Are you planning on traveling with Alaska Airlines this summer? What if your summer plans get canceled for personal or professional reasons? In this case, you would have no option but to cancel your flight and ask for an alternative one. As for cancellation, the procedure of cancellation is quite easy. It only takes a few minutes to revoke your cancellation. Finally, all your efforts will only be worthwhile if you know the basic terms & conditions of the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy.

Special Note :- Alaska Airlines offers a 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy, which is mandated by the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT). This policy allows you to cancel your reservation within 24 hours of booking without incurring any cancellation fees, regardless of the fare type you’ve chosen.

Basic Information About Alaska Flight Cancellation Policy

To revoke your reservation, there are some guidelines that you must know about, such as:-

  • If you want to cancel your flight ticket, then make sure that your flight is scheduled at least a year from your scheduled flight date.
  • In some cases, passengers must pay cancellation fees charged by the airline. Remember, cancellation prices may differ depending on various factors, such as your destination, fare type, and ticket. 
  • Moreover, according to the Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, passengers who have booked a seat in the main cabin or first class can cancel their flight within 24 hours. If they do it in a given period, they do not have to pay any fees. 
  • Passengers can request a refund if eligible, using the same payment method they have used before during flight booking. 
  • Now, you have two options: change or revoke your reservation before your scheduled departure. 
  • If you have a non-refundable ticket, you will not get any refund, but the airline will provide you with credit for your future travel. 
  • In the end, passengers has to pay a certain amount to the airline as cancellation fees. Now, the amount may differ depending on various situations such as your ticket type, fare type and your destination. As for the cancellation fee, it can cost you between $25 to $50 only f you make changes to your reservation via check-in window.

Alaska Airlines Flight 24-Hour Cancellation Policy

The 24-hour cancellation policy allows passengers to cancel their tickets at least 24 hours before the scheduled flight. Here’s how it works: Suppose you are at the airport waiting for your flight but must cancel it for personal or professional reasons. However, if you cancel your ticket in the given period, you will be eligible for a refund. In some cases, the airline happens to cancel the flight due to bad weather or any technical reasons; even then, you can request a refund or ask them to put you on an alternative flight. To get a better understanding of the 24-hour cancellation policy, remember these rules & regulations;-

  • According to the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy, if you have a non-refundable ticket and you happen to cancel your ticket within 24 hours, then the airline will offer you travel credit instead of a refund.
  • But, if you cancel your reservation after 24 hours, you must pay any additional fee the airline charges.
  • The cancellation fee can cost you between $100 and $125, depending on your class, fare, and travel destination.
  • However, as per the Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, passengers cannot cancel or request a refund for basic economy tickets.

Compensation Provided For Flights Cancelled By Alaska Airlines


Types of Flight

Amount of Refund(Per Person)

For all the flights Less than 1500 Km

All Flights

Passengers would have to pay at least $250

Flights departing more than 1500 Km

Internal EU flights


All the flights departing Between 1500-3500 Km

Non-internal EU flights

Same as above

Over 3500 Km

For all the Non-internal flights of EU

More than $600

Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy

How Does the Procedure of Alaska Flight Cancellation Work?

There are a plethora of ways by which one can revoke their flights before their scheduled flight. As per the Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, both online and offline ways are available by which you can proceed with the procedure. With the help of these methods, you can cancel your flight from anywhere and anytime. Without further ado, let’s dive right in :-

1. Cancel Your Flight Using Official Website

Now, this method is one of the quickest and easiest methods by which one can revoke their tickets from anywhere. For this, all you have to do is follow the below-mentioned steps, and you will be good to go:-

  • Go to the official website of Alaska Airlines and choose the manage option. 
  • Once you are done with that, you can click on the enter details option. 
  • Passengers must fill out their last name, ticket number, and conference number. 
  • Hit the Continue option, and then you will return to the next window. 
  • Ultimately, you must follow the on-screen steps and click the cancel flight option. 

That’s it. That’s all you have to do to cancel your flight using the online method. 

2. Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Via Calling

This method is one of the easiest options to revoke your flight ticket. All you have to do is call the airline on their official number, which you will find on the official website of Alaska Airlines. To help you out in this situation, we have gathered the numbers that you can use from any region and can ask the airline to revoke your flight. Here’s the list:-



Phone Number















The Netherlands




No matter where you are, you can call the airline and ask them to cancel your flight. As soon as your call is made, you can ask them to cancel your flight and explain why you are canceling your flight, and then you will be good to go. 

3. Flight Cancellation Via Using Live Chat Option

Now that we have explained the main methods you can use to cancel your flight, it is time to discuss alternative solutions. Have you ever considered canceling your flight using the live chat option? The procedure is quite simple and will only take about a minute or so to proceed with the cancellation process. 

Here’s what you need to do:-

  • On the home page, you will see the chat icon. You would have to choose that option and chat with AI to get the answer to your answer. 
  • You must provide your private details, including your last name, ticket number, and reference number. 
  • You can revoke your cancellation as soon as you get all the answers to your questions. 

4. Install and launch the Alaska Airlines Official Application

Another alternative method comes under the online method and is quite similar to what we have just explained in the above section of the online method. In this method, you can install the official application of Alaska Airlines, which you can find on the App Store or Play Store. Once you are done installing the application, try following these steps:-

  • Firstly, launch the official application on your device. 
  • Then, click on the Manage Reservation option. 
  • Once you finish that, you will get directions to cancel your booking. 
  • Pay for any fare difference, and remember to check your details. 
  • In the end, click on the confirm option. 

5. Cancel Your Flight at the Airport Ticket Counter

Now, this option is for those who happen to cancel their flight at the very last moment. Regardless of your being canceled by the airline or via the passenger, one thing is for sure: the airport ticket counter is the only simple and easy method you can use now. But, before you need to keep in mind these certain things:-

  • If you are certain that your flight will be canceled or you may have to cancel it due to any emergency, arrive early at the airport. 
  • You can also visit the help center and ask them for assistance. 

  • Now, you can contact the available agent and explain your reason for the flight change, and you will be good to go. 

  • Be patient; the cancellation procedure may take a little time as the agent has to verify your details. 

  • Once they finish the verification process, they might ask to pay certain fees, which depend on your fare type, destination, and many more.

  • The agent will begin the flight cancellation procedure once everything is in place. Do not worry; you will be notified when the flight is canceled. 

Alaska Airlines Cancellation & Refund Policy

Once the passengers are done with cancellation policy, then the next procedure would be request for a refund. However, it is not that simple to get your money back, in fact you first need to meet the given eligibility criteria only then you can request for a refund such as;- 

  • If you want to request for a refund, then you must book your ticket from the official website of Alaska, not from a third-party site. 
  • As per the Alaska airlines flight cancellation policy, if the passenger happens to cancel their flight in 24 hours, then you can initiate for a refund. 
  • However, a passenger can get their money back within one year of booking their ticket. 
  • Make sure to revoke your flight ticket within 24 hours before your scheduled departure. 
  • Buy a refundable ticket to request for a refund as you may know passengers cannot cancel their basic economy tickets as well as non-refundable ticket. 
  • According to the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy, the refund will be credited in the original format of the payment within seven working days. 
  • You can request for a refund using online method, if your ticket has not been used. 

Alaska Airlines Cancelled Flight Compensation Policy

Sometimes the airlines happens to cancel their own flight and it happens due to many reasons such bad weather, and probably a technical issue with the airline. If this is what happens to you during your flight, then the airline will compensate you or they will try and coax you to take the alternative flight. But, it is up to you to choose between alternative flight or compensation. To get to the bottom of this, follow these given guidelines:-

  • The Alaska Airlines provides accommodation for those who happens to have a stand-by flight as their same-day flight. 
  • However, in case of no available accommodation option, the best option would be to reschedule your same day flight again. 
  • For those whose flight has been delayed for at least 2 hours then the best option would to ask for a refund or ask the airline for the next available flight. If the luck is on your side, then you might get upgraded as compensation. 
  • Add meals and other items to your list while waiting for your flight at airport if your flight is delayed.
  • In some cases, the airline will get transportation for their hotel as compensation by the airline.
  • As for many traveller who have booked their flight using miles, they will get travel credit instead of compensation by the airline.

What Are the Reasons for Flight Cancellation By Alaska Airlines?

Sometimes, the airline happens to cancel their flight due to many possible reasons. The only thing that the airline can do is cancel the flight and ask the passengers to be patient. However, this situation only comes due to;-

  • Bad weather podcast such as Tornado, heavy rain
  • A major flight breakdown
  • There are not many staff available on board
  • If there’s a strike or chances of a terrorist attack
  • Government orders
  • Technical malfunction 

To Summarize

Alaska Airlines has been known for its excellent services and flexible policies. It’s nothing new when you must cancel your flight for personal and professional reasons, such as a sudden death in the family. In this case, the passengers can cancel their tickets and request a refund. Before that, passengers must know every detail about the Alaska Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy. Thus, for more related queries, remember to visit our official website or connect to us via the live chat option.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. According to the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passengers will be eligible for a refund if they cancel their flight within 24 hours. Remember, Alaska Airlines only provides refunds for refundable tickets. The non-refundable & basic economy passengers can only get a refund if the airline itself happens to cancel the flight.

Ans. The airline offers its passengers full credit on the unused portion of the tickets while canceling the tickets with Alaska Airlines as per the Alaska Airlines flight cancellation policy.

Ans. The fee structure of Alaska Airlines depends on various factors such as fare type, class, and destination. Here's the complete breakdown:-

Ticket Type

Cancellation Fee


Not permitted (outside of the 24-hour window)

Main cabin


First class


Award ticket


Ans. Per the Alaska Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passengers can cancel their award ticket. But these tickets have their own rules and regulations, including cancellation & refund policies. Before making any changes to your ticket, it is advised to look out for guidelines at the official website of Alaska Airlines, or you can contact the officials.

Ans. Yes, you can use any method to cancel your method, regardless of whether it is online or offline. To revoke your reservations using the online method, you can visit the official website of Alaska Airlines and then navigate to the Manage Flight option. Once you are there, remember to select the flight you wish to cancel and follow the rules to complete the cancellation procedure.

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