Get to Know Air Canada Flight Change Policy


Passengers who want to make changes in their booking can refer to the Air Canada Flight change Policy for related information. With the exception of Basic Economy and other travel class below premium economy, any Air Canada traveler can make change to their flight tickets for free. For the basic economy fare, passengers needs to request for the same within 24 hours of booking after which they won’t be able to request for the same.

The “No flight change fee” rule is applicable only when the passengers make a request at least before 5 days from the flight scheduled departure. Rebooking or flight change is only available for the flight within 24 months of the booking. Along with that, a flight change fee is applicable which the passenger needs to pay.

Different means available for the passengers to change their Air Canada flight includes official website, airport counter, or through Air Canada Helpline number. Here, we have listed all the important details which the passengers need to know in order to change their Air Canada flight tickets.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy and the Flight Change Fee

  • Passengers with a Air Canada Ticket who wish make change in their flight itineraries, needs to keep following things in mind.
  • Passengers with any fare class tickets need have a 24-hour window within the booking time in order to request for the flight change irrespective of their travel class. Within this 24 hours period, any changes can be made free of cost even the cancellation with a full refund in the original mode of payment.
  • Once the 24 hours barriers has been crossed, the following travel class are allowed to make flight changes in their Air Canada Ticket free of cost.
  1. Comfort
  2. Latitude
  3. Premium Economy
  4. Business Fares
Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy​
  • Other travel class on which a flight change fee is applicable includes Standard Economy, Flex and Comfort. Amount of flight change fee can be between USD 25-100 depending on various factors. These factors include your timing i.e. how advance prior to the scheduled departure, you are requesting for the flight change.
  • Fare Difference is mandatory to be paid by the passenger in case of flight change for all travel class.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee

The Premium travel class of the Air Canada Airlines (Latitude, Comfort, Business and Premium Economy) are waived from the flight change fee in Air Canada Airlines.

The business Class is not permitted for any flight change after the 24-hour window of the flight booking. The only option for them is to consider flight cancellation and then request for a new booking. While mentioning of cancellation, it is important to point out that for basic economy, there is no eligibility of the refund.

Air Canada Same Day Flight Change

As per the Air Canada Flight Change Policy, the same flight change refers to the one requested to switch to an alternate flight (earlier/later) of the same date. The Basic Economy Fare are not eligible for the same-day flight changes,

The same Day flight change fee for various travel class in Air Canada airlines ranges from USD 75-100. Also, for the Altitude Super Elite 100K Members, there is no same day flight fee including various other benefits.

Air Canada Flight Change Fee Policy

Here is a table for you that include the change fee that Air Canada applies to its flights:

Class TypeFare Type

Time of Change

60 Days or Less60+ Days

Same Day Flight Change To

Economy ClassBasic
Not AllowedNot Allowed
Not AllowedNot AllowedNot Allowed
USD 100USD 25
USD 100USD 100USD 100
USD 25Free
USD 50USD 25
USD 100USD 75USD 75
Premium EconomyFlexible
USD 100USD 75USD 100
Economy ClassFlexible
Business ClassFlexible
First ClassFlexible


This table is your ultimate guide to known how much can the airline can charge you under specific circumstances.

Air Canada Flights Fare Difference

In addition to the above penalty, the passenger also need to pay the difference between the flight fare of the two flights. Now, if the new flight costs more, then you can use points or money to pay the balance. However, if the new flight is cheaper, then Air Canada will credit the balance either to your original mode of payment or as points to your airline account. You can choose the one that fits your plans and budget.

How to Change Air Canada Flights Using Different Methods?

In order to alter your existing Air Canada Bookings, you can either contact the airline physically at the airport or over a call.
Additionally, you can also do it yourself, from the airline’s official site.

  • Firstly, head to the homepage of Air Canada official website.
  • Thereafter, scroll down a little and click on the Air Canada manage flight “My Bookings” option.
  • Next, enter your booking Reference or the Ticket Number in the first field and Your Last Name in the second.
  • Hit the Find button and your reservation details will appear before you on the subsequent page.
  • This is where, you will find the Change Flight option. Select the same and you will get the list of other available flights for your travel plans.
  • The airline will display the difference in the flight fare right in front of each flight. This way you can know if you have to pay anything.
  • Thereafter, select the one that suits you and move to the payment page and clear the sum (if any).

Change Your Flight Via Contacting the Airline

In this method, you can change your flights by contacting Air Canada airlines flight customer service number. All you have to do is contacting the airline and then address the issue to the customer care agent. And, you are done.
However, the passengers can dial the 1-888-247-2262 to address your issue. The best thing is that the customer care agents are available 24*7.
In case, if you want to register any complaint and know more about any policy then you can dial the above-mentioned number.

Use Mobile Application to Change Your Flights

The Air Canada Airline has an application which you can download from app store or play store. However, once you are done with the installation, make sure to follow these steps:-

  • Launch the Air Canada Flight application.
  • As soon as you are done, then you can navigate to the Manage Booking button.
  • Lastly, to go further, you can follow the same steps as given in the online method.

Air Canada Flight Change Policy in case of flight delay, cancellation or rescheduling

Sometimes due to some unavoidable circumstances, the Airlines needs to delay, reschedule or even cancel the flight reservation. In that case, the airlines will notify the passengers of the same within the given time frame so that the passengers can adjust to the new changes.

In case the flight of the passengers has been delayed for more than three, the Air Canada automatically rebook your flight booking to a alternate available flight.

Refund in case of Air Canada Flight Cancellation or Delay

The refund in case of flight delay or cancellation will depend on the fact whether the situation within Air Canada like safety concern, bad weather disruptions or any others. In case of a situation within the airlines and the passenger has refused the offered alternate flight bookings, then are entitled to a refund. In case of connecting, if the offered flight itineraries are rejected then the airlines make the required arrangement to take the passengers to the origin station and the refund is given to the passenger in their preferred mode of payment.

Passengers are also offered other treatments like food, drinks, accommodation in case any passengers has waited for their flight two hours even after the departure time mentioned in their flight ticket.


No flight change fee is applicable if the same has been requested within 24 hours of bookings. Passengers above the Premium Economy travel class can avoid the flight change. However, they need to request for flight change at least 5 days before the flight scheduled departure. In case of flight delay, passengers are entitled to refund if the delay has been more than 3 hours or the flight has been canceled. Preferred means for Air Canada Flight Change are official website, helpline number or visiting the airport. While user can make changes freely through online means, additional fee can be applicable in case you requesting for the same through the helpline number. For further, details connect with us through our helpline number +1-844-402-8105.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The passengers can change their flight by simply visiting the official website of Air Canada. If this method is not suitable for you then you can use some other methods, which we have listed above in the guide.

Ans. According to the Air Canada Free Change Policy, the passengers can only change their flight only once. And, if they want to change it more than one time, then they have to pay additional fees.

Ans. No, you cannot transfer your tickets whether its refundable or non-refundable.

Ans. The Air Canada charge a flight change fee for some selected travel class which are standard economy, flex and comfort. The basic economy passengers cannot make any change in their Air Canada Flight change ticket. For the selected travel class, the flight change fee can be between USD 75-150 depending on their travel class and time frame within which they are making changes in their flight ticket.

Ans. Passengers can dial the number +1-844-402-8105, dialing which they can make changes in their flight tickets. Along with that, all the queries of the passengers can be resolved at through this helpline number.

Ans. In the situation of delay, cancellation or rescheduling of a flight by the airline, passenger are entitled to a refund based on their eligibility or the extent of delay. Compensation offered by the Air Canada Airlines will be in the form of foods, accommodation and other privileges if the passenger have to wait for more than two hours.

Ans. Passengers with a basic economy ticket needs to make changes in their flight tickets within 24 hours of the booking. Afterwards, they are not eligible for to make any changes.

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