Travel with Pets with Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling with pets may seem difficult but not impossible. Every pet and pet owner deserve to travel in comfort and with their furry buddy, and to ensure that happens, Hawaiian Airlines pet policy has made some rules and regulations that you must abide by. If you have traveled with your fur buddy earlier on Hawaiian Airlines and plan on doing it again, you must read the new rules.

Some modifications were made to the Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy, were are effective since June 1, 2023. Whether you’re traveling with a trained service animal or your pet, restrictions and conditions apply. Hawaiian Airlines Pet Travel Policy allows cats, household birds, and dogs to travel from one place to the other.

All you Need to Know:

Hawaiian Airlines has some set restrictions when it comes to flying with pets in the cabin. While small cats and dogs are allowed on all domestic flights, the following destinations do not permit pets to fly on domestic flights:

  • Massachusetts

  • Texas

  • New York

  • Florida

If your pet is a household bird, you cannot travel with it in the passenger cabin. So, you must make it travel in the form of cargo.

Hawaiian Airlines Pet Policy

Traveling with Pets in the Passenger Cabin:

There are many things that you need to take care of when traveling with your pet in the passenger cabin. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Pets are permitted on flights between the State of Hawaii and the US Mainland (except flights to/from JFK, AUS, or BOS).

  2. Pets in passenger cabin only include dogs and cats.

  3. The carrier must not exceed 16” x 10” x 9.5” (Length x Width x Height).

  4. The combined weight of the carrier and pet should not exceed 25 lbs.

  5. It is mandatory to check the pets visually to ensure about their breed.

  6. You must submit a health certificate issued by a veterinarian stating that your pet is healthy to fly.

  7. The certificate should be dated at most 14 days prior to the scheduled departure date.

  8. Your pet can fly only if they are eight weeks or older.

  9. The pet must not be disruptive or cause a disturbance to other flyers.

  10. The pet must stay quiet and well-behaved.

To know more about traveling with your pet in the cabin, read the following link:

Traveling with Pets as Checked Baggage:

Everyone must keep these following points in mind before traveling with pets as checked baggage:

  1. Pets are allowed only on flights between Hawaii State and US Mainland.

  2. This does not include flights to/from BOS, AUS, or JFK. Inter-island flights within Hawaii permit pets to fly.

  3. Checked baggage pets only include dogs, cats, and household birds.

  4. The combined weight of your pet and the kennel should not exceed 70 lbs. If the weight limit is exceeding, you must consider the cargo option.

  5. 36” x 25” x 28” ((Length x Width x Height) are the required dimensions of the carrier.

  6. You need to measure pets visually to check their breeds.

  7. When you are making your own reservation, you may also book your pet as checked baggage. The fees and availability are subject to Hawaiian Airlines.

  8. If you are traveling within Hawaii, you do not need to provide a health certificate for your pet.

  9. If you are traveling between Hawaii and the US Mainland, a health certificate stating that your pet is fit to travel should be issued by a Vet not more than 14 days prior to the departure date.

To know more about traveling with your pet as checked baggage, read the following link:

Traveling with Pets as Service Animals:

Traveling with service dogs is simple and easy. Your service dog does not require a carrier to fly and can simply fly in the cabin, sit on your lap or fit on the floor comfortably. Passengers cannot use Bulkhead rows, first-class cabins, and exit rows if they are traveling with service dogs. Ensure that the pet policy services are applicable on your service animal.

Some rules apply to passengers with service animals. They include:

  • If the flight is 8 hours or longer, the passenger must provide a DOT Service Animal Relief Attestation Form.

  • Submit a DOT Service Animal Air Transportation Form at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.

  • If your service dog meets the requirements, there is no need to remain in quarantine.

  • Emotional support animals do not come under service animals.

To read the complete requirements, read the link given below:

Pets traveling on Cargo:

It is important to note that Hawaiian Airline does not allow any animal on Cargo from April 15 and October 14. This is because of the weather conditions to/from:

  • San Jose, California

  • Las Vegas

  • Sacramento, California

  • Phoenix

The airline does not encourage to bring breeds with the short noses, as they may face problems in breathing, and the travel may result in negative consequences. Dogs, Cats, and Birds must be 8 and 2 weeks old, respectively. The pet must be able to stand, move freely, and turn around inside a leak-proof carrier. The carrier dimensions must not exceed 36” x 25” x 28” (Length x Width x Height), and the weight should not be more than 70 pounds.

Please Note:

  • Firstly, inform the airline at least 48 hours prior to the departure time.

  • Secondly, make sure you check-in in person at the Airport with an agent.

  • Thirdly, provide a health certificate stating that your pet is healthy enough to travel.

Hawaii Quarantine Requirements:

Bringing your pets to this island can be a little difficult as Hawaii has no rabies and would like to maintain it in the future too. Traveling to Hawaii with your pet can bring some tough quarantine rules, so make sure you’re aware of the requirements and duration of quarantine before you travel with your furry companion to this island.

To learn more about the Hawaii Quarantine Requirements, read the link given below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some rules you need to remember when Hawaiian Airlines allow dogs and cats to travel in the cabin. The carrier must be leak-proof, and your pet must be comfortable inside.

There is no set weight for the carrier alone. However, the pet and the carrier combined should not be more than 25 pounds (11.3kg).

If you are traveling with your pet, you cannot check in online or by yourself. You must reach the Airport at least an hour earlier and let the agent check in with you and your pet. Upon arriving at the destination, you must wait until the service agent begins the quarantine or state-required screening of your pet.

It would be better to inform the airlines about traveling with your pet early. You may book your pet on the same flight as yours through Live Chat.

No. According to the Hawaiian Airlines flying with pets policy, emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals. However, your emotional support animal can travel as a pet in the cabin if it meets the requirements.

To learn about Hawaiian Airlines' international pet policy in detail, read the link given below.

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