In case of sudden plan changes, the United Flight Cancellation policy can be important for the passenger having confirmed reservations with the airline. Through the airline’s policy of cancellation, passengers will be able to get insights regarding cancellation fees, free cancellations, eligible fare types of cancellations, or what to do in case their flight has been delayed or canceled by United Airlines.

Passengers looking for free cancellation are advised to request the same within 24 hours of booking. During which they can make any kind of modification changes to their flight free of charge. After this, only a few travel classes will be waived from United Airlines’ cancellation charges.

Other information covered under the United Airlines cancel flight policy is award ticket cancellation and how much compensation can be offered to them in case their flight has been delayed to a significant extent. Refer to the information listed below to get more details regarding United Airlines.

What is United Airlines Cancellation Policy?

Refer to the information below to learn about basic things related to United Airlines flight cancellation, like applicable charges, refund amounts, and compensation, among many other important information.

  • Free cancellation for any United Airlines ticket is available only if the same has been requested within 24 hours of booking. Along with that, your cancellation should be requested at least 7 days prior to the flight departure.

  • It is mandatory for the passengers to inform about their cancellation, or they will not be boarding the flight due to plan changes. In case they are unable to inform the same, then they will be considered a “No-show,” with all other remaining itineraries being forfeited.

  • Cancellation fee can be up to USD 200 for domestic flights and USD 400 for international flights.

  • The United Airlines Cancellation guidelines are applicable to reservations made through the official sources of the airlines like, united airlines refund phone number or the airline counter/desk at the airport. In case of reservation made through a third party, passengers need to connect with the same. The airlines will not be responsible for any issues occurring with the reservation made through an external party.

  • The cancellation of a United ticket can be done only through United Airlines’ official sources.

  • While most of the flight fares do not comprise any additional charges, same-day cancellation might cost some extra.

Are United Airline Tickets Refundable

  • After the 24-hour period, the refund is only available on the refundable type fare.

  • For the basic economy ticket that has been canceled after the 24-hour period, passengers will be given partial travel credits. This will depend on the flight route and the time prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

  • On other tickets, the refund will be given in the original form of payment. Also, the refund amount might vary depending on various factors like timing, travel class, and fare type.

  • Refund is also available under the circumstances where the passenger has been denied boarding.

  • In case of a refund, if the passenger has been awarded travel credits, e-certificate, or any other voucher, then it must be used within 1 year of the date of issue.

United Airlines Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a United Airlines Award Ticket

There is no cancellation fee on the award ticket. The amount of the ticket will be refunded in the form of travel credits to the passenger account. However, in case of a No-Show, an amount equivalent to USD 125 will be deducted. Or the same will be charged to the passengers.

The United Airlines 24-hour Cancellation Policy

While it is a common guideline for all airlines that any cancellation within 24 hours of booking is free with a full refund in the original form of payment. However, certain terms and conditions are applicable, which might vary from one airline to another. The United cancellation policy for 24-hour cancellation is:

  • You can cancel a ticket purchased using e-certificates even within the 24-hour time frame.

  • Cancellation of the group ticket will depend on the terms mentioned in the contract of the group.

  • Only purchased reservations are eligible for cancellation, not the ones that are being held.

  • If you have a Farelock fee, then it won’t be refunded even after the cancellation within 24 hours.

United Airlines Policy for Cancellation/Refund under Special Circumstances

Special circumstances include situations that are not under the control of the passengers. They are valid reasons why a passenger is unable to board the flight due to the occurrence of these events.

Passengers, in the case of special circumstances, might be able to get a full refund even in the case of a non-refundable fare. These cases include:

  • Death of the passenger, travel companion, or someone closely related to the passenger.

  • Serious illness of the passengers.

  • In case the Jury duty aligns with the flight departure date.

How to Cancel a United Airlines Flight?

Visit the official United Airlines website, after which you need to follow the given steps:

  • First, you need to log in with your United Airlines account, after which you hit the option “My Trips.”

  • You need to provide a confirmation code and the last name in order to access your flight reservation.

  • Afterward, once the details have been displayed on the screen, search for the option “Cancel” and then proceed further, following the instructions coming on the screen.

  • Once the cancellation has been accepted and done, you will receive a notification on your registered contact details.

United Airlines Policy in Case of Delayed or Cancelled Flight

While sometimes it is the cancellation request made by the passenger, sometimes, due to uncontrollable circumstances, the flight is either delayed or canceled by the airlines. In such cases, the passengers are either rebooked for an alternate flight. However, if they do not wish to opt for the arrangements made for them, they can either change their flight or cancel it for a full refund.

Why Does United Cancel My Flight

There can be a variety of reasons that are not under the control of the airlines,, following which they need to delay or cancel the flight itineraries. Common circumstances are Weather disruptions and unpredictable events, which lead to the cancellation of flight itineraries or significant delays.

Flight Compensation in case of Flight Delay

Passengers are entitled to compensation in case of a delay of more than 3 hours. However, in case of the occurrence of the following situation, passengers cannot ask for compensation from the Airlines:

  • In case the passenger has been informed of the delay or the cancellation 15 days prior to the flight’s scheduled departure.

  • The cause of the cancellation is due to the situation, which is outside the control of the airline.

  • Passengers have already been paid compensation for denied boarding on the same flight.

  • Compensation cannot be claimed if 1 year has been passed.

The amount of compensation varies depending on the number of hours of delay or the distance of the flight journey.

  • For the delay of 3-6 hours, the compensation will be 400 Canadian Dollars.

  • In case of a delay between 6-9 hours, the compensation amount will be 700 CAD.

  • A compensation amount of CAD 1000 is offered to the passengers if the delay is more than 10 hours.

Passengers, if they have refused boarding on an alternate flight offered in case of delay, have the option of flight cancellation or rebooking to an alternate flight for no additional cost.


The United Airlines full refund and a free cancellation only if the same has been requested within 24 hours of booking or the passenger has a valid reason for not being able to board the flight. The refund amount might vary depending on a variety of situations, and the cancellation fee is USD 200 for domestic and USD 400 for an international flight. Compensation is offered only in case of a delay of more than 3 hours. On Flight cancellation by the Airlines, a full refund, free cancellation, or change to another flight is offered with no additional cost.

Frequently Asked Question

You need to cancel the ticket within 24 hours of booking, providing you did the same at least seven days before the flight's scheduled departure.

After the 24-hour period, the cancellation fee is USD 200 for domestic flights and USD 400 for international.

Awards tickets can be canceled for free. However, in case of a No-show, USD 125 will be charged to the passengers.

In case of a delay of more than 3 hours, a compensation amount of CAD 400 is offered to the passengers; if the extent of the delay increases, the compensation also increases.

To cancel your reservation without paying any fees, you would have to cancel your tickets within the given period by the airline, which is; 24 hours. You do not have to pay any fees if you cancel your reservation in 24 hours. However, in other cases, such as flight delays or cancellations due to bad weather and technical issues, you can cancel your booking for free.

According to the United Airlines Cancellation Policy, the cancellation fee usually costs $200 for all domestic flights. The passengers must pay at least $400 for all international flights.

Unfortunately no. If you have already check-in, then you cannot cancel your flight. You would have to begin from the start, as you would have to cancel the check-in first to initiate the refund procedure. 

One thing that you can do is to book a flight in the future using the credits. The passengers can also use the credits for seating, extra legroom, baggage fees, etc. Therefore, the passengers can even book a brand new flight using the travel credits from the cancellation.

The Refund process usually takes at least seven working days to proceed. According to the United Airlines Refund Policy, the Refund will be credited back to the original payment method as your prior booking. To initiate the Refund, you can navigate to the official website of United Airlines and then choose the My Trips option. Call the airline for an easy refund claim and ask them for a refund.