All-in-One Guide About American Airlines Cancellation Policy

Last-minute cancellations can be frustrating, and it is only sometimes a walk down to a smooth lane. The road can be bumpy, and the queue can be long. To avoid all this, following the steps to cancel your flight with Southwest Airlines is advised. Southwest Airlines has been in business for a very long time, offering its passengers excellent service. However, there are many reasons for last-minute cancellations, such as work, family emergencies, sudden family death, etc. That is why getting a good look at Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy is important. If you are someone who needs to cancel their flight, then we got you. We will explain how one can revoke their ticket and apply for a full refund. Other than that, there are many hacks that you must know about before cancelling your flight.

Guidelines of Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy

As a passenger on Southwest Airlines, you must know about these rules & regulations before navigating to the cancellation panel. Here’s what you would have to keep in mind while canceling your ticket;- 

  • To get to the bottom of the cancellation policy, you must first know about the fare types. So, there are three types of fare types: Wanna Get Away, Business Select, and anytime ticket. If you cancel a wants-to-get-away ticket, these types can be reusable but not refundable. 
  • The passenger can use these tickets for at least a year from the scheduled departure date.
  • As per Southwest Airlines’ cancellation policy, passengers must cancel their ticket at least 10 minutes before their final boarding. This way, all your fares will be reusable and refundable if you follow the rules. 
  • For those passengers who have business select and anytime, fares can easily request a refund in the original format of your payment. 
  • According to the Southwest cancellation policy, those who have booked their flight using the credits can get credits back into their original format. 

Southwest 24-hour Cancellation Policy

Per the Southwest cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their flight within 24 hours of their reservation to claim a full refund. Now, it doesn’t matter what method a passenger may use to cancel their ticket within 24 hours while booking any method they choose. 

Now, the Southwest 24-hour cancellation policy states that passengers will only receive a refund if their ticket gets cancelled within 24 hours of their reservation. A traveler can also revoke their flight tickets booked through Southwest Gift Card or a LUV voucher within 24 hours of the reservation. 

To cancel these types of tickets, you must contact the airlines within 24 hours of reserving the flight and getting a full refund. 

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy

What is the Procedure for Cancelling My Flight With the Southwest Airlines?

According to the Passenger’s point of view, cancelling a flight is a huge task. But worry not; the passengers can cancel their tickets using different modes. However, a passenger can use any method at the comfort of their preference; here’s what they need to follow:-

1. Online Procedure to Cancel Your Flight

The Passengers can make their flight cancellations using the online method, and this usually requires only a few steps for passengers to complete;- 

  • First, you need to go to the official website of Southwest Airlines. 
  • Then, you can click on the Look up in the reservation option and log in to your account. 
  • Afterward, enter your details, such as your ticket number, confirmation number, and first and last name. 
  • Once you get to the bottom, you will find the travel funds and flight refunds balance sheet, which will be attached to your flight booking itinerary. 
  • Those eligible for a refund can choose or ask the airline to convert their Refund into travel funds. 
  • Next, you can hit the cancel flight option to revoke your tickets. 
  • Lastly, the airline will send you an email confirming your cancellation, which will be sent to your official email ID. 

2. Southwest Airlines Cancellation At the Airport

According to the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their ticket at the airport just 10 minutes before their scheduled departure. To do this, passengers can get directly to the airport and ask the official at the ticket counter to cancel their ticket. If you want to cancel your airport flight, you must have your details, such as your ticket number, confirmation number, and other things handy. Chances are that the agent will ask you to submit these details right before the cancellation policy and have you guided through the entire procedure.

However, if you cancel after the period, the agent may ask you to pay the necessary fees. To cancel your ticket without any fees, you must cancel your flight 24 hours or 10 minutes before your final boarding.

3. Revoke Your Southwest Airlines Flight Over the Call

The procedure for a passenger to cancel their ticket over a call is the easiest. Since it is an offline method, it means that you can use it anytime. But there are some easy steps that you need to follow:-

  • Call Southwest Airlines on their official phone number. 
  • Once you finish that, you will need to provide details such as booking number, reference number, etc. 
  • Ask the agent to cancel your flight and pay attention to the travel funds or refundable values. 
  • If you are eligible, your refund amount will be credited back into your account through the same payment method you used for flight booking. 

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Compensation Policy

Southwest Airlines compensates all the passengers if their flight gets delayed at least three hours after their scheduled departure. Here’s how much will you get:-

Flight Distance

Flight Compensation Amount

If your flight is les than 1500 Km


If it’s between 1500 to 3500 KM


Only if the flight distance is more than 3500 Km


Note: Only some Passengers get compensation, as many rules and regulations relate to this. However, a passenger will only get compensation if they only meet the given eligibility criteria:-

  • The Passengers will only be eligible for compensation if they have an emergency, such as a medical emergency or a sudden death in the family, which has put them in this situation. 
  • However, if your flight happens to be canceled due to bad weather, then the Passenger will receive compensation. 
  • If your flight is canceled by the airline, you will be eligible for compensation. 
  • According to the Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy, if it’s a case of emergency such as a terrorist attack or a storm, then the passengers will be compensated for their flight. 
  • This rule also applies when strikes or the airline is in bankruptcy. 

Southwest Airlines Refund Policy

The refund policy allows its passengers to get a refund on their canceled ticket. But wait, getting a full refund on your flight ticket is more complex than it sounds. Here are some of the points that you must understand before requesting a Southwest Airlines Refund;- 

  • To start the refund procedure, you must understand that the cancellation must be made with the Southwest Airlines main website. However, passengers can also request a refund over a call from the airline. 
  • According to the Southwest Airlines Flight Cancellation Policy, the Refund will be credited back to the account within seven working days. 
  • For those passengers who have an anytime or business selection, tickets are refundable because the travelers must cancel their flight at least one hour before their scheduled departure. 
  • Those who have canceled their flight within 24 hours will get a full refund on their tickets. As a result, they can also request the airline to convert their refund into travel credit for use shortly.

Southwest Airlines Cancellation Fee

To request a refund, you can either go to the official website or get in touch with the airline over call. In some cases, the passengers can email or even text the airline regarding their issues.

Ticket Type



Cancellation Fees

For Non-Refundable Tickets

Wanna Get Away


Free of Cost

Wanna Get Away Tickets


Free of Cost

Refundable Tickets


Refundable tickets

Business select



Concluding Thoughts 

Concluding Thoughts Southwest Airlines has straightforward rules and regulations when it comes down to Cancellation Policy. Per the Southwest Airlines cancellation policy, passengers can cancel their tickets at least 24 hours before departure. Those who happen to cancel their flight after 24 hours will have to pay a certain amount to the airline. Thus, please refer to our official website for more information regarding flight booking policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The Southwest Airlines provides several ways by which one can request for their refunds. However, if you happen to have wanna get away tickets, anytime, business select tickets, then one can easily make use of their funds to make future plans till the time of their reservations. As per the Southwest Airlines Cancellation policy, the anytime and business select passengers can cancel their ticket at least 10 minutes before their scheduled flight departure. However, the passengers can cancel their flight using the official website, application or contacting the airline’s customer support. Keep in mind any changes made after the given period of time will result in cancellation fees.

Ans. According to the Southwest Airlines flight cancellation Policy, if you cancel a flight ticket using credit points, then credit points will get refund to your their original account which was used for flight reservation. Moreover, all the taxes and any additional fees will be charged for a refund.

Ans. The passengers can get refund on their cancelled flight, if they happen to cancel their flight in the next 24 hours. For those who does not cancel their flight in the given time-period, then there will be no refund or you will get travel credit instead of your refund. As per the Southwest refund policy, the airline will credit your refund in your account in seven to ten working days.

Ans. Per Southwest Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passengers can cancel their flight at anytime; at least 10 minutes before the scheduled departure. For those travelers who have booked their flight using rapid points, then your points will be refunded back into your loyalty account.

Ans. The passengers can cancel their flight using their official website, Southwest airlines application and over a call with the customer services. You can opt for any method and cancel your flight at least 10 minutes before your scheduled flight.

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