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Flights To London

How to Find Cheap Flights to London

The capital of England, London, stands marvelously nearby the Thames River. The history of this place is easily traceable to two millennia till Roman Times, which is why it is considered the most historical city in the world. With its cultural diversity, London is the epicenter of the UK’s arts, education, history, finance, commerce, and tourism. This place is home to some of the top world-class notable spots, which receive a huge number of tourists annually from all across the globe. Make a trip to London to witness the rich western Culture by booking your flights to London.

If a definitive list of “top 10 magnificent places to visit” has been created, then London secures the spot in the top three names. It is also a perfect destination to visit with family or friends or an exquisite destination for a honeymoon.

Prepare yourself to witness the beauty of Big Ben and be excited to take selfies in front of Buckingham Palace, as London is only a flight away from you.

How to Get to London

There are many ways to reach London for a vacation which everyone imagines at least once in their lifetime.

  • By Air– Heathrow airport is the primary airport in London which receives most of the flights coming to London. An enormous number of airlines operate flights to London, both direct and connecting ones.
  • By Road– It is so easy to drive to London anywhere from Europe by crossing the International borders as a great network of roads is built here. The Euro Tunnel is the main spot for reaching up to the other end of the gigantic English channel, as an underwater train is installed here, which connects France to the UK. Cars and buses can also board the train, which will only take 35 minutes. London is a prime location connected to another place by roads due to a great chain of highways.
  • By Train– London is connected with Amsterdam, Paris, Brussels, and Berlin by the British Railway system. The Eurostar service has its operational spot at St. Pancras International station, which was also highlighted in “Harry Potter,” a well-famed & popular movie.

Airlines Managing Flights to London

The airlines which mainly operate direct cheap flights to London are Air France, Air Canada, Air China, Jet Airways, American Airlines, Etihad Airways, British Midland International Airways, Delta Airlines, and China Southern Airlines. Other than this airport, there are six other international airports in London.

Eateries and Classy Restaurants

London is a colourful place, and it provides numerous options for having your meal, from high-class fancy restaurants to low-class street food-selling stalls and carts. The most loved dish in London is Fish & chips, which people enjoy. Other iconic dishes people preferred are Cockles, Cottage Pie, Eton Mess, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Beef, Bread & Butter Pudding, and Shepherd’s pie. To enjoy these delicacies, visit Vapiano, Fish House, Bella Italia, and Ping Pong, some of the renowned restaurants in London. If you are a die-hard fan of Indian food, then don’t disappoint. Just head up to Tayyabs, Amaya, and Chutney Mary for giving peace to your tongue.

Perfect Time to Visit

London is a place that remains splendid all around at all times, but specifically, springtime is considered the ideal time for paying a visit. From March to May, be in London in this Period and enjoy the pleasant weather here as the day lasts longer.
If you are a person who wants to go on an outdoor expedition, then summer (June to August) is ideal for you as you can save yourself from the rain.

Prime Spots to Visit in London

  • Everyone starts their trip in London from Buckingham Palace, the official & working center of the British monarch. It has a total of 775 numbers of rooms, which represents the generosity of the entire region.
  • Several venues are available for all art lovers and cultural enthusiasts: The Natural History Museum, The Wax Museum, The National Gallery, Tate Gallery, West End, and Madam Tussaud.
  • London is overflowing with many amazing places on almost every second street, which you shouldn’t miss out on your journey to London. These sites are Big Ben (A long tower about 97m having a huge clock along with The iconic bridge), Hyde Park (regarded as the largest open space in the whole of London), Tate Britain, London Zoo, Hampton Court Palace, St Margaret’s Church and Westminster Abbey (a Church having significance from ancient history and always be the first choice for people for having their weddings).

Preferable Period for Booking Flight Tickets and for Leaving for London

Every normal person has some thoughts in their mind whenever they are trying to book flights which primarily are what is the right time to book the flight ticket to London, what is the perfect day and time for getting a cheap flight ticket to London. Below are the key points that should be kept in the notice for acquiring the best deal for yourself.

  • It is smart to book a flight ticket to London at least 60 days before to get the lowest price. If you get delayed or leave this booking by thinking that you’ll do it at last or a week before your departure, it’ll be a huge mistake.
  • Weekends are when everyone gets free, and they look forward to flying on weekends without hampering their work. So to obtain a cheap flight ticket, book it for Wednesday so you can make your booking for less money.
  • To obtain the ticket for less money, always make your booking for the afternoon as people usually prefer to avoid flying at this time of the day. There is a higher demand for traveling in the evening, so don’t choose any flight for this time.

Summing up:

People are eagerly waiting to make their trip in real life as they are tired of only thinking about London. If you are excited about paying a visit to London and waiting for the right time, then face the truth, i.e., there is no right time for doing anything. Just book your flight ticket to London and leave on your expedition to have a splendid journey that remains lifelong with you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. As per the Google number and calculations, the cheapest time to fly to London would be October. Cause most of the tourist visit from December to August as it is the prime time. At that time, the ticket prices tend to be on a higher site. 

Ans. There are many airlines in the market that offers direct flight to London, such as;- American Airlines, British Airways, Air India, LOT, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Iberia, and Avianca. These airlines fly directly to London. 

Ans. The flight hours will depend on when you are starting your trip. It also depends on where you are departing and if you have a layover in between or not. 

Ans. There are several hacks that you can do to get the best deal for first & business class. But first, you need to be flexible with your travel dates. Have a specific confirmed date. As you may know, low-cost airlines offer first or business-class seats at a lower price. However, make sure to book tickets during the off-season as you might get upgraded or can get a cheap first-class or business-class seat. 

Ans. Like the best time to visit, there is also the best time to book tickets for London. If we take a precise look into the matter, January is when tickets are much cheaper. However, try to book your tickets on Tuesday as flights are much cheaper than other days. 


Want to go to a place with an infinite number of attractive points? London is the place for which you are looking. Visit London to apprehend the outer beauty by stepping on the Hop-On Hop-Off bus. If you create a list of places worth visiting, the list becomes too big, so it is an ideal way to take a glimpse of every place to visit in London. Then include some more fun and excitement in your day by taking a seat on the ride on London Eye.
You all must take a visit to those places that are quite renowned in London on the second day. These places are Westminster Abbe, Buckingham Palace, Churchill War Rooms, Big Ben, Parliament, Trafalgar Square, and many more. In between, you can take your lunch at Whitehill, and the best restaurant on this route is The Red Lion.