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Flights To Amsterdam

Proven Ways to Book Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands’s Capital, got its name from the name of River Amstel, i.e., (The Dam on the River Amstel). It is one of the most exotic places in the world and is known for its great artistic sense, extensive Canal system, pretty houses with V-shaped roofs facing the streets. Due to the Dutch influence on the city in the 17th century, regarded as the golden age. This city is also called “the Venice of the North.” The alluring canal system marked its name in the list of UNESCO World Heritage site. In Ancient times, this place was just a small fishing village with few people, but now you can witness what Amsterdam is. Pay a visit now by booking cheap flights to Amsterdam and live in the realm of a lifestyle, vibrant endlessly.

Netherlands’s capital is like an imaginary fairytale land that can’t be seen in the real world. We can only wish to be there. Amsterdam is so preserved and settled to the roots that now you can feel that vibe and flavor of this place which were prevalent in ancient times. It is the most populous city in the Netherlands, and every year, an enormous number of tourists come here to pay a visit.

Before going to what Amsterdam is all about, let us know about cheap flights to Amsterdam, and how to get a cheap flight ticket to any corner of this globe.

Eminent Airlines Operated Flights to Amsterdam

It is not a big deal to find availability of flights to Amsterdam as ample flights are going daily to Amsterdam supported by various eminent airlines. You can find any flight, whether a direct one or a connecting flight, on Tours N Travel pro. Go and Book now your flight to Amsterdam for getting the deal at a fair price. Schiphol International Airport is the major airport in this place. It is only 11km from the City center, and all the flights to Amsterdam land there.

These airlines are Air France, Finnair, Etihad Airways, LOT Polish Airways, British Airways, Lufthansa, Emirates, FLYUIA, KLM, Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Jet Airways, United Airlines, Austrian Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

The Apt Time to Pay a Visit to Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an all-time venue to visit though April to May and September to November are the best time for paying a visit to Amsterdam. This period was perfect due to the occurrence of the Amsterdam Fringe Festival and Keukenhof Flower Garden (as it gets bloomed at this time). The peak time is considered to be the month of May to August, as it is suitable for an outdoor expedition in Amsterdam. Other than this, December to February are cold, and snowfall might be the normal thing to notice here.

How to Book Cheap Flights Ticket to Amsterdam?

Keep the given tips in your mind while booking your flight to Amsterdam to get it at a reasonable price.

  1. Activate the Price Alert Option: Whenever you visit any site to check the flights before leaving, activate the price alert option and save the price you want to pay for your flight. So as soon as the price falls and matches your filled-up price, a notification will be sent to you via email or message.
  2. Don’t Fix any Particular Date and Time: Always take a month’s halt for booking a flight. Just be sure about the destination you want to explore and look for a month bar for the flight. Now choose the date for which the fare is less.
  3. Book at Night: Be a night owl if you want to save a couple of bucks. Stay awake and make your booking late at night as the prices are updated daily, so you might get lucky and find the cheapest flight ticket.
  4. Reserve a Seat Earlier: Booking your flight ticket earlier makes it the cheapest. So book almost two months before, for booking it at a bare minimum price.

What to Do and Visit in Amsterdam

  • It is mandatory or a must to visit Dam Square, right in the heart of Amsterdam to enjoy Al Fresco dining, which served as a welcome place for Napoleon and his troops in 1808.
  • Take a boat tour of “The Venice of the North” in canals as they are everywhere.
  • This city is a masterpiece for all art lovers as there are countless numbers of museums showcasing their various themes in Amsterdam. First is the Rembrandt House Museum (the house and working place of the renowned Dutch Painter Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn). Second is the Biographical Museum Anne Frank House (Showing the relationship between a young girl’s innocence and intelligence to withstand the horrors). Other notable museums are the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum.
  • Another facet of Amsterdam is its marvelous architectural sites or old buildings influenced by the ancient art of Amsterdam. Focus your eyes on one of the wonderful spots in Amsterdam, i.e The Begijnhof, an old court having too many old buildings in its surrounding, used by the Beguines community as their dwelling (these are religious women who are spending their lives as Nuns). Find and spot the only existing old-styled Amsterdam Townhouse, having gold gates traced back to the 1900s.
  • If you feel tired after exploring Amsterdam, rest and picnic at Vondelpark and do a cycling session at Amstel River.

Authentic Food and Amazing Restaurants

Having a meal in a well-known restaurant is as superb and enjoyable as devouring a meal of street food at a local cart. BiterBallen (a ready-to-eat snack available at every corner). Whereas,  Stroopwaffles (Syrup waffles), Poffertjes (Dutch Style Pancake), Koffie Verkeerd- Coffee thing for coffee addicts. And, Patat- Dutch style fries and chips and Stamppot ( a traditional local dish of meat) are some of the signature dishes of Dutch Cuisine which shouldn’t be missed out at all.

If you want to dine at a luxurious place, then dine at The Nine Street and Elandsgracht Street, while for the budgeted food. Go to De Pijp and Damstraat. Some of the restaurants which are famous for having a meal in Amsterdam are Nieuwmarkt, Jordaan, and Albert Cuyp. Meanwhile, for an energetic and thrilling night, head up to one of these places: Claire, Radion, AIR Amsterdam, and Club NYX.

Getting Around in Amsterdam

Amsterdam possesses a great transportation network employing air, rail, and road. Due to the great connectivity of roads & railways, several trains and buses run on different routes. Usually, it forms a connection between Amsterdam to London, Brussels, Hague, Rotterdam, Frankfurt, and Hague.

The public transport service in Amsterdam is commendable, that’s why it is the best option to explore this city. All the means of public transport are economical for exploring Amsterdam, like ferries, buses, rail, buses, and trams. Remember that they no longer take the travel fare in cash if you travel on buses or trams. So, getting some public transport passes such as GVB day passes, OV-Chipkaart, and I Amsterdam city card is advised.

In a Nutshell

Be a traveller who doesn’t wait for any opportunity. Pick up the bags and necessary stuff and leave to explore the unexplored treasures of this world. Treasures which still exist unseen. “The Venice of the North” is that gem in this world which deserves a spontaneous and unplanned trip. So, what are you waiting for? Book a flight ticket to Amsterdam, and surely you’ll have no regret at all.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You are in luck. Cause, there are many flights that go from USA to Amsterdam. The nearest airport is the one and only John F. Kennedy airport. So, you can check online and find direct flights to Amsterdam.

Ans. According to the google statics, the cheapest month to travel to Amsterdam is considerbaly February. So you can snoop around a little bit and find the best cheap flights to Amsterdam.

Ans. Yes, it is possible for you to fly directly to Amsterdam. According to the google statics, the standard time is around 9 hours.

Ans. For this, you would have to do a little bit of searching on the internet to find the best price. However, the upon searching, we found out that the direct flight Amsterdam will cost you around $478 dollars.

Ans. There are many airlines that provides the option of rescheduling flight without any change fee. For this, all you have to do is pay for any fee difference between the original and the latest flight that you have chosen. If you are searching for any flexible flights to Amsterdam, then you will see a filter that you can choose.


A great way to tour the city of Amsterdam is by taking a tour. For this, the ideal way is to do it by canal by boat. Spectate the stunning beauty of Amsterdam, then. Only you will know the reason why so many people love this place. Next, take steps towards the Van Gogh Museum but don’t let your fun be intervened by people present there. Right next to this is Rijksmuseum; take a look at this as well.
The second day is crucial as the day starts with the tour of Anne Frank House. Then let yourself free to get lost in Wander Jordaan, a maze of shops. Cafes and restaurants. Then visit one of the best off-beat spots in Amsterdam, i.e., Tulip Museum. Maybe, you’ll feel hungry after all this, so take your lunch at Foodhallen. Succeedingly, reached the Amsterdam History Museum and then Red Light District. Walking here will give you a vibe you didn’t attain anywhere else.