to do:-

  • Add your confirmation code or last name if you want to check in using KIOSK services.

  • Apart from this, this option lets you get your desired seat and add your luggage.

  • Ultimately, you will be left with your boarding pass and a bag tag.

  1. Ticket Counter to check-in

If you need more than the above-mentioned methods, you can try navigating straight to the ticket counter and then asking the customer care agent to check in at the Airport. Follow the below-listed steps to check-in at the Airport:-

  • Reach the Airport and go straight to the ticket counter.

  • Ask the agent to check you in, and in return, they will ask you for some minor details such as your last name, confirmation code, ticket number, reference number, and more.

  • Once you are done with this, the last step is to choose your desired seat, and if you have any baggage, you can add them, too, including meal service.

  • Afterward, the airline will give you a boarding pass, which you can use, and a bag tag to verify your luggage.

What Type of Documents Do You Need During Check-in?

According to the Check-in Policy with JetBlue Airlines, the check-in documents depend on what kind of citizen you are and where you are traveling. You may require these documents if you check in at the Airport.

  • The first thing that everyone must have is a valid passport for all the passengers.

  • The next thing you must carry with you is your driver’s license, state ID card, or Military card.

  • If you are visiting a country requiring a visa, keep it handy during the check-in process.

  • Covid-19 is no longer a threat since everyone is getting vaccinated and getting up on their toes. 

  • But, it still does not mean that we will take it slightly. Even in some countries, you must showcase proof of your vaccination.

For more information, you can check out JetBlue’s official website to learn more about destinations. The passengers can also go through the embassy for more information on their visas and related documents.

JetBlue Airlines Check-in Time

Check-in Type

Domestic Flights

International Flights

Online Check-in

24 hours before

24 hours before

Airport Check-in

3 hours before

4 hours before

Self-Service Kiosk

3 hours before

4 hours before

These are general guidelines, since actual check-in times can vary depending on your specific flight and other factors. Therefore, it is better to always check with JetBlue Airlines for the most accurate information regarding check-in. 

How to Get a Boarding Pass for JetBlue?

In most cases, the airlines offer both online and offline ways by which one can get their boarding passes. Although the methods depend on what method you are using to check-

Get Your Boarding Pass at the Airport

You do not have to do a lot for this one. Just visit the nearest Airport and ask a representative to guide you to JetBlue’s help desk. You can also access your boarding pass from the carrier or use it at the KIOSK. Remember, getting your JetBlue boarding pass printed will make boarding more convenient for you.

Through Third-Party applications/ sites

According to the JetBlue Airlines Check-in Policy, passengers can get their boarding pass using the method explained earlier.

Boarding Order According to JetBlue’s Check-in Policy

As per the check-in policy, JetBlue Airlines allows its passengers to board in groups. Overall, it has much to do with what type of tickets passengers have, etc. Here’s the complete breakdown of the onboarding order:-

Types of Passengers

Boarding Priority

Passengers that fall under JetBlue special assistance program


Mint passengers


For all the passengers who have paid fee for extra legroom


Active-duty military personnel


Families travelling with small children


For Group B (Middle Cabin Passengers)


Boarding for Group C (Main cabin travellers)


Group D (Aisle seat passengers)


Group E (Aisle seat in front area of the plane)


Group F (Saver seats)




Remember, unaccompanied minors are always the last ones to board the plane and the last ones to get out.

Summing Up

In conclusion, the information above explains every rule and regulation you must know about JetBlue Airlines’ check-in policy. According to the policy, all the passengers must check-in at least 2 or 3 hours before their scheduled departure. You can try checking in using different methods, and if you have opted for the online method, you can check in 24 hours before your confirmed departure. However, if you wish to know more about JetBlue’s Check-in policy, please call 1 (800) 538-2583 or 1-844-402-8105.

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