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Flights To Auckland

How to Book Cheap Flights to Auckland

Auckland City is situated on the north island of New Zealand, and it is one of those cities that are growing daily. Now, tourists come and visit this city every year, but if you are visiting on a strict budget, we are here to tell you how you can book cheap flights to Auckland. 

Tips For Finding Cheap Flights to Auckland

  • You must book your flight at least four weeks before the departure to get the low rates on flights.
  • Avoid visiting Auckland in January, November, and December as it is considered the prime time when the fares are usually high.
  • To find cheap flights to Auckland, enter your desired departure airport location and travel dates in the search bar to get the latest deals.
  • If you are traveling from the US, then getting to Auckland, New Zealand, will take more than a day when you are coming from the US since you will be landing directly in a different time zone. All the flights from New York will have a stop-over in San Francisco before moving on to the Auckland international airport.
  • However, the international airport is the main hub for all the flights landing in New Zealand, and it also offers direct flights to international destinations such as Los Angeles, Hawaii, London, and Vancouver. All passengers traveling from South Pacific destinations can also get direct flights from this airport.
  • Air New Zealand is the main air carrier of the international airport we discussed above. This international lounge will be suitable for those who are traveling in transit. You can find the lounge area on the level 2.
  • Passengers can be in transit for over 24 hours, and if you travel with your kids, make sure to have a source of entertainment with you. You can easily find power outlets at the departure area if you have devices to charge.
  • If you want to get some stuff, there are several duty-free shops from which you can buy stuff. You can also get something to eat from the food concession at the airport.
  • Suppose your flight is late, and you do not want to fly at night. In this situation, staying at a hotel nearby would be best. Many hotels are close to the Auckland international airport.
  • If you plan to stay aboard for a few months, only book a one-way ticket to save some money.
  • Only use private browsers to find cheap flights to Auckland.
  • Be aware of all the extra fees, such as the luggage allowance, meals, seat selection, etc.
  • Always compare prices on different flight search engines.

When Should I Book My Tickets to Auckland at a Decent Rate?

If you want to book cheap flight tickets to Auckland, you must book your flight ticket in advance; cause the later you book, the higher the prices. As per Google algorithms, you can find the cheapest flight to Auckland if you book your ticket exactly forty-seven before your flight date. 

Some people say you must pay less than any other weekday if you book your ticket on Tuesday. Most airlines put up their prices high on a Wednesday. Alas, it would be best if you also tried booking your ticket at night according to the time zones. 

Best Time to Book Your Flight to New Zealand 

According to some philosophers worldwide, flights that usually depart on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are comparatively cheaper than any day in the week. You can book your International Flights to Auckland cheaper on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday than a weekend flight. Domestic flights are almost 20% cheaper on weekdays than on the weekend. Thus, after doing some basic research, you can find the best time to book cheap flights to Auckland. 

Book Cheap Flight Tickets As Per Ticket Type 

There are multiple options to find cheap flights to Auckland. In short, there are three types of flight tickets; one-way, return, open-return, or open-ended. Here, check out these pointers:-

  • A one-way ticket means traveling somewhere with no return flight.
  • The return ticket is the flight out to your location and back via the same route.
  • The set return flight date is a ticket for reaching your destination, but the date to return is open, allowing you to book the return flight you paid for a little later.

How Can I Find Cheap Flights to Auckland?

If you are looking for the best way to book cheap flights to Auckland, then there are some things that you keep in mind while doing so;-

  • First, compare your flight tickets from all the major airlines and online travel agents, including MakeMyTrip,, and other major websites. 
  • If you have flexible travel dates, you can easily use Skyscanner’s whole-month tool to find cheap flights to Auckland. 
  • Do you know that you can track the price of your flight to Auckland by simply setting up an alert system? Whenever the prices change, you will get a notification or an email to help you find the best deals for your flight.
  • If you want direct flights to Auckland, you should check the Direct flights only while performing a search. However, if direct Auckland flights are available, the results will appear one by one. 
  • Another way to fly cheaply to Auckland is by traveling with budget airlines. By Flying on budget airlines, you can save money that you can spend later on. 
  • However, you should know about the best time to visit any location. Please research and travel when the flight rates are a little lower than they normally are. There are better times to visit anywhere than traveling on big holidays as the flight rates will be a little higher.
  • Jetstar often runs flight specials from Auckland that are almost cheaper than the normal flight. Air New Zealand runs this special program more often; it usually occurs in March and June. 
  • Now, you can sign up on flight deals websites. What these websites do is that they take deals from all over the world and gather them all in one place, so you do not have to look anywhere else. The best thing is these sites are updated regularly, so you can check occasionally to get the best deals at your doorstep. You can sign up on the Airfare Watchdog, The Flight Deal, and the personal flying website to get the best deals.
  • Lastly, try to avoid flying directly. If you take a layover between your flights, you can save some money. 


Recently New Zealand has opened its borders for tourists to travel, and the fares are discounted for more than 50 cities in the United States of America. This is your chance to book cheap flights to Auckland. Another thing to know is that this deal is only for those traveling on economy fares.
Most of the flights to Auckland do not come with many perks; if you want one with perks, you have to pay for that flight. Hence, for more queries like this, please visit our official website or contact us directly. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Yes, there are tons of way by which you can get discount on your flight tickets. The way is by booking your flights at off-season or booking it through credit card to get some discounts. Other than that, you can find cheap flights to Auckland, by comparing it on different sites.

Ans. The cheapest flight happens to be From United States to Auckland, which costs you around $1038 and you can expect your round-trip to cost you around $1147. However, if we talk about the most popular route, then it is from Los Angeles to Auckland and the ticket will cost you around $768 for round-trip.

Ans. Only service dogs are allowed on the flight, only if they follow the given rules by the airline.

Ans. Flights from Los Angeles to Auckland – 12 hours

All the flights departing from Dallas – 14 hours

Ans. According to the Auckland airlines policy, an average flight will cost you around $1716. However, the cheapest flight will cost you around $454.


Auckland city has so much to offer. It is known as the flourishing business center, and there are many outdoor activities that you can take part in. The main attractions include the Sky Centre, Mission Bay, and the waterfront, the infamous Wynyard Quarter. If you are visiting for the first time, you must see the Auckland war memorial museum, which is a must for all history lovers.
On day two, you can start your day by visiting Kelly Tarton’s underwater world aquarium, which is now converted from an abandoned sewage plant. Next, you can visit the site where the world-famous movie called the lord of the Rings was shot, called “Matamata.”
Now, on to the third day, you must visit the Auckland Zoo in New Zealand, located in the West of Albert Park. The park's design is created in a way that it is a paradise for all photographers.
On the Fourth day, you can visit the Auckland Sailing Club, surrounded by water. You can spend your day here fishing, sailing, and playing in the water.

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