Emirates Flight Change Policy

Get to Know Emirates Flight Change Policy

Emirates Airlines was founded in the year 1985 by Maktoum. With time, it has grown a lot. People appreciate it for the amazing in-flight and airport services. The airline, in fact, is also the world’s second-largest in regards to freight tonne kilometers flown.

Being able to fly people to more than 150 domestic and international locations, the airline has a clear understanding of the needs and wants of its passengers. This is why Emirates Airlines knows how often people go online or visit them to edit their existing reservations.

Looking at the same, the airline introduced people to Emirates Flight Change Policy. This revolves around what all a flyer has to know before he decides to make any alterations. Also, it also gives them an idea if editing is beneficial for them or if they should cancel the booking and rebook.

This blog elaborates the policy and procedure in simpler terms. This way, you can avoid all technical jargon and miss out on nothing.

Emirates Flight Change Policy

To know all the conditions that Emirates put on a flight change, continue reading further. Here is what Emirates Flight Change Policy has to say:

  • A passenger who books his flight at least 7 days prior to its departure is eligible for the risk-free 24-hour period. According to that, you can make an edit to your reservations within the first 24 hours after you purchase the ticket. The airline will not charge you any money, even if you are a non-refundable ticket holder.
  • Emirates suggests people make alterations to a booking with the same source that they use to book it.
  • Anyone who fails to make the best out of the first 24 hours will have to pay a sum as a penalty on flight edits.
  • In addition to that, the passenger also has to clear the difference between the flight they cancel and the one they switch it with.
  • If the price of the new booking is high, you will have to pay for it. Vice versa, the airline will convert the difference into points and credit it to your airline wallet. You can spend these during your future reservations.
  • For people, who are charged with the Emirates flight change fee, it varies between 75-150 Pounds. However, the figures may differ a bit as per your booking details.

Changes That Emirates Allows on an Existing Booking

Emirates flyers can not only switch their flight but can also make the following adjustments:

  • Emirates flight change
  • Name change
  • Date change, and
  • Seat change

Emirates Flight Change

Here’s how you can make changes to your Emirates flight:

  • First of all, you need to go to the official website of Emirates Airlines.
  • When you are at the homepage, locate Manage Booking/Check-in option underneath the banner.
  • Click on that and fill in the boxes with relevant information. You will need the passenger’s last name and booking reference number. The airline shares this number when you complete the reservation process through email.
  • After that, choose Manage Booking from the two available options and head to the next page.
  • Now, in the following window, you will find your flight ticket. Beside it, click on Options, and you will see the Change Flight option.
  • Once you select the same, the airline will present to you a new list of flights available.
  • You can now select a new flight and book a seat for yourself.
  • Finally, pay the flight difference and flight change fee, if any.

Name Change

Emirates also let people make a few edits to their names too. This is because anyone can make typing errors and would not want to cancel and rebook a reservation all over again. However, you can not entirely change the name on a reservation.

To understand every clause that the airline applies, check out the Emirates name change policy. You will get better clarity there.

Date Change

If you change your plan and postpone it for later, you can also change our travel dates. This will help you prevent unnecessary cancellation fees, and you can fly on the same ticket whenever you change it too. The procedure is available both online as well as offline.

You can also contact Tours and Travel Pro, and we will assist you through the entire journey.

Seat Change

With Emirates, one can choose the exact seat that he would want to travel in. This service is chargeable but assures you the utmost comfort. You can take advantage of this feature at the time of booking, during the check-in process, and even while you are at the airport, ready to board the flight.

Now, if you have made a seat selection already and now want to switch it, this is what seat change is about. To know if the airline charges any fee on this service, check out its website.

Summing Up

Emirates offers comfortable journeys at the most affordable price. It also understands its audience and therefore lets him make changes to their bookings. If you need any help while you are at it, you can reach out to us.

The experts at Tours and Travel Pro will make sure that you get satisfactory services by the end of the call.