Everything You Need To Know About Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Have your ever had to pay excess baggage fee for your overweight & oversized baggage? If that’s the case with you, then you must know about the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy before packing your luggage. The Hawaiian Airlines is known for its services around the world and it has a pretty straightforward policy regarding baggage. However, if you happen to exceed the given size & weight limit, then you may have to pay an additional fees charged by the airline. To know more, stay tuned till end.

Hawaiian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Rules

The rules are not the same for everyone. It can differ due to multiple factors. Apprentaly, there are many factors that plays a vital role in what you can carry and how much you can carry. And, it all comes down to the fare class as well as your departing destination. According to the Hawaiian airlines baggage policy, the passengers can bring one personal item and one carry-on item.

Keep in mind that your carry-on item will only include;- a handbag, purse and a laptop bag. But, you must not surpass the given limit by the airline. As per the carry-on baggage policy, the items must be around 22x14x9 inches. As we have said earlier, the rules are different for everyone such as;-

Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

For all the passengers who are travelling via basic economy can only carry one personal item.
On the other hand, the passengers flying on main cabin can bring one carry & one personal item as per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy.

But, the rules are somewhat different, if you are flying on a first class or extra comfort. If you are flying on these classes then you can bring one carry-on item, one personal item and a garment bag.

Do not forget, you must not surpass the weight limit given by the Hawaiian Airlines which is; 25 Pounds.

Carry-On Policy For Lap Infant

The carry-on baggage policy is different than the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy. According to this,

  • The airline does not have any baggage policy for lap infants.
  • However, the passengers can bring a carseat on board.
  • If you bring strollers, then it will be checked at the boarding gate. Keep in mind, all the small and collapsible strollers can be carried by the passengers.  Make sure that it meets all the guidelines given by the airline.

Hawaiian Airlines Checked Baggage Policy

Checked Bags

Within Hawaii

All Other Domestic Routes

Bag 1



Bag 2



Bags 3 – 10 Bags

$50 each

$100 each

Oversize bags (62 in – 80 in)



Overweight bags (51 lb. – 70 lb.)



Overweight bags (71 lb. 100 lb.)



  • The airlines states that each bag must not surpass the given limit of 23 kg.
  • If you are departing within countries like America, China, Korea, Or Japan, then you are allowed to bring at least two free checked bags.
  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, each bag must weigh around 32 kg & dimensions must be around 62 linear inches.
  • However, in case you have surpassed the given limit by the airline, then you would have to pay an additional fees.

Overweight & Oversized Baggage Policy

If your bag weighs between 23 to 32 kg, and if you are departing from/to U.S.A, Hawaii Airlines, North America, then you would have to pay at least $50 to $100. Usually, it depends on your fare class and region. As per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, if your luggage weighs around 32 to 45 kg, then you will be charged around $200 dollars.

Apart from this, if your baggage exceeds from 100 pounds, then you cannot take your baggage with you as your checked baggage.

The Baggage limitations may differ depending on fare type, ticket type and regions. If the passenger is travelling within Hawaii, then all the bags must weigh around 70 pounds. But, there is a twist. You would have to pay additional fees, that will cost you around $35 dollars. Other than that, if you luggage weighs between 32 to 45 kg, then you would have to pay $70 for round trip. Keep in mind, your baggage must not go beyond 100 pounds.

Things to be Noted About Oversized Bags

  • If you are flying from Hawaii, North America or USA , then there are some baggage limitations that you must follow. According to this rule, you baggage must not exceed from the given limit; otherwise you will be charged. If you bags comes between 62 or 82 inches then you would have to pay at least $100 dollars for carrying an oversized bag.
  • As per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, if you baggage exceeds from 80 inches, then it will not be accepted as checked Baggage.
  • For all the passengers who are carrying a bag with the overall dimensions of 80 inches, will have to pay at least $35 dollars for one way trip.
  • In case, your baggage has crossed the limit of 80 inches, then it cannot be accepted as your checked baggage.

Sports Equipments Allowed By the Airlines

The Hawaiian Airlines allows its travelers to travel with their sport items on board. But, this can only happen, if you follow the right steps. The airline’s rules for sports items may change depending on the destination and what type of sports items that you are carrying. Make sure to follow the give rules & regulations;-

  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the sports items must be carried in hard or soft sided cases to avoid any type of damage during transportation.
  • The minimum weight of the sports items must not exceed from 45 kg.
  • As per the Hawaiian Airline’s guidelines, the sports items must not exceed from 115 linear inches of dimension.
  • If you are planning on bringing an sports items on board, then you must notify the airline in advance.
  • Therefore, the passenger may have to pay any additional fee.

Here is the list of the items that one can bring with them on board:-

  • Surfboards,
  • Bicycles,
  • Golf Clubs,
  • Fishing Gear,
  • Scuba Diving items,
  • Antlers,
  • Archery Items,
  • Baseball equipment,
  • Boogie Boards
  • Canoe Paddles
  • Football items,
  • Golfing items,
  • Hockey pieces of
  • equipment
  • Lacrosse items
  • Skimm Boards
  • Tennis Items
  • Windsurfing
  • Equipments

Baggage Policy For Musical Equipments

As per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers can bring small musical items as their carry-on items. Keep in mind, your musical items must fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. However, the airline will consider you musical items as checked baggage if there’s less space in the cabin.

For all the musical items weighing around 62 inches & 50 pounds will be considered as checked baggage.


Oversized Fee

Flights entirely within Hawaii


Domestic Flights Beyond Hawaii


Restricted Items By the Alaska Airlines

There are many items that the airline does not allow passengers to bring. The rules are made to maintain the safety of the passengers. For smooth travel, make sure to follow the below-listed rules;-

  • According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers cannot bring any type of dangerous items. Dangerous items may include of snares, any type of flammable liquids, venoms, oxidizers. Passengers cannot bring any of the listed items as their checked baggage.
  • As per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the passengers cannot bring any type of batteries specifically lithium batteries on board. But, it does not mean that you cannot bring any batteries, you can bring two batteries. Keep in mind that you cannot bring with the rating above of 100 WH for each battery.
  • Travelers can bring alcohol on board, but you have to bring in quantities. According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, each passengers can bring only a one bag of alcohol in their carry-on baggage.
  • As per the Baggage Policy, the passengers aren’t allowed to bring pets on board. But, you are only allowed to bring service animals. To bring any service animals, make sure you notify the airline before your travel.
  • You cannot bring any electric items such as hoverboards, unicycles, as well as self-balancing batteries.
  • If you want to bring any light bulbs, then make sure that it is packed properly.

Disapproved Items By the Airlines

  • Self-defense sprays,
  • Explosives, including
  • fireworks and flares
  • Lighter or any item that can easily catch fire
  • Poisonous, infectious, or radioactive substances
  • Knives and sharp objects
  • Alcohol item with more than 70% alcohol
  • Camping equipment containing flammable liquids or gasses 
  • Electric item
  • Medical or liquid oxygen 
  • Matches
  • Wet-cell batteries
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Knitting
  • Hiking or trekking poles
  • Hair dryer/Straightener
  • Hair spray
  • Sunscreen/bug spray
  • Batteries
  • Food as a carry-on
  • Fishing hooks
  • Any Glass item

You can bring items such as fishing hooks, glasses only if they are packed safely as per the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy.

Baggage Policy For Delayed & Damaged Baggage

There are many instances where we end up losing our bag, or it has been delayed by the airline itself. In this situation, the first step would be to report it to the Hawaiian Airlines as soon as possible. They will ask you file a report regarding these issue. You may have to fill the details about your baggage and your personal details as well.

According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, the airline will return your delayed baggage in the next 24 hours. However, if it fail to do so, then the airline will compensate you. In some cases, the airline will continue its search up to five days and you will be notified about every second.

Remember these things If Your Baggage Has been Lost, Delayed, OR Damaged

  • If you luggage has been lost, delayed or damaged, then you must file a claim as soon as possible. As per the rules, you need to file your claim four hours after departing.
  • Besides, you must share the complete list of your claim to the airline on their official address. You can find the address from its official website.
  • If your claim issue is still under the rug, then you can file a lawsuit for the issue to be resolved as soon as possible.
  • You can get in touch with airline directly by calling them on their official number.

Final Thoughts

It is a common human nature to prepare for anything. Whenever we make plans to travel, we try to pack everything and sometimes we go a little overboard with the packing. In this case, if you happen to exceed the given baggage limit, then you would have to pay for the additional fee charged by the airline. To avoid these type of situations, you must understand the concept of the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy. For more information on this topic, do not forget to visit our official website or reach out to us via our live chat facility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. According to the Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy, there are multiple ways by which one can pay their baggage fees. You can pay your fees via online method. While checking-in online, you can pay your baggage. To do so, you can go to the official website of the Hawaiian Airlines check-in page and then enter your confirmation code, ticket number and etc.
Apart from this, there is yet another way by which you can pay for your baggage online, is by installing the official Hawaiian Airlines application. As soon as your launched the official application, you can simply check-in and pay or your baggage.
Wait, there’s more. The Passengers can directly call the airlines on their official phone number. You can explain the situation and pay for your baggage over the call.

There’s one more way by which passengers can pay for their baggage. Just like most of the passengers, you can make payment for your baggage at the airport.

Ans. According to the International Baggage Policy, the Passengers can bring at least two carry-on bags for free. But, keep in mind, your bag must weigh around 32kg/per bag. This rule applies to all the passengers travelling between USA, Australia, New Zealand, china, Korea and Japan.

Ans. The Hawaiian Airline Allows its passengers to bring approx 10 checked bags. Keep in mind, the number of checked bags may differ due to routes, ticket type and fare type.

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