SkyWest Airlines Baggage, Allowance, Rules & Policy

One of the most common issues that every passenger face once in their lifetime is the Overweight baggage issue. Every now & then, we must have packed irrationally, which resulted in us paying the price. But do not worry; we are here help you understand the common rules of SkyWest Baggage Allowance. Today’s mantra is all about the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy. You can fly without any tension once you are familiar with all the rules and regulations. 

Back to SkyWest Airlines, this airways is one of the biggest and known airlines among people. While surfing the internet, it was clear that there is little known about SkyWest Airlines’ baggage rules, its fees, etc. In short, we will provide you with a heads-up to avoid any issues with your baggage in the future. 

Before we get into anything, you must know that SkyWest Airlines does not provide ticket reservation options. For reservations, they have to contact the airline to confirm their booking. So, the baggage policy may differ depending on the region. 

Guidelines of SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy

  • The passengers can bring one carry-on & one personal bag per the carry-on baggage policy.
  • As per the SkyWest Airlines baggage policy, the luggage size must not exceed its given dimension, 9x10x7 inches. 
  • However, If you are flying on a basic economy ticket, you must pre-pay for your baggage. And if you don’t, you must pay at least $25. 
  • The fee for the first bag may vary from the next one. According to the baggage policy, the first bag will cost you around $30, whereas the second & third one will cost you around $40, $50. 
SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy
  • As for the weight and size restriction, the baggage may not exceed 23 kg and the linear dimension of 62 inches. If your baggage exceeds this limit, you will have to pay an additional fee the airline charges. 
  • Therefore, ensure that your checked baggage does not include any restricted items or electronic items.

Insights On Checked Baggage Policy 

The checked baggage is similar to the carry-on. As per the SkyWest Baggage allowance, you must pay for the first and second bags. The fees can go from $30 to $40 depending on your fare, ticket type, and destination. 

Remember, do not exceed the checked baggage limit of 23 kg & 62 linear inches. However, the ticket fare may differ depending on various routes and the fare class. 

If you want to figure out the total amount of baggage, you can directly head to the baggage calculator, which is available on the official website of Delta. 

Active duty military passengers can bring up to two checked bags for free if they are traveling for pleasure. While traveling on orders, they can bring up five checked bags free of cost. 

Items Disapproved By TSA Guidelines 

There are many items that the airline disapproves of. This rule is made to keep the passengers safe and sound, and anything that costs them harm is banned from bringing on board. Here’s the list of the items that you cannot bring on board;- 

  • Bang Snaps
  • Blasting Caps
  • Butane
  • Chlorine for Pools and Spas
  • Carbon Dioxide Cartridges
  • Firearms like Ammunitions, BB guns, Compressed Air guns, Flare guns, gun Lighters,

SkyWest Baggage Policy For Pets

According to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage, there are certain rules and regulations that one must follow to bring their pets on board;- 

  • You can only bring service animals on board with you. And this rule is for persons with disability who are permitted to carry service animals with them. For this, the passengers must fill out the DOT form, which is available on the official website.
  • The airline will not charge for taking a trained animal on board. According to the rule, the airline will take the pets for free, and you can also bring their carrier. 
  • Remember that the pet kennel should be big enough for the pet to move around freely. 
  • Your service animal must be vaccinated, and you must submit a document regarding the vaccination before boarding. 

Approved Sports Equipment List 

  • Archery Items, which include Bows & Arrows
  • Bikes
  • Fishing equipment such as rods
  • Golf clubs
  • Hockey sticks
  • Kayaks
  • Scuba items
  • Skis pieces of equipment 
  • Snowboard
  • Surfboard
  • Windsurf items
  • Kitesurfing items

SkyWest Musical Item Baggage Policy 

The passengers are allowed to bring their musical items as carry-on baggage. But, it must be within the carry-on baggage limits. Afterwards, if your musical item exceeds from the given limit, then the airline will consider it as checked baggage. Otherwise, it will be considered as checked baggage. In other circumstances, you may have to carry it via cargo service. 

Here’s the complete review;-

You will be charged at least $15 if you bring a Guitar. Items like Guitars can be brought into the cabin, but you must pack them in a soft case. Remember that the baggage’s maximum weight must be within 20 kg and not exceed the given dimension of 110x45x20 CM. The passengers can only bring two guitars per flight. 

According to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Allowance, the passengers may have to purchase additional baggage if their musical equipment exceeds the cabin baggage limit. Your purchased luggage will then be carried as special baggage. Apart from this, the passengers can carry at least three musical instruments per passenger; you can transport these items via the cargo section. 

Liquid Item Baggage Policy 

According to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can bring liquid items on board, but you must follow the TSA guidelines. The Passengers can bring their toiletries and other liquid items such as your cream products such as lotion, creams, etc. 

However, as per the guidelines, the passengers must not exceed the given limit of 100 ml, and you must pack the liquid items in a plastic and see-through bag. It is advised that, before boarding the plane, you must check out all the given requirements. 

What Does the SkyWest Airlines Personal Item Policy Signify? 

According to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy, your item must include a handbag, purse, or backpack. Before boarding, your personal item bag must fit in the overhead bin or under your seat. 

In most cases, if the SkyWest aircraft has less than 50 seats available, passengers can only bring a single personal item on board. 

How Much Do I Have to Pay For My Baggage On SkyWest Airlines? 

In short, the passengers can bring one checked bag free of cost. But, the baggage limitation of the checked baggage must be at most 20 kg per bag. You will be charged for overweight baggage fee if any of your bags surpass the given limit of 44 lbs. SkyWest Airlines have a different fee charging system as you will be charged $5 per kg, so you can do the math and figure out how much you need to pay according to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy & fee. 

Check out the SkyWest Airlines size regulations before your scheduled flight for more information.

Let’s Wrap it Up. 

To put it out clearly, many factors make the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy different. For starters, you will be charged according to the per Kilogram system, and you can only service animals on board with you. Despite this, this airline is one of the best airlines in the business. Hence, visit our official website for information on SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy Allowance, flight booking, and other policies. To contact us, you can use the live chat customer service. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. According to the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Policy, passengers can check their first checked bag for free on SkyWest Airlines. Remember, your bag must not exceed 20 kg. However, if your bag weighs more than 44 lbs, you will be charged an additional fee. On the other hand, if your bag weighs more than 32 kg, you cannot bring them on board with you. 

Ans. As per the SkyWest Airlines Baggage Allowance, the passengers can bring any additional item such as a jacket, sweatshirt, blanket, umbrella, and other food & drink items. Remember, these items will not be considered personal items. 

Ans. Sometimes, you must pay a certain amount for your baggage, depending on your ticket type and region. To be more specific, you can check out the official website of Skywest Airlines. 

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