United Airlines Baggage Policy

Unpacking the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy: What You Need to Know Before You Fly

United Airlines, commonly called United, is a renowned and prime American airline that ranks sixth out of 7 North American Airlines. This airline has its headquarters at the Willis Tower in Chicago, Illinois. This famous American airline has a huge network spreading all over the six continents and most of those continents’ small and big countries. 

Baggage policy must differ according to all the Airlines as they propose their policy regarding everything. These are subject to change, so it is highly advised to check the policy before taking any services so that if any changes have been made by United Airlines, you can know the baggage policy.

United Airlines’ Carry-on Baggage Policy

United Airlines only gives an allowance to carry one carry-on Bag along with one personal Bag, which includes (a briefcase, laptop bag, purse, or any small bag of personal items). Only one carry bag is allowed, which should be of dimensions, i.e., 9 inches * 14 inches * 22 inches or in cm (22cm*35cm*43cm), and the dimensions of the personal Bag, which is also free to carry is 9 inches* 10 inches * 17 inches or in cm (22cm* 25cm* 45cm). 

Other than this, all the checked baggage or Hold Luggage, Overweight & oversize bags, and other types of stuff like sports equipment bags or other camera equipment bags should be levied with the charges depending on the policy of the airline. In contrast, if a bag becomes oversized or overweight, the charges will increase according to the exceeding weight. 

For carry-on Bag: Your Bag must fit inside the overhead cabinet or under the seat in front of you. For personal items bag: It should also be fitted under the seat next to you. Items like a jacket, diaper bags, umbrellas, and all other machines used for people, like Wheelchairs, strollers, etc., don’t count for the travel allowances.

United Airlines Policy for Checked Bag or Hold Luggage

Below are the points which should be informative to know about the policy of United Airlines for Checked Baggage or hold Luggage.

  • Only two bags are permitted, which should be of or under the mentioned size, and fees for the following apply for the Economy class people.
  • The maximum limit of the baggage dimensions must be 62 inches or 157 centimeters (all in total, i.e., length + Breadth + height).
  • Bags should only be 50 pounds or 23 kilograms maximally.

United Airlines Baggage Fees

There are surely fees which will be applied to your bags. The fees would depend on various factors: type of class you are travelling in, upon your destination, whether you are a frequent flier with United Airlines, whether you are military personnel, or at last, whether you possess a United Airline Credit card.

If you belong to any of the criteria mentioned above, it reduces your baggage price. In the case of domestic or national flights with United Airlines, the prices are:

  • For the first Bag: $30
  • For the second Bag: $45
  • If there is any third additional bag, then: $150 per Bag

In the case of International flights with United Airlines, the fees are:

  • If you have a standard bag, then United Airlines charges would be applied in both cases from or to the U.S., whereas the International flights will be free for the first and $100 for the second. In the case of International economy Checked baggage or for hold luggage, the fees are $60 for the first Bag and $100 for the second Bag.

Note: Some routes also allow two checked baggage for the customers in terms of standard bags.

Fees for the Excess Baggage of United Airlines

United Airlines will be charged a fixed amount on the third Bag, which is $150, which will increase if the number of bags increases. The extra bags’ charges must depend on the weight of the baggage or upon the route you are flying to. 

Suppose you have any issue in particular and are facing a problem in checking your baggage charges. In that case, it is recommended to visit the United Airlines website to use the “Baggage calculator,” which will let you know the exact amount of your Luggage varying on the routes.

Extra Charges for Overweight Baggage on United Airlines

All the details regarding the charges for overweight baggage, as per United Airlines guidelines, have been given below. It varies depending on the passenger and your connection with United Airlines.

  • All the Economy Passengers, United Non-Elites, or passengers who booked their flight with a United Credit card received a bag allowance of 50 pounds. In case when the weight of the baggage exceeds 50 pounds but remains less than 70 pounds, then $200 is the cost you need to pay.
  • And if the baggage weight is more than 70 pounds but less than 100 pounds, it will cost $400 for each Bag and will change depending on the route you are traveling.
  • United Premier Elites or people travelling in Premium class: Individuals travelling in premium classes or having an Elite Status with United Airlines Can have the right to carry baggage up to 70 pounds for free even if they are travelling with a basic economy ticket.

Note: It is suggested that if you are a regular flier or travel a lot for any purpose and carry baggage weighing more than 50 pounds, then go for the United Airlines Elite status to get benefits on your travel costs.

The Price for Oversize Baggage on United Airlines

United Airlines has updated its Baggage policy, so beware of the policy. They charge around $200 extra for the bags, which lie between 63 to 115 inches or 160 to 292 centimeters. United Airlines doesn’t allow bags over this size as a piece of Checked baggage or hold Luggage.

Procedure to Calculate the Checked Baggage Fees on United Airlines

United Airlines provides the facility of calculating the charges for your baggage, and they have their baggage fee calculator, which is easy to use and operate. You need to fill in the details like your travel destination, departing destination, travel date, time, and class and then click on the Ok button to get your United Airlines Baggage Policy.

United Airlines Compensation Under the Baggage Policy

In domestic travel like to Guam, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, United Airlines offers compensation of up to $3,500 per customer, excluding cases involving Wheelchairs, prams, and other assistive devices. On the other hand, the liability limit in International travel will be $ 9.07 per pound for some of the selected International travellers, up to $640 for every checked baggage each passenger has. You need to follow the process and submit the claim in case any damage happens to your baggage, or your luggage gets lost and the matter of delay.

Retraction in United Airlines

A rule is that your extra baggage will only be accepted by United Airlines if space is available on the flight. Each passenger has some right to bring their checked baggage, and other bags are only allowed on the flight after loading all the checked baggage on the flight. 

There are many instances where most oversized and overweight baggage didn’t permit to get on the flight as the flight got full. The repudiation of the extra baggage on a flight mostly depends on the time, routes, and destination you are flying. 

This airline banned any baggage which might not get fitted with the conditions mentioned under the United Airlines Baggage policy.

Baggage Retraction Permanently

The names of the countries specified below do not permit baggage exceeding 70 pounds.

    • Auckland, New Zealand (AKL)
    • Melbourne, Australia (MEL)
    • Sydney, Australia (SYD)
    • Lima, Peru (LIM)