Trending Guide on Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

The Alaska Airlines Flight Change policy can be a source of big relief for passengers who wish to alter their booking and have a concern about additional fees or even their eligibility to make changes to their flight. While flight changes are a common query for which the airlines have every option to make changes to their convenience, it still depends on various factors like travel class, time of the request, and many others. As per the latest norms under this policy, passengers are

Different information as part of flight change policy that passengers need to know includes applicable fees, same-day flight change, no-show policy, and many others. Along with that, a common query is how passengers can make changes in flight tickets.

Therefore, we have discussed all the major points regarding Alaska Airlines’ flight change policy. This will include 24-hour change/cancellation, change fee, and how to make changes to your flight ticket. Read the article till the end to get more info on Alaska Airlines.

Highlighted Points of Alaska Flight Change Policy

  • According to the Alaska Airlines Flight Change rules & regulations, passengers can change their flight for free only if they proceed to do it within 24 hours.
  • Passengers can only change those tickets booked by the airline itself. If a third-party site or travel agency reserves it, then you cannot change it.
  • Suppose you are stuck in traffic, and there are high chances that you may need to either cancel or change your flight. But, the thing is, you have to do it within 24 hours of the reservation period. Cause if you did not do this, you can say goodbye to your refund.
  • If a passenger has a non-refundable, then you cannot get a full refund.
  • Similarly, if you change your flight on the same day as your departure, there’s good news for you. You can change your flight without paying any fee.
  • However, if you change your region, you need to pay for the fare difference according to the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy.
  • There’s good news for passengers who hold a refundable flight ticket, or if you are a first-class passenger, you can change your flight anytime. 

Alaska Airlines Flight Change 24-Hour Policy

According to this, if you change your Alaska flights in the time period of 24 hours, then you do not have to waste any penny as you can do it for free. As for the flight schedule, if you change it within 24 hours after booking, you are free to do it without any cost. And the best part is that you can even get a full refund. 

What is the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy

Passengers who wish to make changes to their flight itineraries can refer to the given information related to the flight change policy:

  • Alaska Airlines comprises Saver Fare, Main, and First Class fare. Among these travel classes, the saver fare ticket is not eligible for flight changes, while the Main and the First Class fare can request the same for free.
  • It is advisable mandatory for the passenger to inform the airlines regarding their absence; otherwise, they will be considered a “No-show,” leading to the cancellation of other flight itineraries in the booking.
  • While the flight change fee is waived, a fare difference needs to be paid by the passengers.
  • As saver fares are not eligible for the flight change request, they can request cancellation, which can even be done within the 24-hour window of the booking to avoid further charges.
  • Same-day changes can be requested during the check-in time. For that, a fee between USD 25 and 50 is applicable. Also, no fare difference needs to be paid in case of a same-day flight change request.
  • Flight changes might lead to the cancellation of other requested services in the original booking, like accommodation, cab, or any other additional request. For that, you need to connect with the Spirit Airlines helpline number, which is +1-844-402-8105.
  • Flight changes in Alaska Airlines cannot be requested after the check-in process.
  • Partner award tickets are eligible for free changes.
  • Group reservations are advised to request flight changes through the helpline number, where you can connect with a live person to do the same accordingly.
  • Passengers who have their tickets booked through a third party need to connect with the seller directly to request for the same.

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy For Same-Day Modifications 

  • Per the Same day policy, the passengers can change their flight on the day of their scheduled departure and get the latest flight.
  • But you need to check in first and proceed with your procedure. The best way to change your flight on the same day is by changing it online from anywhere, and it will save you some time too.
  • Moreover, the same-day policy ensures you get a new flight on the same day as your flight modification.
  • You can only apply for the same-day flight change for some passengers who hold a saver fare holder ticket & a Vacation package holder.
Alaska airlines Flight Change Policy

Simple Methods to Change Alaska Airlines Flight

According to the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policies, there are numerous ways by which one can make changes to their flight. The passengers can use any method as per their preference. Hence, we are sharing some of the best methods with you to help you with flight change procedure;-

1. Use Official Website to Change Your Flight

Check out the below-listed steps:-

  • Start by navigating to the official website.
  • As soon as you are done with this, then remember to click on the Manage Booking tab.
  • Enter your details, such as your last name, ticket number, etc.
  • Next, click the Continue option, as seen in the dialog boxes.
  • Select the flight you want to change and choose the New Flight option to book a new flight for yourself.
  • Just by the corner, you can proceed with your payments. Remember to use the same payment method that you have used before.
  • Now, we are done with all the necessary steps and if this method is not feasible for you, then you can decide which method you want to use. You will be notified about your payment method through an email as soon as you are done with your payment methodU+002e

2. Flight Change Via Mobile Application

Changing flight is not rocket science. Make sure that you are following a right path. Do you know that Alaska Airlines has a mobile application? You can install the mobile application via the app store or play store, whichever method is feasible for you. Once you are done with the installation, try following these steps:-

  1. Launch the application on your device and log in to your account.
  2. Go to the My Booking option, and from there, choose the Manage Booking option.
  3. Now, you can make modifications to your ticket as per your preference.
  4. Once you are done making certain changes, move ahead and pay for any fare difference, and you are done. 

3. Contact Alaska Airlines to Make Modifications to Your Flight

The best way to contact the airline directly is by calling them. Here’s how you can do it;-

  1. To begin, you can contact the Alaska Airlines customer live agent by contacting the airline on their official toll-free number.
  2. Moreover, enter your reservation confirmation code and follow up with the e-ticket number.
  3. Remember to ask the airline if they have any latest flights according to their preference. However, the airline will inform you as soon as possible.
  4. End the procedure by paying any additional fees. Once you are done with the payment procedure, you will be notified about it via email. 

4. Change Your Flight at the Airport Counter

There’s another way by which you can change your flight. Suppose you are at the airport and you get a call from work, and now you have to change your entire travel schedule. You can go to the airport counter and ask them to reschedule your flight or change it to another day. 

  1. Firstly, navigate to the airport currently counter.
  2. You can address your issue with the customer agent.
  3. Tell the agent your booking number, travel dates, ticket fare, and more.
  4. Once they verify your details, they will let you know about any latest flight details.
  5. You can proceed by choosing any latest flight catered according to your needs, and you can pay for any amount if required.
  6. Pay for the necessary charges using the same payment method you used for your previous flight.
  7. You will receive confirmation via email as soon as your payment is through. 

To Make Flight Changes Online

Different means are available through which they can request to make changes to the Alaska Airlines flight ticket. Among these, the online is the most preferred. However, you need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria before you proceed to make changes to your Alaska Airlines Flight Ticket.

  • Government fare tickets on Alaska Online cannot make changes to their flight ticket online.
  • Tickets need to be purchased from the official Alaska Airlines sources, which include the official website, airport counter, or through the Alaska Helpline number.
  • Passengers with more than seven guests or past larger bookings cannot request flight changes online. The same applies to the flight reservation containing more than 8 flight segments.
  • Your flight reservation should not be a part of a mileage plan award ticket.
  • Lastly, in order to be eligible to make flight changes online, your ticket should not include any special request or pet accommodation.

Procedure to Change Your Award Tickets 

In case if you have award tickets, then there are a few steps that you can follow to change them;-

  • You can start by going to the official website of Alaska Airlines.
  • Next, you can begin the procedure of changing flights by signing into a Mileage Plan account.
  • Please navigate to the My Trip option and select the flights you want to change.
  • Click on the Free flight change option that you can find on the right side of the home screen.
  • Now, you can choose any flights that meet your requirement. And you can pay for any fare difference depending on your route, fare class, and more. 

Alaska Airlines Flight Change Fee

Ticket Type

Flight Change Fees





24 hours 


How Can I Change My Flight Date With Alaska Airlines? 

You must know about Alaska’s flight change policy guidelines if you want to change your flight date. Per this policy, if you want to change your flight date, you must do it within a year before your scheduled departure date. For more information, execute these steps:-

  • Go to the Alaska Airlines official website and choose Alaska manage flight booking option.
  • Make sure to fill in your booking confirmation code and your last name. Remember to check every detail before hitting the confirm option.
  • Now, select the ticket button and select a ticket according to your preference.
  • If you are eligible to pay the fare difference, you have to pay for it using the same payment method you have used before.
  • Finally, you can get your new boarding pass through your registered email id. 

Cancellation Policy for the Saver Fare of the Alaska Airline Flight Ticket

As there is no flight change available for the saver fare type, all passengers can do is cancel their reservation within the given time frame and proceed to the new reservation. While cancellation is an easy process, what matters to the passengers is the cancellation fee and the refund status. Therefore, passengers with Saver Fare type can refer to the given terms and conditions regarding refund and other applicable charges:

In case of a flight booked until July 19, 2023, cancellation needs to be done within 24 hours of the booking in order to avoid any charges or claim a full refund.

While the 24-hour cancellation policy is valid for the ticket booked after July 19, 2023, passengers who are canceling their flight after the 24-hour gap are entitled to a 50% refund in the form of travel credit, and the cancellation request should be made at least 14 days before the flight scheduled departure.

Same Day Confirmed Change for Alaska Airlines Ticket

According to the Alaska Airlines Flight change policy, passengers with main and first-class cabin fares can request for same day confirmed changes for which they need to make a payment of around USD 25-50 depending on their flight tickets and other factors.

  • Same-day confirmed changes can be requested during the check-in process. Also, passengers need to keep in mind that the same day refers to the same calendar date as the original booking.
  • You cannot change the origin/destination while requesting same-day confirmed changes.
  • The standard Alaska Airlines Same-day change fee is USD 50. However, on selected stations and for the flight within California, it is USD 25.
  • Saver fares are not eligible for Same-day confirmed changes.
  • Same-day change requests for the guest reservation can be made only through the reservation desk at the airport. You cannot request the same online, through a kiosk, or even through the Alaska Helpline number.

An exception to the Same Day Confirmed Flight Changes Fee

Flight change fee for same-day confirmed changes is excluded in First class “J” and “Y” coaches. Also, members of the mileage plan with the following status are exempted from the flight change fee:
MVP Gold, MVP Gold 75K, MVP Gold 100K.
American AAdvantage, Concierge Key, Executive Platinum, Platinum Pro Members.

Alaska Airlines Policy in case of Scheduled Delay or Cancellation

Scheduled changes or delays can occur due to a variety of factors, such as weather disruptions and technical issues with the airlines, among many others. While the passengers are notified about the scheduled changes or the delay or even cancellation of their flight, based on the extent of delay or changes, passengers are entitled to either rebooking, compensation, or even a refund on the canceled flight.

  • In case of flight cancellation or a significant delay, Alaska Airlines will automatically rebook you to the next available flight. In case there isn’t any flight available till the next day, then the airlines will try to book you to another partner airline in the same cabin.
  • While rebooking is offered to the passengers, other complimentary services, including calling facility, free meals, and hotel accommodation based on the extent of the delay and other factors like passenger booking, distance of the address from the airport and many others.
  • Compensation is also offered to the passengers in case of a delay of more than 3 hours. This can be in the form of travel miles or a discount code valid for up to 1 year.


The Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy waivers any additional charges for the passengers requesting the same. Saver Fare cannot request flight changes. Same-day confirmed changes are accepted by the airlines for the main class fare and upper travel class. The applicable fee in that case is USD 25-50. While changes can be made easily online, in case of changes in group reservations, you need to connect with a live person at Alaska Airlines. For further assistance regarding Alaska Airlines or any travel-related query, connect with us at +1-844-402-8105.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The best way to change your flight without paying any penny is by changing your flight within 24 hours of your reservation. If you do that for a limited period, you do not have to pay for anything. However, if you have a non-refundable flight ticket, you may have to pay for the fare difference. One more way to pay for a non-refundable ticket, then you can do it by using your excess miles. 

As for those who are changing their flight on the same day, you can do it without paying any additional fee. 

Ans. According to the Alaska Airlines Flight Change Policy, the flight change procedure can cost you between $25 to $125 according to your travel date, fare, and flight class, destination. According to these rules, you may have to pay additional fees, which can cost you from $100 to $125 for regular and standby passengers. 

Ans. Per the Alaska flight change policy, you can change your flight 24 hours before departure. And if you fail to do so, you must pay the airline's additional fee. The flight change fee depends on various factors, including ticket fare, fare type and regions you are flying to, and many more. 

Ans. According to Alaska International flights, passengers can reserve their flights using miles. But, there are some rules and regulations that you must know about. You must pay for the fare difference if you use miles to change your flight after successful check-in. The procedure to change your flight is listed above so that you can check that out. 

Ans. One must important thing that you must know is that the Alaska Saver flight tickets must remain the same. 

Ans. You can request flight changes on Alaska Airlines online or through the Alaska helpline number. For group reservations, you need to dial the helpline number. Along with that, make sure you fulfill the eligibility criteria before requesting an Alaska Airlines flight change online.

Ans. Alaska Airlines does not charge any change fee. However, for the same-day confirmed changes, you need to pay USD 25-50 for the same.

Ans. You cannot request for the flight changes in a Saver ticket. You need to cancel the same and proceed to book a new reservation.

Ans. Passengers, in case of a delay, are rebooked on the next available flight of the same cabin. Along with that, in case of a significant delay, complimentary meals, hotel accommodation, and compensation (valid for up to 1 year) are offered to the passengers.

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