JetBlue Airlines Seat Selection

Want to have an exceptional experience above the clouds with JetBlue Airlines? Choose your seats in advance and embark on the journey of your preferences. Whether you want a window seat for captivating views or an aisle one for freedom of movement, JetBlue seat selection offers various options for you. Each seat on the JetBlue flight has been designed while keeping your convenience and comfort in mind. 

JetBlue Airlines seat selection offers a gateway to personalize your adventure and comfort. From extra legroom to lie-flat seats, you can select the suitable seat as per your budget and needs. With the right seat for your journey, you will land relaxed at your destination. However, to gain more insights on JetBlue Airlines policy and more read the blog till the end.

What is JetBlue Seat Selection Policy?

JetBlue Airlines’ seat selection policy is very simple, and you can easily reserve a seat according to your requirements. However, if you want a comfortable and smooth journey you must reserve your seat in advance. To know about the Jetblue seat selection policy go through the below points:

  • Firstly, you can easily select your seats free of cost in almost all classes except for the Blue basic class. However, JetBlue charges for seat selection to the passengers traveling in the Blue Basic class.

  • If you do not select seats while booking flight tickets, you can still do so after booking before the flight takes off while checking via the JetBlue app or website.

  • You can only select the available seats from the seat map before the flight departure.

  • Additionally, you are eligible to select your seats prior 2 hours of flight departure. However, you can select seats via online mode or at the airport.

  • In case you do not select any seat while booking or after the booking, the airline will automatically assign you a random seat from the available options.

  • Additionally, as per the JetBlue airline seat selection policy, any pregnant women or senior citizens are not allowed to select seats near the emergency exit.

How Can I Select Seats on JetBlue Flights?

JetBlue flights offer top-class seats and amenities for your journey to be relaxing and comfortable. You can select seats on JetBlue airlines using various methods as given below:

Seat Selection During Booking

  1. Go to the JetBlue Airlines official website.

  2. Login to your JetBlue account.

  3. Head to the “manage booking” section.

  4. Search for flights according to your requirements.

  5. Select the flight from the available options.

  6. Click on “seats”.

  7. Select your preferred seats from the available options on the seat map.

  8. Make the payment.

  9. You will instantly receive a mail consisting of the booking details.

Seat Selection After Booking

After making a reservation, you can select your seats via the “manage your trip” section available on the app or website. Choose your seat from the available options and make the payment (if applicable) to confirm your seat.

Seat Selection Via Phone Call

  1. Dial JetBlue Airlines customer service number 1(833) 930-2006.

  2. Listen to the IVR instructions.

  3. Follow the prompts according to your requirements.

  4. Within a couple of minutes, JetBlue Airlines representatives will connect with you.

  5. Share your booking details.

  6. Select your seats from the available options.

  7. Lastly pay, if required.

Seat Selection at The Airport

  1. Head to the nearest airport.

  2. Visit the JetBlue airline customer service counter.

  3. Ask the representative to book your seats.

  4. Tell them about your seat preferences.

  5. Pay the charges 

  6. Once the seat selection is done, you will receive a confirmation mail for the same.

What is the JetBlue Seat Selection Fee?

“Core” seats are available for all passengers without additional charges, except

Blue Basic Fares. Here’s everything you must know related to the airline seat selection charges.

Scroll down and make notes.

  • JetBlue seat selection is free, except for travelers traveling with Blue Basic Fares.

  • JetBlue seat selection charges are very low, with charges starting at just $4.

  • The seat selection charges for the Blue basic fares depend on the seating choice, flight type, and route.

  • If you are traveling in Mint fare you will get access to premium seats.

  • However, passengers traveling with Mint fares can select their seats during check-in or before boarding the flight without any additional charges.

What are The Types of Seats on JetBlue?

On most JetBlue flights, there are three types of seat options. The seat types are:

  • Economy

  • Even More Space

  • Premium

Among these, economy seats are available to all, whereas for Even More Space seats and premium seatings, you will have to pay additional charges. However, economy seats are the most common seats on flights with basic legroom space, that’s why many travelers go for Even more space options.

What are The Rules for JetBlue Seat Selection?

Seat selection in JetBlue Airlines is a simple process, but you just need to have information about their rules and seat selection. Some of the rules for seat selection are as follows:

  • Blue basic fare: The seat selection option is not available in this class during booking. However, you will have to pay additional charges for the preferred or extra legroom seats.

  • Blue fare: Seat selection is available in Blue fare class while booking. However, you will have to pay additional charges for the preferred or extra legroom seats.

  • Blue plus fare: The seat selection option is available in Blue plus fare without any additional charges. However, you are eligible to choose your preferred seats or seats with extra leg space for free.

  • Mint fare (Business class): A seat selection option is included in this fare for free. You are eligible to choose your seat as per your requirements.

  • TrueBlue Mosaic members: For TrueBlue Mosaic members, seat selection is complimentary including extra legroom seats as well.

  • Group seat arrangements:  Additionally, JetBlue always tries to accommodate seating together for group bookings. However, it is not guaranteed, it depends on the availability of the seats.


So, that’s all about JetBlue Seat Selection. JetBlue Airlines understands the importance of the seating options, thus offering you an option to pick the desired seat on the flight before leaving your comfort zone. Whether you want a window seat or are looking for a comfortable flying experience, JetBlue has it all to offer you the best-in-class experience. What are you waiting for? Choose a JetBlue Airlines flight, select your preferred seat, and fly comfortably. To know more information related to JetBlue Airlines seat selection call 1(833) 930-2006.

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Frequently Asked Question

For all fares, Mosaic 1 Customers may select Even More Space or Core (preferred) seats at no extra charge within 24 hours of travel, pending availability. Mosaic 2 Customers & above may select Core (preferred) or Even More Space seats at no extra charge at or post booking, pending availability.

All passengers, except Blue Basic, are eligible to choose their seats at any time from booking to check-in without paying a fee. Blue Basic travelers can select their seats for free within 24 hours of departure, or they can pay a small fee to choose ahead of time.

An extra seat can be purchased for those who want an open seat next to them for more space between travelers. Select adjoining seat assignments in the GDS or manage your booking.

Those with Mosaic 2, 3, or 4 status can select an Even More Space seat for free during the booking process (pending availability). Travelers with Mosaic 1 status are eligible for a complimentary Even More Space upgrade but not until checking in for their flight.

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