Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Learn About Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Spirit Airlines, an airline, trusted by many, was established in the year, 1983. Earlier known as Charter One, it got its current name later in 1990. A traveler can now fly to almost a hundred national and international locations with it. In order to make sure that Spirit Airlines customers are satisfied, it takes care of everything from flight booking to baggage management. This is why there also exists a Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy

Under this piece of document, the airline mentions how much luggage is allowed on Spirit aircraft. In addition to that, it also holds information about the charges that the airline applies in case of a violation of the policy. In this blog, not only will we take you through the policy in detail. You will find here everything about carry-ons, checked bags, and penalties on oversized or overweight luggage. Let’s get started.

Carry On Allowance in Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines, just like many discounted airlines, only allows its passengers to bring along a personal item for free. Since the personal item needs to fit under the seat before you, the dimensions it should be within are 18x14x8 inches. If we talk about a carry-on bag, boarding a flight along with it might not be your best choice. 

The airline charges a baggage fee on carry-ons. An interesting fact here is that the fee for a carry-on is usually more than a checked bag, However, if you wish to travel with a bag in your overbin, it should be within 22x18x10 inches dimensions. 

The charges for each of these bags lie between $41-$55 for a one-way reservation. Also, note that this price is for the people who add baggage at the time of booking. The farther you wait, the more you will have to pay. To know the exact payable amount, you can use Spirit Bag-O-Tron.

Checked Bags Allowance in Spirit Airlines

If you are bringing in anything more than a personal item and a carry-on, that is counted as a checked bag. Spirit charges a certain amount on each of these bags. The following table will help you understand it better.

At the Time of Booking
Before Online Check-in
During Online Check-in
At Kiosk/Ticket Counter
At the Boarding Gate
1st Checked Bag
2nd Checked Bag
Not Allowed
3rd-5th Checked Bag
Not Allowed

Oversized and Overweight Baggage Fee

According to the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy, a person is only allowed to travel with certain limitations to his luggage. In case anyone violates the same and ends up bringing a bigger or heavier bag, here is how the airline charges for that:

Oversized Fee

63-80 inches overall: $100 80+ linear inches: $150

Overweight Fee

41-50 pounds: $50 51-70 pounds: $75 71-100 pounds: $75 In case you are traveling with special equipment such as musical and sports instruments, you must consider the policy available on its official website for your reference.

Add Baggage to Your Spirit Bookings in Advance

With Spirit Airlines, you can add baggage to your reservations as early as you want. The airline lets a passenger purchase baggage space under the following circumstances:

  • At the time of booking
  • Before online check-in
  • At the time of check-in
  • At the airport ticket counter or kiosk
  • Directly at the boarding gate

Let us take you through the process of adding baggage at the time of booking:

  • In order to add baggage to your ticket, you first need to get the booking.
  • For that, head to the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • Thereafter, on its homepage, go to the Book a Flight tab and click on that.
  • The website, eventually, will open up a few empty fields before you.
  • Here, you first need to select if you want to purchase a round trip or a one-way ticket.
  • Next, put in your departure and arrival airport in the asked columns.
  • Also, add the dates you want to travel on and the number of bookings you need,
  • Hit the Search button, and the airline will display all the flights available for your plans.
  • Now, you need to go through the details of each flight and grab a seat on the one you wish.
  • Furthermore, on the subsequent page, you can purchase baggage space. This is where you put in your luggage details.
  • Finally, go to the payment page. The airline will present you with an invoice for all your services.
  • Make the payment, and you are all set.

Wrap Up!

Spirit Airlines ensures that its passengers get satisfactory services from its end. In addition to that, it also takes care that there is complete transparency between the flyer and the airline. This is why there exist various policies, such as Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy. This is where you can understand the restrictions and fees on every piece of luggage you carry. In case you have any more doubts, you can get in touch with Tours N Travel Pro, and we will help you in the best possible way.