Envoy Airlines seat selection policy

A perfect journey always starts with a comfortable seat and joyful companions. Planning to fly with Envoy Airlines and curious about their seat selection process and rules? There is no need to stress this blog will provide all the information to guide you through the Envoy Airlines seat selection policy and more. 

Every passenger has a different need and to cater to that Envoy Airlines offers customized seat selection options to its passengers. Further, Envoy offers the best seat selection policy to ensure a comfortable journey for its passengers. Keeping this in mind Envoy provides multiple seat options including standard seats, excellent leg space, premium economy, and business class seats. Take a look at the following insights to understand how to select your seats quickly for a comfortable journey. Let’s get started.

What is Envoy Airlines seat selection policy?

Undoubtedly, booking a seat with Envoy Airlines provides you with adequate leg space, a comfortable seat, and relaxation throughout the journey. Here are some points of Envoy Airlines seat selection policy you must keep in mind while booking your flight:

  • You will not have to pay any additional charges for seat selection if the process is done within 24 hours of booking.

  • However, if you wish to select your seat after a 24 hours window you will have to pay charges.

  • Additionally, the seat selection charges will depend on the time left for the boarding date & date when you want to change seats.

  • Passengers need not pay any charges if a medical condition arises after getting confirmed seats.

  • Besides this, passengers need to submit supporting documents for their medical emergencies.

How to Select a Seat on Envoy Flight?

Envoy seat selection is an interesting, easy, and very useful term that lets you enjoy comfortable and happy air travel with Envoy. You can opt for either an online method or can go with an offline technique. Let’s look at the various ways for Envoy flight seat selection:

How do I Select a Seat on Envoy Flights via website?

  1. Visit Envoy’s official website.

  2. Login to your account using the necessary credentials.

  3. Now, make a new reservation by filling in all the necessary details in the appropriate boxes.

  4. Then, head to the seat map to select seats according to your preferences.

  5. Now, utilizing the ticket number and your last name, go to manage trips.

  6. Here, click on the flight you need to pick seats for Lufthansa select seats.

  7. Thereafter, click on the ‘seat selection’ icon.

  8. Here, you can easily see the seat map with the fare.

  9. Click on the available seats, make the necessary payment online, and obtain the confirmation message within seconds.

How do I Select a Seat on Envoy Flights via call?

  1. To speak to a live person at Envoy Airlines for seat selection, simply dial 1-844-402-8105.

  2. Listen to the IVR instructions carefully, and select the option according to your needs.

  3. Thereafter, based on your personal preference, pick a language for easy conversation.

  4. Within a couple of minutes, an Envoy Airlines live representative will connect to you.

  5. Provide all the necessary details required for the seat selection process.

  6. The airline representative will offer you the available flight and seat selection options.

  7. Select the seat according to your preferences.

  8. Make the payment online and receive the confirmation message immediately.

  9. Additionally, if you need any special assistance during the journey let the representative know the requirements with valid reasons and proofs.

Can I Select a Seat on Envoy Flights at the airport?

  1. Head to the check-in counter at the airport.

  2. Inform the check-in agent about your seat preferences according to your requirements.

  3. However, they will provide the details about the available seats so that you can get the better seats.

  4. After selecting the seat, pay the charges (if applicable).

  5. Once the procedure is done, the check-in official will provide you with a boarding pass with all the necessary details.

Does Envoy charge for Seat Selection?

The charge to select a seat on Envoy Airlines ranges from free for standard seats except when booking basic economy fares, to over $160 for an extra-legroom seat on a long-haul international flight.

Envoy Airlines seat selection fees vary based on several factors including the flight length and what type of seat you want. Window and aisle seats are generally the most expensive. Meanwhile, a middle seat in between two preferred seats might not cost anything.


You can easily select seats at Envoy Airlines during booking or after booking your flight. However, you will need to avoid basic economy fares to get free seat selection. You will only get free preferred or extra-legroom seat selection if you have elite status or use miles to pay the fee.

If you are having trouble making your Envoy Airlines seat selection, check to see if any partner airlines operates your flight. If so, you will need to retrieve the confirmation code for that airline and contact the airline to choose a seat. Additionally, if you want more information related to the Envoy Airlines seat selection process contact 1-844-402-8105.

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Frequently Asked Question

If you want to avoid paying for seat selection make sure to select your preferable seat within 24 hours of reservation.

In case you skip seat selection the airport will assign you a seat automatically at check-in or the gate.

You can choose your seat for free from 24 hours before departure when check-in opens unless you've booked a Basic ticket (economy, hand baggage only) where your seat is allocated to you.

After you finish booking your flight (or during the process, depending on the airline), you should click to view the seat map and make your pick. If you book your flight with friends or family members on the same reservation, they will likely be assigned seats nearby automatically.

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