JetBlue Baggage Policy

An Ultimate Guide To JetBlue Baggage Policy

Traveling on a flight can be a little too much in people’s pockets at times. From ticket fare to baggage fees, seat selection charges, and many many more other budget-shaking expenses can actually be a lot. This is why almost every airline offers its travelers certain concessions and therefore allows free baggage and free seat selection. However, all this depends on the various policies they have prepared.

Today we will be talking about JetBlue Baggage Policy and all the terms and conditions under the same. JetBlue Airlines has been in the industry for many decades, and therefore it completely understands the needs of its target audience. Keeping those in mind, it has shaped its baggage policy. Flying to more than a hundred destinations worldwide, the airline has thorough research on the ideal weight and size every passenger must carry.

Let us take you through the entire policy step by step in detail. This way, you can ensure that you do not face any hindrance at the time of flight boarding.

JetBlue Carry-On Allowance

JetBlue allows all its passengers to carry one personal item for free. This can be your laptop bag, purse, backpack, or even a pet carrier (by paying the pet fee, around USD 125). Just remember that the bag should not be big enough so that it fits under your seat. The dimensions that JetBlue allows for the personal item is 17×13×8 inches. If you bring anything larger than that, then you will have to pay extra charges.

In addition to that, you can also bring in a carry-on bag if you have booked a Blue, Blue Extra, Mint fare, or Blue Plus flight ticket. The dimensions should not exceed 22×14×9 inches since this has to fit in the overhead bin of the flight. Remember that handles and wheels are also included in this measurement.

However, a passenger traveling with Blue Basic will have to purchase the space for this one. The fee for a carry-on on a basic flight ticket is USD 65 for first and second bags. However, the third carry-on bag will cost USD 180.


There are a few exceptions when it comes to the Basic Blue carry-on allowance. Anyone falling under one of the following categories can bring the baggage for free:

  • Active US military
  • Unaccompanied minors
  • People traveling from or to London
  • Mosaic members
  • Passengers with Basic Blue and Even More Space bookings

JetBlue Checked Bags Allowance

JetBlue charges a fee for every checked bag that you carry along with you. However, the price may be different depending on several factors. This includes elite status, JetBlue credit card, and your fare type. In addition to that, the airline also charges differently on your flight’s route. People traveling within the US, Caribbean, and Latin America have to pay differently than the ones going to and from the US and London.

Consider the table below to understand check bags fee under various circumstances and the number of bags you carry.

Flights within Caribbean, Latin America, and the US

Fare Type Bag 1 (in $) Bag 2 (in $) Bag 3+ (in $)
Blue Basic 35 45 150 (each)
Blue 35 45 150 (each)
Blue Plus Included in Flight Fare 45 150 (each)
Blue Extra 35 45 150 (each)
Mosaic Included in Flight Fare Included in Flight Fare 150 (each)
Mint Included in Flight Fare (70 pounds or less) Included in Flight Fare (70 pounds or less) 150 (each)
Plus Card or Business Card Members Included in Flight Fare 45 150 (each)


Flights Between the US and London

Fare Type Bag 1 (in $) Bag 2 (in $)
Blue Basic 55/65 105/85
Blue Included in Flight Fare 105/85
Blue Plus Included in Flight Fare 105/85
Blue Extra Included in Flight Fare 105/85
Mosaic Included in Flight Fare Included in Flight Fare
Mint Included in Flight Fare Included in Flight Fare
Plus Card or Business Card Members Included in Flight Fare 105/85

As you can see, there are baggage benefits for passengers traveling with Plus, Mosaic, Mint, and being a cardholder. However, they are also limited, as mentioned in the table.

Additional Free Baggage

JetBlue offers various benefits to its passengers. In addition to its carry-on and checked bag terms, it also allows people to bring along a wheelchair, car seat, stroller, and other supporting devices for free. Just make sure you take care of the dimensions and weight allowance.

Also, US military members who are traveling with their families for a vacation can get up to 2 checked bags for free, and the ones on active duty are permitted to carry 5 bags.

Baggage Fee For Extra Pounds and Inches

There are quite many cases when travelers’ bags exceed the dimension and weight limits. Under this situation, the airline charges extra. This is how it works:

Extra Pounds

If your bag weighs anywhere between 51 to 99 pounds, you will have to pay USD 150 for each bag.

Extra Inches

Bags larger than allowed dimensions and are between 63 to 80 inches are charged USD 150 on each.

We recommend you ensure everything before you leave your house to avoid these extra charges.

Add Baggage to Your JetBlue Booking in Advance

With JetBlue, you can purchase baggage space at the time of booking or before checking in online. This is how to add your bags to your ticket after you are done with your booking.

  • First of all, go to the homepage of JetBlue’s official website.
  • Thereafter, look for the Manage Trips option available besides the Book Flight option.
  • Once you click on that, you will see two empty fields. Here, you need to put in your Last Name and the Confirmation Code of your reservation.
  • After that, hit the blue Continue button and find your bookings on the subsequent page.
  • Furthermore, locate the Extra option on this window. Now, from the available list that scrolls down once you select that, choose Add Baggage.
  • Add your bag details in the space provided and continue to the payment page.
  • If the airline charges you for the bags, according to the JetBlue baggage policy, then clear the payment.

This will do the job for you.

Winding Up!

It is necessary to have a clear and complete knowledge of JetBlue’s baggage policy if you are traveling with the airline. However, there is so much more to what we have mentioned in this blog; you must have understood the basic and important terms and conditions. In case you are about to carry a sports equipment or musical tool, go to JetBlue’s website and read about that separately.

You can also get in touch with Tours and Travel Pro, and we will provide you with all the necessary information you require. Book your flights with us at the cheapest fare today!