An Ultimate Guide on JetBlue Flight Change Policy

The Jet Blue Airlines Flight Change Policy allows the passengers to make changes in their flight booking without any fee for different travel class. Exception to this “no flight change fee” is the basic economy fare passenger of which needs to pay an amount depending on their flight itineraries. While there is no flight change fee in Jet Blue flight reservation, passengers need to pay the fare difference. Along with that, in case of same-day confirmed a fee of USD 75 is mandatory otherwise, passengers need to wait in same day standby.

Passengers with a Jet Blue flight reservation can request for flight changes through various modes including Jet Blue website, helpline number or they can visit the airport counter for the same. However, flight changes in any booking done through Jet Blue vacations needs to be done through the helpline number. Guidelines for flight changes might deviate from the normal if the booking has been done through TrueBlue Redemption bookings.

The most preferred way to request for flight changes in Jet Blue airlines is online through the official website as doing the same through helpline number or the live chat can cost you a fee of USD 25 per person. For more details regarding Jet Blue Flight Change Policy, you can refer to the information given below.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy

Major Pointers regarding the Jet Blue Flight change policy are listed: With the exception of Blue Basic Fare (Basic Economy), no flight change fee will be applicable on the same request.

JetBlue Flight Change Fee

For Blue Basic Fare the flight change fee is USD 100 for the routes within North America, Caribbean and the Central America. For all other routes it is USD 200.

Other travel classes which are exempted from the flight change fee includes Blue, Blue Plus, Blue Extra and the Mint Fares.

JetBlue Flight Change Policy​

JetBlue Flight Details to be Changed and Fare Difference

Flight itineraries that can be requested to be changed include flight dates, origin/destination, passengers name and other personal details.

While passengers need to pay the fare difference in case there is any, in case of cheaper ticket, the amount will be credited in the form e-credits to the passenger account that can be utilized within a time of 1 year.

USD 25 fee will be applicable in case the flight change request is being done through the helpline number.

Same Day Flight Change Fee at Jet Blue

In Jet Blue Airlines, same-day switch can be made for the same date as the date of travel beginning in the midnight. Passengers cannot change the origin/destination in case of same day switch. The same-day switch fee is USD 75 and the option for Same-day switch is available for all the travel classes including the booking done through True Blue redemptions.

Mosaic customers do not have to pay and flight change fee for same day switch.

Availability of same day switch on connecting flight might vary depending on various factor. For more details on that you need to connect with the Airlines directly through Jet Blue Helpline number.

Same Day Standby Policy

Passenger on a same-day standby have to pay the same fee of USD 75 as that of Same day switch. However, for the standby passenger the standby fee is refundable depending on the availability of the flight. To request for standby or notify regarding the same, passenger need to visit the airport, as the same cannot be requested through online or the helpline number.

Origin/Destination needs to remain the same. Also, depending on the seat availability, the alternate option can be either a connecting flight or even a non-stop flight.

For the passengers with Mint Fare, there might be a chance of downgrade to any lower class. Also, other itineraries booked with Mint fare might be forfeited depending on the various factors. Therefore, passengers are advised to connect with the Airlines authorities through physical visit or dial the helpline number.

Flight Change to Alternate Airport

Passenger with the following Origin/Destination will have the option to change their flight itineraries to a nearby Airport of the same city:

  • Boston

  • Buffalo

  • Chicago

  • London

  • Dominican Republic

  • Jacksonville

  • Los Angeles

  • New York

  • Philadelphia

  • San Francisco

  • South Florida

  • Tampa Bay

  • Texas

  • Washington D.C

JetBlue Airlines Policy in case Flight Delay, Cancellation or Schedules Changes

While voluntary changes are subject to Airline policy, changes involuntary to the passenger needs like delay, reschedule or even cancel your flight. In that case, a notification will be sent to the passenger through mail, message or even a call to their registered contact details. Also, in case of bad weather or any unpredicted events that might affect their flight schedule, they need to check their flight status time to time through online flight tracker either through mobile app or the official JetBlue website.

JetBlue Flight Changes due to weather Disruptions

Weather disruption refer to bad weather condition either in the origin station, destination or anywhere between the flight route. In case of weather disruptions, the airlines might delay, reschedule or even cancel the flight. In that situation, a fee wavier might be issued for the customer under which passenger have privilege to cancel or change their flight without any additional fee or fare difference irrespective of the travel class.

Fee waiver by the JetBlue will not be issued until the delay has been of more than 30 minutes or the flight has been canceled. In case of flight cancellation due to bad weather, it will not be reinstated.

JetBlue has cancelled My Flight

In the scenario where the airline has cancelled your flights, the following options are available for the passengers:

Confirm their availability in the next available flight without any additional charges or even fare difference.

Cancel your booking for which the refund will be provided to the passenger in the form of Travel Credits.

While JetBlue does try to rebook you to the next available flight, in case not alternate has been booked 2 hours of the scheduled flight departure, passenger will be receiving a refund in the original form of payment.

Scheduled Changes Made by JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue sometime due to unavoidable circumstances might schedule your journey to other alternate. Depending on the Extent of the change made by the Jetblue, following situations are applicable:

  • In case the next flight is available within 60 minutes then passenger need to pay for fare difference and also other for the other changes requested by them.

  • In case of changes made between 61 minutes and 119 minutes, passengers have the options to voluntarily switch to another flight scheduled to day after, prior, or even the same day without the additional fee or payment. Usually, the passengers are notified of the scheduled changes few days before the flight departure.

  • Passenger, in case their flight has been changed to a extent of more than two have the option to cancel their flight or switch to any alternate scheduled 7 days prior or after the current booking. Passengers can also have the option to receive the refund either in the form of travel credit or in the original form of payment.

JetBlue Policy for Flight Change in Case of Refundable Tickets

  • Flight Changes are acceptable for all the travel class non refundable tickets with the exception of Blue Basic. Passengers.

  • Fare Difference is applicable in case of other travel classes.

  • Passengers with refundable fare need to keep that if any flight change or cancellation not made prior to the flight departure, then the absence of the passengers from the flight will be considered a “No-Show” and all their itineraries under the given booking will be fortified.

Flight Change Policy for the Refundable Fares

Refundable Fares can apply for the flight change or cancellation prior to the flight scheduled departure. In case they are unable to inform, then their flight will be canceled and the amount to refunded will be transferred in the form of travel credits.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change Fee

  • Alterations on flights within the US, Caribbean, and Central America: USD 100

  • Changes to flights on other routes or Jetblue international flights: USD 200

  • Flight difference if the new flight fare is higher than the original ticket fare.

  • Same Day Flight Change: USD 75 (Exception: Mosaic fare and Blue Extra members)

What changes are allowed on JetBlue Reservations?

Now that you have clarity on JetBlue’s flight change policy let’s take a look through the various changes it allows.

  • Flight Change/Upgrade

  • Name Alterations

  • Seat Change

JetBlue Flight Change/Upgrade

If you need to change your entire flight ticket and grab a seat on the new one, here is the online procedure for the same:

  • First of all, you need to access the official airline website on your running browser.

  • When you land on the home window of the same, look for the Manage Trips option. You will find it on the menu bar.

  • After you click on that tab, enter your booking information in the space provided. 

  • Make sure you have your booking confirmation code and the last name on your ticket handy.

  • Thereafter, hit the Continue button, and you will locate your flight details in the following window.

  • Next, click on the three vertical dots to open the list of options available.

  • Here, hit the option that reads flight change/upgrade, and the airline will present all its available flights before you.

  • Move forward with the one that you want to switch your current booking with. 

  • Remember to check the fare difference between your existing ticket and the ticket you’re planning to purchase.

  • Now, if your new reservation costs more, select a payment method and pay the difference. 

  • In a vice-versa situation, the airline will transfer the difference to your airline wallet. 

  • You can optimize them for your future bookings.

Methods to Change JetBlue Tickets

In the following sections, you will see the various methods through which you can modify your JetBlue ticket. The JetBlue Airlines Flight Policy offers multiple methods through which one can change their flight, whether it’s online or offline:-

Change JetBlue Flights Via Online Procedure

The online procedure is an easy and general method for JetBlue to change flights, as it’s quick and hassle-free. Read the steps given below to start your change flight process.

  • Firstly, visit the official website of JetBlue Airlines.

  • Secondly, enter your credentials and log in to your account.

  • Thirdly, click on ‘My Trips’ and let the page load your upcoming flights.

  • The next step is to select the flight you want to make changes to and then click on ‘Change Flight.’

  • Now, browse through the available flights as per your new itinerary and budget.

  • Once you find an appropriate flight, continue to book it.

  • Select your preferred method of payment, and make the payment.

  • Lastly, you will receive your new tickets on your JetBlue registered email address.

That’s it. By following just these simple steps, you can make changes to your JetBlue flight ticket. 

Traditional Method to Change Your JetBlue Flights

If you want to change your flights using the offline method, then read the steps given below. This method is the most widely used one, as it is simple and quick. 

  • Firstly, dial the official JetBlue Airways Customer Service Phone number: 1 (800) 538-2583 or 1-844-402-8105.

  • Secondly, listen to the IVR instructions and press the key assigned for the flight change.

  • A representative from JetBlue will answer your call shortly.

  • Thirdly, provide your booking details to the agent and request them to modify your ticket.

  • From the available flights, select a flight that suits your itinerary and budget.

  • Proceed towards booking, and select a payment method.

  • Make the payment, if any.

  • Finally, you will receive your new tickets on your JetBlue registered email in no time.

Since a lot of people use this method for various services, you may sometimes find the line busy. Therefore, it is better to call the airline at odd hours to avoid waiting. Moreover, it is recommended to keep the booking details handy, for quick and hassle-free service.

JetBlue Airlines Flight Change at the Airport

To do this, you can go to any nearest airport and visit the JetBlue Airways desk. Ask the representative to reschedule your flight. Please provide all the necessary details as asked by the agent. Remember, you may have to pay an additional fee, but that’s not always the case. The JetBlue Airlines flight change fee depends on various factors such as ticket fare, destination, and many more.

Compensation in case of Flight Delay or Cancellation

Passenger who are having a booking in JetBlue airline are entitled of compensation in case of cancellation and flight delay. The amount of compensation will depend on various factors like the timing of cancellation announcement and the extent of flight delay. Compensation in case of flight cancellation will depend on cancellation announcement which if within 4 hour of departure will be USD 50 and USD 100 in case the announcement has been made after flight departure. Timing Details regarding compensation amount for flight delay has been listed below:

Flight Delay

Compensation Amount

4-4:59 hours

USD 75

5-5:59 hours

USD 100

6-11:59 hours

USD 150

12 hours or more

USD 200


Last minute flight changes request are common queries among the passengers. Except the Basic Blue Fare, passengers with any travel class can request for flight change without any fee or penalty. For same day switch, a fee of USD 750 will be applicable with the exception of Mosaic Members. Various modes to request for flight changes includes online, live chat, helpline number or visit the airport. Requesting flight changes through JetBlue helpline number might cost you USD 25 per person. For more details regarding Jet Blue Cancellation policy connect with ToursNTravel.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible, but only in some cases. It is only possible, if you only have a non-refundable fare. But, you only have 24 hours to do so.

The passenger can change their flight date, but for this they have to follow some rules and regulations subjected to the JetBlue Airlines Flight Policy.

First of all, the fees depends on several factors such as ticket fare, destination and many more. In short, JetBlue Flights change fee can range from $75 to $150.

Basic Blue fare are not eligible for flight changes. USD 100 fee is applicable for the same requests. In order to make changes to their flight ticket for free, they need to cancel it within 24 hours of booking and then rebook with the new details.

Passengers irrespective of their travel class need to pay USD 75 for same day switch. However, Mosaic members can request for the same without any applicable fee.

Flight changes made by the airlines will be incase of delay, bad weather or any other unavoidable circumstances. In that case, based on the situation, the airlines will either issues a Fee Wavier where passenger can request for the change or cancellation without any fee. Also, passenger if they are facing any delay are entitled to compensation depending on the duration of delay.

Passenger can change or modify their existing flight itinerary through online, live chat, or the helpline number. While no flight change fee is applicable, in case you are requesting for the same then USD 25 per person fee needs to be paid.

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