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Flights To Fiji

How to Find Flights to Fiji

Fiji island is located in Oceania which is in South Pacific Ocean. Talking about the Fiji island it has almost 300 islands and more than 100 islands are inhabited. Among locals, it is also known as the Soft Coral Capital of the World. When you visit Fiji, make sure to visit the diving and snokeling sites. On your way to Fiji, you can also visit Hawaii & New Zealand as well as other parts of the city such as Vanuatu, Tonga and Samoa. Make sure to Book Flights to Fiji with multiple airlines to experience the breathtaking views of Fiji Island.

Do you know that there is a month where you can book flights to Fiji in less amount than any other month. January and November, December is considered to be the month where most of the tourist visit and the place is crowded. In this time, most of the fare for flight tickets are slightly higher than usual. Whereas, April is considered to be the cheapest month to fly in Fiji. You will find all the main attractions less crowded and flights fare will be less and you can finally travel for cheap & save some money.

How Can I Book Plane Tickets to Fiji?

You can use the help of the search engine that provides multiple airline options to help you fly to Fiji. After this, you can compare the plane prices from different sites and choose the suitable one.

For this, the users can also subscribe to the Price Alert tool to learn about the recent changes in the prices of flight tickets to Fiji. You can easily get the best deals at the time of your booking. Apart from this, you can check out the Month View tool, which lets you know about the cheapest month, and then you can find flights to Fiji at the best price.

Best Tips to Book Flights to Fiji 

  • The number one tip is to book your tickets at least four weeks before the departure. This way you can get the best deals at a low price.
  • However, January, November, and December are considered the high season when most visitors come. At the same time, April is the cheapest month to fly from the United States. 
  • Now, you can enter your preferred departure airport and travel dates into the search section from above to unlock the latest Fiji flight deals. 
  • The main airport in Fiji is the Nadi international airport which is located on the west of the main island, which is Vlti Levu. This airport handles almost 97% of the international flights arriving in this country, and all the other flights will fly into the Nausori International Airport. 
  • If you want to tour Denarau island, consider flying into Nadi Airport, which is only 20 minutes away from Denarau. Also, the airport serves all the island resorts and its coral coast hostels, and the users can get directly connected to the islands from the airport. 
  • Besides that, if you are visiting Fiji officially, you can directly land at the Nausori International Airport, the country’s leading business airport, about 30 minutes from Suva.
  • As soon as you land at Nadi Airport, you may want to get something to eat. For this, you can visit any nearby hotel. In this case, we recommend you visit the Fiji Gateway Hotel, which is only 600 meters from the airport, or the Tokatoka Resort, which is opposite the airport and is only a few meters away. The passengers can either walk to the hotel or take a shuttle from the airport for transit.

Keep These Things In Mind Before Booking Flights to Fiji

  • If you Book Plane Tickets to Fiji, then you will be immediately granted multiple options for airports to fly into. As for flights from the United States are only available to a few destinations in Fiji, such as;- Nadi, Suva, Savusavu, Labasa, Taveuni, Rotuma Island, and Kadavu. At last, flights to these destinations are only available from major US air hubs such as Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas, and Chicago. 
  • To get flights from Fiji to the US, at least one stop will be involved unless you are flying from the main California airports or Honolulu and Hawaii. If you are flying from most areas of the United States of America, then your layover point will be Lax Airport in Los Angeles, especially if you are flying from Midwest or East Coast cities such as New York. 
  • All the flights departing from Los Angeles are quite cheaper and faster. Also, this flight takes more than 11 hours without a layover, and Fiji Airways operates this route religiously. However, cheaper flight tickets may involve one or two layovers, and you can look for offers with companies such as Virgin Aust or Air New Zealand. The flight will stop at Brisbane or Auckland.
  • Therefore, if you wish to visit Taveuni, you must fly to Vatulele Island. Cause, you cannot take a direct flight from the US. But, with one layover in between, your flight can be arranged then. You would normally have to stop in Nadi, and the Airline Fiji Airways operates this route.

Best Time to Visit Fiji Island 

The prime time to visit Fiji will be from late October to early November. During this period, the weather stays pleasant, and the beaches and, resorts, restaurants are less crowded. The biggest advantage is the flight tickets are cheaper, so you can find flights to Fiji in less amount. Routma is the most popular destination in Fiji. And, you cannot access this route directly from the United States. Rotuma from the United States of America, you will have to fly to Nadi. Then, you have to take a regional flight to Rotuma airport. However, this route will be operated exclusively by the one and only Fiji Airlines.  

Places to Visit in Fiji 

It does not matter if you travel alone or with your friends, family, or Spouse. There are some places that you need to remember to visit. The first one is the infamous Fiji Museum. Therefore, you can visit this museum to learn about the culture and historical development. Then, you must attend the Colo-I-Suva Forest Park, which includes a lavish rainforest and its natural pools. Once you explore the prime attractions, you can visit the Suva Municipal Market to look around or buy something. 

Summing Up 

If you are planning a trip to Fiji Islands, here is your chance to learn how to book cheap flights to Fiji. To get the best deal at an affordable price, there are some things that you must know about to get the perfect deal. Fiji is known for its beaches and breathtaking sites. And you can spend some of your time here to detox yourself from work and the hectic life schedule. If you have any other related queries, visit our official website or contact us anytime.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. To book cheap flights to Fiji, you can compare prices of other sights and then book the cheapest one that you can find. Do a little bit of research before booking your flight. 

Ans. The prices may differ depending on when you are booking your flight. However, an average flight can cost around $991 to $1347. And, if you are flying from Delhi, you must pay $563. 

Ans. If you are on a budget, you can book your flight in January. The airline fares will be low during this time, and you can find cheap flights to Fiji. 

Ans. There are many landmarks that you can visit in Fiji, such as Denarau Beach, Sigatoka Sand Dunes, Wailoaloa Beach as well as Natadola Beach. 

Ans. Only India offers direct flights to Fiji at this moment. Other routes include layovers in between. 


You can start your journey by visiting the Shri Siva Subramaniya temple, one of the best places to visit in Fiji. And, what is the better way to kick-start your trip? You can take blessings from God for health, wealth, and Prosperity. Inside the temple, you can see traditional Dravidian engineering and wooden carvings of God from India. 
This place is considered the best place to visit in Fiji for couples on their honeymoon. This fort was built in the eighteen century by Tongan Boss Maile Latumai. Do you know that this was the most guarded site during the war and now is one of Fiji's famous sights to see? If you decide to visit this place, you cannot miss out on the lofty, which is only 90 meters high at the edge of the Sigatoka River, a sore sight, and you cannot miss this one out.
You can start your day on your third day by visiting the Tavoro Waterfalls. This one is also known as the Bouma Falls and is considered the best place to visit in Fiji. It may require you to put in some strength and may take some time, but trust me, the majestic sight of the waterfalls is worth every sweat and breath. You must catch the sight, and we recommend all of our travelers get a glimpse of this waterfall on their way to Fiji Island. 

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