Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Everything You Need To Know About Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy

Isn’t it exhausting to check your bag’s weight and dimension and still pay charges at the airport because you missed some detail? Well, it is time to make that stop and actually understand what are the terms and conditions an airline applies to its baggage. This can not only make you one hundred percent ready but can also help you save big bucks. 

We are here today to talk about one of the most prestigious airlines, Hawaiian Airlines. It has been flying people across 35+ international and local destinations since 1929. Millions of people love to board its flight because of its transparency, amazing customer service, and comfortable and affordable journeys. 

Together, we will explore Hawaiian Airlines Baggage Policy in detail. From the free baggage limit to the additional bag fee, we are going to cover it all. So, let’s dive into it right away.

Hawaiian Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

Hawaiian Airlines allows its travelers to bring on board one personal item, such as a purse, laptop bag, backpacks, and more. This must be of the size so that it can fit under the seat in front of you. Also, you can bring a carry-on bag. Since this is kept over the overhead bin, it has to meet certain dimensions. 

A carry-on should not be any bigger than 22×14×9 inches or 114cms overall. Also, the weight of your carry-on should be under 11kgs (25 pounds). Hawaiian Airlines does not charge any penny on these. However, if the size or the weight exceeds, then the airline charges a fee for the same.


You can bring a musical instrument on the flight, even if it doesn’t fit in the allowed dimensions. In addition, assistive devices, such as strollers, wheelchairs, and more, are also allowed regardless of their size. However, it is important that you check with the airline if there is actual space on board for the same.

Hawaiian Airlines Checked Bags Allowance

If you are planning to take a journey with Hawaiian Airlines, you must be aware of its checked bags fee and allowance. It is necessary that you check your bags for the aircraft cargo compartment as per the policy. You are allowed to carry along a checked bag of 50 pounds, with an outer dimension (including handles and wheels) of 62 inches. Here is a table of checked bags fee for your consideration.

Fare Type
Bag 1 (in USD)
Bag 2 (in USD)
Bag 3+ (in USD)
Main Cabin (within Hawaii)
Main Sabin (North America)
First Class
Included in flight fare
Included in flight fare
50 (within Hawaii) 100 (North America) 150 (International)
Pualani Gold Members
50 (within Hawaii) 100 (North America) 150 (International)
Pualani Platinum Members

Fees For Overweight and Oversized Bags

Now that you know how much baggage is allowed under what conditions, if you do not allow it, you will have to pay for it. Here is how Hawaiian Airlines charges on additional baggage flying to different destinations.

62-80 inches 
51-70 pounds 
71-100 pounds 
Within Hawaii
North America
Japan or Korea
$50 (free for business class)
New Zealand or Australia
Pago Pago

How To Avoid Hawaiian Airlines Checked Baggage Fee

The additional charges for your checked bags can be a bit too much and, therefore can add big bucks to your travel plans every time. However, there are a few ways that Hawaiian Airlines offer for your benefit to avoid or minimize this fee.

Book a Seat in Premium Cabin

In addition to priority check-in and delicious cocktails, first-class flyers also get to carry two checked bags for free. However, you will have to pay a fee for any more bags and will also be charged for oversized or overweighted baggage.

Become a Member of HawaiianMiles

This is best for the frequent flyers of Hawaiian Airlines. Becoming a HawaiianMiles member can help you save USD 10 on your checked bag 1 and USD 15 on checked bag 2. Remember that this is applicable if you are traveling within Hawaii.

Earn Pualani Elite Status

Hawaiian Airlines offers two memberships for its Pualani status: Gold and Platinum. Pualani Gold members are allowed to check two bags for free and are charged then. However, Pualani Platinum members can take along three complimentary bags without any fees.

Military Members

Active Duty If you are a member of the military and are on active duty, you can check 4 bags without paying a single penny. Just remember to carry your ID and present your documents, and avail of the benefits. Also, the size of the bags can be 80 inches, and the weight can go up to 70 pounds.

Leisure Travel

US military members who choose Hawaiian Airlines for a family vacation or some leisure time can check two bags for free of 50 pounds and 62 outer dimensions.

Add Baggage After Booking

Once your basics about the allowance and fee are all clear, it is time to understand how you can add baggage to your booking. Now, you have three opportunities to perform this task:

  • At the time of booking
  • After booking
  • At the time of check-in

Let us provide you with a step-by-step ABC on how you can add bags to your tickets between booking and check-in.

  • First of all, run your web browser and search for Hawaiian Airlines’ official website.
  • Next, locate the My Trips option on the homepage and click on that.
  • After that, put in your Booking Confirmation Code or E-Ticket Number and your Last Name in the empty fields.
  • Click on Continue and move to the following page.
  • Furthermore, you will have to select the booking you want to add baggage to.
  • Look for Extras options and then hit Add Baggage from the visible list of options.
  • This is where you can purchase space for all your bags.
  • In case you are applicable to a baggage fee, you will be directed to the payment page.
  • Pay the bill and click on done to save the changes.

You will receive an email from the airline’s end to confirm the changes.

Sum Up!

This blog holds everything that you should know before you plan to board a Hawaiian Airlines Change Flight Policy. We mentioned baggage fees, exceptions, and the process to make your task smooth and easy. If you need any further assistance or want to make your reservations, head to Tours and Travel Pro and make the most affordable flight ticket purchase!