It is always hard to leave our furry friends behind, especially when you are going for a long period. But there is a piece of good news for you. You can travel on the same plane with your pet if you follow the rules and regulations. But, before all that, you need to know about the American Airlines pet policy to figure out what things you must keep in mind while traveling with your pet. There are some expectations that you are supposed to fulfill to be able to travel with your pet. Let’s break down the terms and conditions of Pet policy.

Terms & Conditions of American Airlines Pet Travel policy

  • American Airlines believes in making travel easier for their passengers, even extending a rule or two. However, the airline helps its passengers to bring their pets into the main cabin, or you can travel with them in cargo.
  • Remember, it all depends on the size and weight of your pet, but you cannot bring them as your checked baggage.
  • Per American Airlines’ pet policy, the passengers can fly domestically in all the fare classes.
  • You cannot bring your pet to the foreign flight classes.
  • There is so much more to know about pet carrier fees, carrier size, and dimensions.
  • If you travel to the United States, your pets cannot enter the premises. This is because many pets can bring medical issues, such as rabies. 
American Airlines Pet Policy Fee

American Airlines Pet Policy For Main Cabin

As per the American Airlines pet policy, the passengers are permitted to bring a pet carrier, which must meet the requirements of American Airlines pet policy. Here’s what you have to follow;-

  • Your pet carrier must be big enough to sleep, move, and lie down easily.
  • Remember that your pet will travel in his kennel for the rest of your flight. You can either keep it under your seat, or they can travel in the cargo section.
  • Per the American Airlines pet policy, passengers can bring their pet carrier and one personal item during their flight. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to bring your carry-on bag.
  • If your pet is too big to fit in the main cabin, your last hope is the cargo section. American Airlines only accepts checked dogs from active military personnel. However, all the foreign services officers can bring their pets with them according to the pet carrier requirements.
  • To get more information regarding pet carriers, you need to go to the main website of American Airlines.

American Airlines in-Cabin Policy

  • As we have explained, all pets can travel in the main cabin or the cargo section depending on their pet carrier size and the rules of the airlines. It also depends on your pet’s breed, size, age, and departure destination.
  • You can bring your pets as checked baggage if you are a military officer. Remember, this rule is only applicable to military and foreign officials.
  • However, if you meet the criteria the airlines laid out, then even dangerous pets can travel. The pet policy believes in making their passengers’ travel easy by making several rules and regulations to help them.

American Airlines Pet Carrier Limitations

We have talked enough about pets and how to bring them on board. Now, it’s time to talk about carrier requirements. As per the American Airlines pet policy, passengers must carry their pets in a carrier, which must not exceed 48x33x22 CM. The best part is that it does not matter if your carrier is hard or soft-sided; what matters is that your pet must fit under the kennel.

Remember that the pet carrier’s weight must not exceed 25 pounds, but if it’s a little over a few pounds rather than 25 pounds, then it will still be accepted by the airline on board.

What matters the most is that your pet must be comfortable inside the pet carrier. The carrier, however, must be big enough for your pet to lie down comfortably, sit, and move around. As per the American Airlines pet policy, you can keep the carrier under your seat, and the pet must stay inside its carrier throughout the flight.

The passengers flying with your pet on American Airlines can carry at least seven carriers on board. On the other hand, those flying on American Eagle flights can only bring five pet carriers on board. As per the AA Pet policy, first-class passengers can only bring one pet carrier.

What are the American Airlines Pet Policy For Service Animals?

The whole purpose of service animals is to be the support of physically challenged passengers on board. However, this includes all the passengers with mobility and other medical issues. The plus point in this situation is that you are allowed to bring as many pets as possible with you on board. There is no limit on how many pets can be boarded at once.

As for service animals, you can bring your cat, dog, hamster, or horse with you as a service animal. According to the American Airlines pet policy, you do not have to pay any fees to bring them. Moreover, the service animals are allowed to travel to any destination, and the best part is that you do not inform the airline about your service pet before your final boarding.

Nonetheless, you are not required to fill out any form related to the service animal. But you can still travel with proper identification. Per AA pet policy, travelers must submit their pet’s vaccination documentation.

How Much you Have to Pay for bringing your Pet on Board? 

The American Airlines pet travel policy states that traveling with pets on board can cost you around $125. The rating happens according to the pet carrier, so you can easily bring two small pets inside the carrier. If that’s the case with you, you would only have to pay for one pet. Lastly, ensure that both your furry friends are comfortable and have enough space to sleep, stand, and move around.


Therefore, if you are traveling with a trained and registered service animal on American Airlines, there is great news: you do not have to pay any necessary fees.

Ending Words

It is always the hardest to say goodbye to our furry friends. We only want to take them to travel, which could be possible via the American Airlines Pet Travel Policy. The American Airlines pet policy has rules and regulations that you must follow for smooth travel. Therefore, per the AA pet policy, passengers can bring their pet in their carrier, which must fit under the seat in front of them. However, if your pet is too big to travel in the same cabin as you, then you can transport them via the cargo section. If you want to know more about flight-related content and policies, visit our official website or contact us using the live chat facility. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. American Airlines does not require any health documents during the flight. However, the situation may differ depending on different countries. For example, if you travel outside of America, you may have to showcase your pet's health certificate to even travel on the same flight together. In this case, you can consult with your vet and other departments. However, if you are having doubts, then feel free to get in touch with American Airlines. 

Ans. According to the American Airlines pet policy, your pet can travel with the cargo section. Besides this, they can travel as checked baggage cabin baggage, too. All they have to do is meet the given eligibility criteria. To get more information on this topic, you can contact the airline and address what has been bothering you lately.

Ans. Travelers can bring cats, dogs, and service animals on board with them. For service animals, there will be no fees required. However, to bring your pets to the cabin, check out the size requirements the airlines give. 

Ans. American Airlines allows their pet to travel in the pet carrier regardless of its being a hard or soft case. What matters is that the carrier must be big enough for your pet to move around freely. As per AA pet policy, the size of the pet kennel should not exceed 48x33x22 CM & its weight must be around 25 pounds.

Ans. Per the pet policy, your pet must be at least eight years of age to travel with you. Make sure to submit all the required documents for hassle-free travel.

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