An Ultimate Guide on Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Change of plans or any last minute emergency can be common due to which there is a requirement to change the current flight bookings. The flight change process can be exhausting or even hectic to know how to change, fee applicable and other info, the Spirit Airlines Flight Change policy can be a big help as the all-in-one source of information based on which they can make the required modifications in their flight itineraries.

As per the latest norms mandated by the Spirit Airlines, passengers are allowed to make any changes in their travel details without any charges on the conditions that the request should be made at least 60 days before the flight scheduled departure. However, a 24-hour window from the date of booking is open for the passenger to make any kind of changes, modifications in their flight itineraries free of charge irrespective of their travel class or any other conditions. During this period, passengers also have the option to cancel their flight without any charges.

Here, we have listed some of the major pointers related to the Spirit Change Flight Policy. These include eligibility for flight change, applicable fee and Spirit Policy in case of delay, rescheduling or even cancellation of the whole flight. Check out more about the flight change policy from the blog post below.

Highlighted Points Of Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy 

The major concern of the passengers when they are going to make changes to even cancel the flight are applicable charges, refund in case of cancellation or low fare, eligibility for same day changes, or a standby for an earlier flight. Answer to all these queries are given along with Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy which has been discussed in details below:

  • Any changes in the flight ticket requested within 24 hours of booking including cancellation can be done without any charges. This is applicable for the travel class including the basic economy.
  • Once the 24 hours window has been over, a flight change fee can be charged on the passengers depending on the time i.e. how advance or prior to the scheduled departure they are requesting for the same. In case you request for the flight changes 60 days prior to the flight departure, then it can be done for free.
  • Fare difference is mandatory to be paid by the passengers either in their preferred mode of payment or through travel credits.
  • Deadline for flight change is 1 hour before the flight scheduled departure mentioned in the original booking.
  • Same day flight changes are acceptable for an earlier flight for which passengers need to pay USD 99. In case no seat is available in the preferred flight, the option for flight change is available for free. In case you have already complete the check-in, then you cannot request for the flight change.
  • In case of name change, the following changes are eligible free of cost:

            ◦ Misspelling
            ◦ Legal Name
            ◦ Passenger Information

  • For legal name changes or passenger information, supporting documents are necessary to be shown by the passengers. Also, the same needs to be requested through the Live chat or the Spirit Airlines Helpline number where you can interact with directly with the customer support official.
  • In case of flight change, other alternate requests are subject to cancellation depending on various factors. To inquire more about the same, you need to connect with the airlines through Spirit Helpline Number (+1-844-402-8105).
  • Travelers with a free Spirit Airlines Rewards ticket can also request for the changes in the flight details. Any additional payment can be made through the travel points.
  • Spirit Airlines allows the passenger to request changes in return flight for which the applicable fee will depend on different factors like timings, travel class. Passengers are advised to dial the Spirit Helpline Number for the same.
  • The above mentioned guidelines of the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy does not apply to any booking made prior to April 5, 2021.

The Passengers can easily change their flight with Spirit Airlines without paying a single penny if they have bought a flexible ticket from the airline’s official website. 

Spirit Airlines Flights Change Policy Fee

Everything comes at a price. And changing a flight is no exception. The passengers can change their flight, but the twist is they have to pay a certain amount for it. The prices may differ due to many reasons, such as; ticket type, route, and many more.

  • The passengers can change their flight with Spirit Airlines without any fee. But, here comes the twist, you have to do it in the next seven days.
  • And, if you did not then you can kiss your refund goodbye.
    And, if you happen to cancel your ticket after the period of 24 hours, then you will be charged accordingly.
  • Thus, the passengers can also request a refund, if only your fare ticket comes under the refundable category.
Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy

Here are The Fee charges of Spirit Airlines:- 

Ticket Period For Flight Change 

For a Normal Ticket

Price for Flight Flex Ticket

For Award Ticket


Change your flight within 24 hours of the original reservation

No Fees

Fees  No

No charge

After 24 hours of the original purchase of the tickets

You have to pay $90 for changes via online mode and $100 for all the changes via offline mode

Free for one time

$110 for flight change

Change your flights within 24 hours after the payment of your ticket

Pay at least $90 for all the changes via the online procedure and $100 for all the changes made via offline mode

Free for the first time

$110 change fee

If you change your flight after 24 hours of your reservation

As same as above

As same as above

$110 change fee

All the flights must be changed in the next 24 hours from the original travel date

Only $99 for an earlier flight

$99 for an earlier flight

Not allowed

What are the Methods to Change Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy Easily?

Now, there are several ways by which one can change their flight ticket. We will be all the methods for changing your flight the easiest way, and you can choose whichever method suits you.

1. Change Spirit Airline Flight Ticket Via Online

As we have said, the passengers can change their flight 24 hours before the originally scheduled departure. Follow these below-mentioned steps to change your flight:-

  • To start, navigate to the official website of Spirit Airlines and log in to your account.
  • Next, you can click the “My Trips” Option and enter all your details.
  • Once you have entered all your details, you can hit the “Continue” button.
  • Choose which flight you want to change from the given list according to the Spirit Flight Change Policy.
  • You have to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the entire procedure.
    Lastly, according to the Spirit Airlines flights change policy, you need to get confirmation of the latest booked flight reservation via email or phone.

2. Spirit Change Flight Via Offline Method

As per the Spirit Flight Change Policy, many passengers still do things the traditional way. However, Spirit Airlines offers an offline option for passengers to change their flights. If you are one of those travelers who wants to change flight by using the old traditional way then you can get directly go the reservation center. Apart from this, there is also an KIOSK (Self-service) available for you to change your flight by yourself. Any passenger can find KIOSK machine at the airpots. So, make sure to drop by your nearest airport to change your flight before 24 hours to get the refund, just in case.

3. Spirit Same Day Flight Change

According to the Spirit same-day flight change, the passengers can make modifications and other changes to the reservation on the original flight date. And the changes can be made one hour before the flight’s scheduled departure. However, according to the original reservation, the passenger’s latest chosen flights must be on the same routes and between the same airports.

Therefore, passengers cannot select any earlier flight if they have already checked in via any method. Cause, the same day flight service is only provided for passengers that has long-haul flights. Unfortunately, the passengers must pay the fees for changing their flight according to their fare type and difference in their latest and previous flights, if only they got any.

Flex Flight in Spirit Airlines

While the requirement of flight changes can be unexpected it might lead to a additional cost that can be upto USD 99, the same can be avoided through the facility of Flight Flex during the booking. Through the option of Flight Flex, passengers for once can make changes in their flight booking deadline for which to do free is 24 hours prior the flight departure. Fare difference is applicable including the differences in government taxes and other fares. To use the flight flex, you need to keep following things in mind:

  • Only flight timings, date and origin/destination of the current flight can be changed for free through Flight Flex.
  • Through flight flex, changes can be made only once. After that, the standard Spirit Flight change fee will be applicable.
  • In case you have flight flex and requested for changes within 24 hours window, then the flight change fee will be charges.
  • In case a flight booking consists of more than one passenger, then the changes requested will be applicable to all the passengers.
  • Booking made through the official website of the airline or the ones through Spirit Airlines Travel Agent Portal can utilize the amenity of Flight flex.

Spirit Airlines Flight Schedule Change Policy

There are many occurrences when the airline has to change your flight or cancel it due to any issue. However, the schedule changes can be due to many reasons, such as missing connections, flight cancellations, etc. The Passengers can easily rebook the next available flight or get a refund for their ticket, as per the Spirit Airlines flight change policy. However, if your flight reservation was affected by over two hours from the scheduled departure time of your flight, then you can rebook a new ticket at no extra cost, only if the arriving spot and departure times are the same.

However, one must know that if the passenger decides to rebook their ticket with a different airline, they cannot get a refund. 

How to Get a Spirit Airlines Refund? 

If you are skeptical about whether the airline will refund your money, you no longer have to worry. Cause according to the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy, the passenger won’t get any discounts from Spirit Airlines because they do not provide any refundable tickets, because it keeps the prices extremely low. Other than that, the passengers can cancel their reservation, but you won’t be able to get your money back. 

To get your refund, all you have to do is follow these steps carefully;- 

  • First, navigate to the Manage My Booking section of Spirit Airlines’ official website. 
  • Then, you will be to get your flight reservation over there. 
  • Next, you can choose the Request a Refund option from the drop-down box.
  • After that, you have to enter some of the information regarding your ticket. 
  • Then, hit the Next option and see if your flight ticket is eligible for a refund. Then your request will be sent to the other representatives. 


Flight changes are among the most common request made by the passengers. While an additional fee is applicable, passengers can avoid that if they request for the same within 24 hours of booking or at least 60 days before the flight scheduled departure. Changes in your current flight itineraries can be made atleast one hour before the flight scheduled departure and cannot be made if you have completed check-in formalities. In case of special request like change return ticket, name change or change a next part of a connecting flight, passenger are advised to reach the Spirit Helpline number (+1-844-402-8105).

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. The cost to change spirit airlines flight depends on several factors. It depends on your destination, ticket type, class. Basically, it starts from $49 and go up $100. But, you can avoid paying fees for changing flight. Only if you made changes to your flight in the 60 working days after your reservation. But, if you forget to do so, then be ready to pay the asked fees. For passengers who are members or have flight flex system can change their flight for no cost, but they have to do it within 24 hours after their reservation.

Ans. There are several ways by which you can change your flight ticket. You can take a look down here to know about the best way to modify your ticket with:-

  • The best option and most preferred option is by using the Online method. For this, you have to navigate to the official website of the Spirit airlines and then you can choose the My Trips option. As soon as you are done with that, enter your details and choose your booking and you are done. It’s that easy.
  • Next option is, you can directly get in touch with the airline by calling.
  • There is also another option which is by sending them a text message.
  • Technology has made it way to the airline as well. The passengers can send a Whatsapp message regarding their changes.
  • Wait, we have another option too, which is sending them a direct message at their social media handles.

Ans. To put it out simply, yes you can change your flight date. But, there are some things that you need to keep in mind while doing so. First of all, the Delta airline only allows its passengers to change their date only an hour before the scheduled departure. But, if you fail to do so, then you have to pay a certain fees. The deal becomes even more exciting, if you are ticket holder of Flight Flex option or the Bundle It, then you get some advantage. According to this, you can change your flight date for no cost, but you must to do it within 24 hours before your scheduled departure. As for the standard flights, the cost can go from $49 to a $100, depending on your route, destination and many more.

Ans. According to the Spirt Airlines Flight Change Policy, the passengers must change their ticket within the next 24 hours. But, if somehow they have failed to do so, then they can make changes to their ticket an hour before their scheduled ticket. But, during this time they will be charged an additional fees which can cost between $49 to $99. To do it free, make sure to change your flight atleast a month before your actual departure day. This way, you will be able to save some extra bucks.

Ans. Well, it is. The Passengers can make changes to their flight at the same day of their departure day on standby. But, remember you will be charged for this. According to the Spirit Airlines Flight Change Policy, you have to at least pay $99 for your flight change.

Ans. Passengers with the Spirit Airlines ticket can request for flight changes in their Spirit airlines Ticket charges on which are applicable depending on various factors like travel class, time of request prior to the flight scheduled departure.

Ans. Name changes request can be made for free in Spirit Airlines Ticket. Changes like minor correction in passengers, legal name changes can be made for which passenger need to show the supporting legal documents.

Ans. You can easily request for the flight changes through online (, Spirit Helpline Number or through any way by which you can contact with a spirit official customer support.

Ans. Yes, rewards ticket can be changed or even canceled in Spirit Airlines. In case of fare difference, passengers need to make a payment in the form of travel credit or through their preferred mode of payment.

Ans. You can dial the number +1-844-402-8105 through which you can easily connect with the Spirit Helpline and request for flight, change, cancellation or any other query you have regarding you Spirit Flight.

Ans. In case the changes are made by the airlines, then either the passenger are switched to the next available flight or they can also request for the refund in case of delay or cancellation of their current for more than the given time period.

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