Do you think your kids are ready to fly on a journey? Are you sure that travel will be a great experience rather than a horrible one? Positive about it, go with Frontier Airlines unaccompanied Minor Policy and ensure a memorable trip for your kid. They care for the minors so they wouldn’t face any issues after stepping onto the flight. Stop worrying about your kid’s journey if you made a reservation with Frontier Airlines.

Surf through each aspect of this Frontier Minor Policy and proceed with the booking process. 

Understanding of Frontier Unaccompanied Minor Policy

All the children between the age group of 5 -14 years of age are considered minors according to Frontier Airlines Minor Policy. All those youngsters can explore the world with Frontier Airlines as they offer this opportunity to every minor present. They can travel alone without any restrictions, but with the help of Frontier Airlines Minor Policy, the comfort and safety of your child will emerge. 

Some critical points exist regarding this minor policy you should know about before sending your kid with them.

  • Compartment of the age: The service of unaccompanied minors is only permitted to children between the ages of 5 and 14. Hence, all children younger than 15 or equal will count as an adult to travel with this airline.
  • Procedure of Booking: Every minor’s parent has the right to do the flight booking for their child. They have two alternatives in front of them, i.e., online and offline. 
  • Safety Protocol: The safety or security of minors is rigid and primary for the airlines. Three supporting pillars for the safety of Frontier are constant inspection, smooth communication, and trained staff. 
  • Experience at the Airport: Some particular processes are present at the airport that every person has to follow or go through. These are mainly check-in, security screening, cross-checking of documents, and presence during boarding.
Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy 
  • Submission of Documents: All the parents or guardians must submit the proper documentation like identification approved by the government, contact information of both parents or guardians and medical certification, if there is any. 
  • Destination point: After arriving at the destination airport, the Frontier Airlines executive will take the kid to the point where the collecting person is waiting. Then, after verification, they will hand over the kid. 
  • Experience during the flight: All the minors were offered seats in the plane where the cabin crew could easily take care of them. Apart from this, they have the privilege of having snacks and in-flight entertainment mode.

What Documents Do Minors Need for Frontier Airlines?

By considering Frontier Airlines Minor Policy, every parent or guardian needs to submit some of the documents in support of the traveling of the minor. Such documents are listed here:

  • Contact information of the parents or guardians who will drop and those who will take the authority of the minor from the destined airport. 
  • Medical certificate issued by a doctor for allergies or special needs.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate and passport that can confirm the age of your child. 
  • A copy of the unaccompanied minor form Frontier Airlines issued was filled up with accurate or correct information.

What Happened When a Minor Step at the Airport?

Roaming at the airport will indeed be an unfamiliar incident for an unaccompanied minor. But on the other hand, Frontier Airlines strives hard to make this an unforgettable experience for your child so they can enjoy and feel comfortable during the journey. By going through this section, you can learn about the process when a minor enters the airport. Get aware of it, so the next time you go to the airport, you won’t face any problems.

Process of Frontier Airlines Check-in and Review of Documentation

Once you mark your presence at the airport, the first thing you need to do is to do the check-in. Under this, all the documents will be checked thoroughly, and the information you provide will be checked. All the parents or guardians must complete this section of the whole process. Along with document checking, these things are present under the process of check-in:

  • Please certainly communicate in case of any medical assistance and when there is a requirement for any special needs.
  • Screening of the child’s identity and age that is proved based on the birth certificate or passport mainly.
  • Keep an eye on that; you must provide the contact information of parents and guardians who are coming to drop off and those who pick the child up.
  • With the help of the check-in process only, Frontier Airlines can check whether all the information provided by the airlines is accurate. 

Frontier Airlines Security Passage and Assistance

Here are some tips that you should all follow when passing through the security passage, so let’s know what these are:

  • According to Frontier Airlines Minor Policy, when a minor clearly gets through the check-in, they need to pass on to the next level, security checking. All minors must follow the same procedure as any other passenger. All the executives of Frontier Airlines who are involved in the security process tell the kids about this process. They do this to make them educated or aware of it; thus, they can be comfortable while doing this procedure. 
  • It is true or known to every parent that the security checking process is quite unfamiliar for all minors; hence, the presence of Frontier Airlines executives is a must.

Taking a Step Inside the Plane and Meeting the Staff

  •  After passing securely from the security check-in, the child will be on their way to the boarding gate. The airline staff must ensure the child boards the plane and sits without hassle on his/her designated seat. An alert is passed to the cabin crew that there is a minor on board so they can take care of it accordingly. 
  • With a staff presence, the minors wouldn’t be afraid of anything as the children can rely upon them from the moment they step inside the flight.

Terms & Conditions of Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied Minor Policy 

Frontier Airlines directs that a minor should travel with an adult who is at the age of 15 years. Some guidelines are present under the Frontier Airlines Minor Policy that everyone should be one.

  • If your minor is traveling in a car seat, you should follow the regulations mentioned under Frontier Airlines Minor Policy. 
  • When you are traveling with a child who belongs to the age group between 7 days to 2 years old, you are not liable to pay a single penny to Frontier to fly with your child.
  • It is mandatory to have restraint straps in your car seat that you bring. 
  • Moreover, if your minor is more than 2 years of age, then you should have to take a particular seat for them. Mostly, it is advised to buy an approved harness or a car seat. 
  • Ensure that your child’s weight shouldn’t pass the weight limit laid down for each car seat. 

Methods to Make Frontier Airlines Minor Reservation

According to Frontier Airlines Minor Policy, choices are given to all the passengers through which they can easily proceed further with the flight booking of infants. The service for unaccompanied minors is given to passengers above 15 years old. Hence, to book tickets for the minors, you can proceed either online or offline. 

Look below for details about such methods, as all the steps under every particular method are given. 

Frontier Airlines Minor Booking Through the Online Method

Implement the steps to attain the aim of flight booking for your children or minor through the website of this airline. 

  • To initiate the procedure, open the browser that you usually use and then open the website of Frontier Airlines.
  • Right next to it, enter your account by entering the right credentials. 
  • Tap on the “Advance option” on the next page.
  • Then, proceed with the special assistance option present out there. 
  • It is time to put the destination place where your minor is traveling to.
  • Along with this destination, you need to fill in all the personal details as well that are necessary to make the flight booking of the minor.
  • Float your mouse to the search button and click on it. 
  • A list of numerous flights based on your preferences will appear on this page. Make the selection of that one flight that you find apt. 
  • Now, present all the documents necessary to conclude the reservation process. 
  • Save this page by checking all the information twice and moving to the payment page. 
  • Clear out the fees mentioned under Frontier Airlines Unaccompanied minor policy by choosing any method. 
  • Your flight booking confirmation will be reflected in your registered mail ID as soon as the payment is made.

Frontier Airlines Minor Booking Through Calling Method

It is a traditional method as most people who don’t believe in technology and are not equipped with it always choose the offline approach. Under this method, you will get to a live person at Frontier Airlines who assures you they will handle or settle your concerns. Just go with the steps as stated in the order here:

  • Dial the toll-free number of Frontier Airlines that is present on their website. Call it using your mobile phone and get connected with one of their customer care executives.
  • As the call connects, go through the IVR maze and click on the right number from the dial pad to speak to customer care at Frontier Airlines. 
  • Tell them instantly about the purpose of the call, and then they will proceed the same. 
  • Next, they will ask you for some personal details to make a booking. As per the Frontier Unaccompanied minor policy, these details include the name of the passenger, address, contact number, email ID, etc.
  • Along with all such information, please submit the departure and arrival place names. 
  • Provide the executives of the airlines with the necessary documents that are needed for verification purposes.
  • Ultimately, they’ll tell you about the money you need to pay. So send it to the airlines by the suitable method you find. 
  • Let them continue with the process, as there is no need to disturb them. When the process finishes, a confirmation notification will appear on your registered mail ID. 

Frontier Airlines Minor Policy Fees

All the unaccompanied minor who belongs to the age bar of 5 to 14 and flying alone with Frontier Airlines have to pay a surcharge on Frontier Airlines. Besides this, the factor that affects Frontier Airlines Minor Policy Fees greatly is the type of flight you are having. Hence, a one-way non-stop flight costs around $110 and $160 for a connecting flight for the same route. 

It is strongly advised to make the reservation for your minor on the plane as early as possible per Frontier Airlines Minor Policy because they allow a limited number of minors on their flights. 

Essentials Needed to Pack for your Children

Are you thinking of making your child’s trip a fabulous one? Then, you must give them a backpack with all the essential items they might need while traveling. With the infusion of all such points. You can simply make the traveling experience of the minor comfortable and memorable. 

  • Keep hunger in mind and let it stay away from your kid, pack some snacks for your kid so when they feel like eating something theycan have it.
  • Frontier Airlines’ children flying alone policy states that an extra pair of clothes is necessary as an accident wouldn’t occur by ringing the bell.
  • If your child has some medication, pack it in its original container, mainly sealed proof. To make your child more comfy during the trip, let them have a furry blanket or a lovable stuffed toy.
  • Getting bored is the biggest challenge every child encounters, so keep some colors, puzzles, or games to remain busy. 

Final Words!

Frontier Airlines Minor Policy showcases not just a service but assurance to all the minor’s parents or guardians that their kid remains safe, so don’t worry about their travel. Frontier Airlines always aims to make the environment comfortable and friendly for minors so that travel wouldn’t become a hassle. If you feel anything wrong or didn’t understand anything, let us know either by Live Chat call or by email at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. If you fail to track the child's exact location at the present time, Frontier Airlines staff will take care of it. They’ll provide you with live status whenever you want to receive it.

Ans. All the executives under the Frontier Airlines cabin crew team already went through rigorous training where they also taught about the medical emergency. If any minor fell ill, the cabin crew instantly acted and handled the issue calmly. 

Ans. Frontier Airlines demands that every parent or guardian present a government-approved identification with their photograph.

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