What is the Alaska Airlines Check-in Policy

Passengers traveling on an Alaska flight have various options to complete their check-in process. The modes available to the passenger listed under the Alaska Airlines check-in guidelines include online method, mobile check-in, Kiosk, and offline check-in at the airport counter. While obtaining a boarding pass, passengers need to make sure that they check in only within the time frame of 24 hours of the flight departure. Along with that, passengers with a TSA-Pre check status can enjoy expedited security screening where they can use the dedicated lanes at the participating US Airports.

Alaska Airlines Flight Check-in Policy: An Overview

In order to complete the check-in formalities on an Alaska Airlines check-in, you need to keep the following things in mind:

The check can be done through various within the time window of 24 hours before the flight departure. Outside this window, no check-in request will be accepted.

The boarding pass is mandatory, without which entry to the flight is not permitted. Passengers need to be present for the boarding process at least 30 minutes before the flight departure.

It is advised for passengers to reach the Airport at least an hour early before the cutoff and ensure that their baggage has been received by the airlines. The recommended time by the airline is 60 minutes (International Flight) and 40 minutes (Domestic Flight). Different baggage cutoff times have been allotted to various airlines depending on their route.

Passengers need to confirm their presence at the Airport within the cut-off time, after which they will not be allowed to board. The only option for them is to rebook on a later flight.

  • The check-in process for the pets can be initiated within 2 hours of the flight departure.
  • An additional fee is applicable for checked baggage. These charges will depend on the travel class and the specifications (weight and height) of the bag.
  • An option for seat selection is available for passengers along with seat upgradation.
  • The airline has the authority to change assignments and departure times. So it is advisable for the passenger to check flight information monitors present at the airport.

Alaska Airlines Check-in Process

Based on the mode you have preferred for check-in, different processes need to be followed, which are discussed below:

Alaska Airlines Online Check-in 

The majority of the passengers who are traveling on an Alaska Airlines flight prefer to complete their check-in formalities through the official website of the airline. The online check-in process for Alaska Airlines flights has been discussed below:

  • Visit the official website of Alaska Airlines. 
  • On the homepage, at the top, you can easily locate the option “Check-In.”
  • From the menu, you need to provide the following details regarding “Departure City” and the preferred option to look up for check-in (Confirmation Code. E-Ticket Number, Mileage Plan Number).
  • Afterward, press the option “Continue to Check-In.”
  • Follow the further instructions and proceed to generate a boarding Pass. 
Alaska Airlines Check in Policy

While you check in online, you can perform the following action:

  • Seat selection/change or Upgradation. 
  • Can easily make payment for the checked baggage.
  • Print baggage tags and boarding passes. 
  • Request for same-day flight changes. 

For the online mode to check-in, passengers can complete the check-in process within the time of 24hours before the flight departure deadline, which is 1 hour prior to the departure time (40 minutes for the domestic flight).

Complete the check-in through the Alaska Airlines Mobile App

Instead of opting for Alaska Airlines’ online check-in, passengers can easily download the mobile app of the airline and can get their boarding pass. However, some mandatory information needs to be submitted by the passengers, which is:

  • Departure City
  • Confirmation Code
  • E-Ticket number
  • Mileage Plan Number

Other options along with the check-in include:

  • Payment for Checked Baggage
  • Same-Day Flight Change Request.

Once you have completed the check-in process, you will be able to download the boarding pass, for which you can take a printout. Generating boarding passes from the mobile app is applicable for the majority of flights. However, for some routes or destinations, you cannot use the mobile app for the check-in process, which are:


  • Airports in Mexico (except Cancun)
  • Costa Rica
  • Dillingham
  • Adak

For these stops, you need to complete the check-in either through the Kiosk at the airport or through the airline counter at the airport.

Check-in through the Kiosk of Alaska Airlines at the Airport

Other options available for the passenger apart from the online mode of check-in is through the Kiosk of Alaska Airlines present at the Airport. At Kiosk, all you need to do is follow the instructions given at the Kiosk screen. However, some mandatory details are needed from the passenger’s side, which are as follows:

  • Passenger’s Passport 
  • Ticket-related details like confirmation code, E-Ticket number, and mileage plan number.

Other amenities that can be done through the Kiosk are listed below:

  • Boarding Pass and Baggage Tag printing.
  • Seat selection and request for a seat change. 
  • Make changes to your mileage number. 

Check-in at Airport Counter

The last and the most basic traditional option for the passenger to initiate the check-in process and obtain a pass is through the counter at the Airport. Along with the check-in options, the following action can be completed at the airport counter:

  • Seat Assignment and seat change request. 
  • Check-in your luggage. 

Opt for Speedy Check-in At Alaska Airport

Various amenities are available for elite passengers or those with some membership status. The following are the options for a speedy check-in:

Security Express Lines

These are premium security lanes at various screening checkpoints at some selected airports. Passengers that can visit this facility include:

  • Mileage Plan MVP, 100K and 75K members. 
  • First-class Passengers.
  • Oneworld Member with Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby Status.
  • Shuttle flight passengers (Between Seattle to Portland and Spokane)

CLEAR Plus Members

Passengers with memberships in CLEAR Plus can pass through security using their eyes and fingerprints, through which they can easily avoid the trouble of waiting in long lines at the airport. 

TSA Pre Check

Different programs are available for passengers, like TSA PreCheck and the DHS Trusted Traveler Program. Through these programs, they can easily expedite their screening process and boarding formalities. 

Boarding Process at Alaska Airlines Flight

Priority is given to different passenger based on their flight ticket details and other preferences. The following sequences are considered while boarding passengers on an Alaska Flight:


Pre Boarding

Person with Disabilities

Families with children less than 2 years of age

Military Members

First Class Passengers

Passengers with first-class ticket

Group A

Mileage Plan Members


MVP Gold Members( 100K, 75K, MVP normal members)

One World Member (Emerald Sapphire)

Group B

Mileage Plan MVP Members

One World Members

Premium Class Members

Group C and D

Passengers seated in the aircraft’s back and front

Group E

Passengers with a Saver Seats ticket.

Check-in Time for Alaska Airlines Flight

Check -in Policy with Alaska Airlines also includes the check-in timings. Based on the mode of check-in, the time frame to check-in on an Alaska Airline Flight varies, which are listed below:

Online/Mobile App Check-In

For International Flights

Between 24 hours and 1 hour prior to the flight departure

For Domestic Flights

Between 24 hours and 40 minutes

Kiosk Check-In

Passengers with Carry-on Baggage have the deadline to check-in before 40 minutes of the flight departure time.

For Baggage Check-in: You cannot check in 4 hours before the flight departure.

Airport Counter Check-in

Passengers can check-in only within the time frame of 4 hours to 45 minutes of the flight departure.

On a domestic flight, the check-in window is open between 4 hours to 1 hour prior to the flight departure.

Tips for the Passengers Regarding Check-In

Passengers need to keep the following things in mind before they proceed with their boarding process:

  • While checking in luggage, it is advisable for the passengers to reach at least 2 hours before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • Passengers can opt for various programs like TSA Precheck and other available options to make their check-in process swift and easy. 
  • The boarding process needs to be done at least 30 minutes before the flight’s scheduled departure. 
  • Seat selection should be done at the time of flight booking to avoid further delay in the check-in process. 
  • No upgrades are available for the passengers with saver tickets.

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Summing It Up

Alaska Airlines offers various modes for passengers to complete their check-in process. Passengers can subscribe to plans in order to make a fast check-in. The boarding process needs to be done within at least 30 minutes before the flight departure time. Now that you have all the information proceed to make a flight reservation and be sure to complete the check-in process within a given time frame. For any assistance, reach out to us through the helpline number given below.

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