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Flights to Barcelona

A Beginner’s Guide About Finding Cheap Flights to Barcelona

Barcelona is the largest place in the Mediterranean Sea, standing upright between the opening of two rivers, i.e., Llobregat and Besos, and in its west, protected by the mighty Serra de Collserola mountain range about 512 m long. This city is situated on the coast of Northeastern Spain and has evolved as a high spot for tourists for the last few years. It is the prime biotech fulcrum in Spain and the top financial, economic, cultural, and social center in Southwestern Europe. Barcelona stands firmly and excels in three realms of its growth: Art, Gastronomy, and sports. So, if you are interested in any of these things, then book cheap flights to Barcelona and indulge yourself in the aura of Barcelona.

Art lover? Gaudi’s work fascinates and motivates you, so visit Barcelona. It’s not a fact that Barcelona has become a top world-class destination without any reason, as 37 Michelin Stars, the Barcelona Football Club, and Gaudi’s architecture are enough for that reason. Additionally, Barcelona is so wonderful that even a 5-day trip will prove an unforgettable one for you.

Airlines That Fly to Barcelona, Spain

The prime airport in Barcelona is El Prat International Airport (BCN), situated at a distance of 12 km from the city center and has a connection with all over the world due to its recognition as the busiest airport. Almost everyone searches for their flight to this airport only to visit Barcelona and nearby areas.
Some airlines operated locally are Eurowings, Lufthansa, EasyJet, Norwegian Air, and Vueling which provide local flights. Whereas American Airlines, Jet Airways, Etihad Airways, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Air India, British Airways, Emirates, Iberia, and Austrian Airlines are the carriers that fly to Barcelona almost from each area of every country.
Both direct and connecting flights are available to Barcelona, so book whichever one you want to fly with.

Other Alternatives as Landing Airports for Barcelona

The closest airport is in Barcelona, but it costs a lot for a direct or connecting flight to Barcelona, so go for the alternate airport options. Gerona is 54 miles away from Barcelona, so it is better to take a flight to Girona and then rent a car to head up to Barcelona. It will let you save a great amount in a lump sum.

Duration of the Flight to Barcelona

Barcelona-El Prat Airport, the city’s largest International Airport, receives almost all the flights to Barcelona. The duration of some of the prime routes flights are:

  • Flights from New York City to Barcelona takes almost eight hours straight.
  • Duration is about 9-10 hours if you board a flight to Barcelona from Chicago.
  • From Los Angeles, it’ll take about 12-13 hours.

Note: All the connecting flights to Barcelona mostly take a layover at Madrid or London. Then go further to complete the journey. For a cheap flight to Barcelona, visit Tours N Travel now.

Find Cheap Flights to Barcelona During Day

After a detailed study, we know that booking a flight 8 weeks from the departure date gives you a deal you never find.
If you have made up your mind that you want to make a trip to Barcelona. And you aim after some months or a year, then it is suggested to set up a price alert for having a notification. A message comes up when the price of the flight matches up to the price you filled in.

Booking Cheap Flights to Barcelona for the Perfect Time

Weather or climate is the factor upon which people decide the time of their visit to a place. It results in the division of peak time and off-season. If you see your presence in Barcelona while taking a sun bath on an exotic island, visit in Summer.
April to June and September to October are cooler periods that offer a different sense of the beauty of Barcelona. Overall, winter is the perfect time for flight ticket booking to Barcelona as the climate remains subtle and apt for exploration.

Commutation in Barcelona

Barcelona remains a well-developed place in Europe, possessing a great public transportation network. Trams, Metro, and FGC trains are Barcelona’s topmost and most economical options for getting around. For a short distance, you can walk on the sideroad and go cycling to reach a point at a minimum distance. The chief option to explore Barcelona in just a few days is to rent a car.

What Things Can be Done at What Places in Barcelona

No wonder it remains the top destination in Europe, and many reasons are available to justify it. This place is so colorful and filled with many different sorts of sites, diversified cultures, and traditions, which makes this place special, one in a hundred.

  • La Rambla is considered the heart of Barcelona, extending from Placa de Catalunya to the Water’s edge. Walk and roam this street to interact with many street vendors and taste the local delicacies of this place.
  • Art enthusiasts don’t feel awkward at this place for even a moment, as many locales showcasing the arts of stunning Barcelona exist here. Those places’ names are Park Guell, Casa Mia, Casa Batllo, and Sagrada Familia, which represent the quintessential art of Antoni Gaudi, the renowned Catalan artist.
  • Raid Mango, Zara, and Louis Vuitton to seek out the pleasure of shopping. If you like to deal in local brands, then go to Passeig de Gracia, the most luxurious street for shopping in Europe.
  • Montjuic is like heaven as you turn your head towards the other side, and you can see the Mediterranean Sea.
  • The Hilltop park, the venue of the 1992 Olympics, and the evidence in the form of the Stadium is still here. You can easily observe the beauty of gardens, museums, and fountains.
  • Travel for less than 2 hours by high-speed train service to reach Salvador Dali Museum to take a glimpse of Dali’s collection, including some of his stuff.

What Should be Packed for a Trip to Barcelona?

Barcelona is a focal point for the people of attraction. Every month of the year, Barcelona remains the same, having a subtropical climate. So, you should pack some light weighted clothes which are comfortable for you. You’ll need some jackets, Zippers, and pants as the temperature drops in night, so be prepared for this scenario. Apart from this, pack shoes which you can wear all day when you are exploring every street of Barcelona by walking.

A swimsuit is a must if you plan to visit and be on the exotic beach of Barcelona. Be a gentleman when going to classy restaurants for dinner, so including a nice outfit in your backpack is a must.

In a Nutshell

Undoubtedly, Barcelona is a hub for all tourists as it possesses it all, like mesmerizing architecture, ancient heritage, rich culture and tradition, vibrant environment, and colorful nightlife. All the people here have a deep thirst for experiencing the nightlife of this place. Due to its reputation as a tourist place, it becomes too easy to find a flight to Barcelona. Several airlines regulated an ample number of flights daily. Search for flights on Tours N Travel pro and book a cheap flight to Barcelona.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. Well, it depends on multiple occasions. If you are looking forward for a cheap yet budget friendly flight than you must book your ticket months before your scheduled departure. According to the tourists and the internet the best time to visit Barcelona is November. So, make sure to book your tickets during November to get the best deal.

Ans. There are many airlines that fly to Barcelona such as American Airlines, Air France, AeroMexico. These airlines are used by people all around the world to fly from United States to Barcelona.

Ans. According to the recent prices, a one-way flight to Barcelona will cost you around $1286. However, if you want to Find cheap flights to Barcelona, then it will cost you $242. The cheap flight usually departs from Boston international airport.

Ans. The cheapest month is considered to be January. During this time, you will be able to book cheap flights to Barcelona. Whereas, the most expensive month is considered to be between June and July.

Ans. An average flight will be take at least 8 hours. It depends on from where you are departing;-

• Flights From New York - Approximately 8 hours
• All the flights Within Boston - Same as above
• Flights departing from Boston - Same as above
• All the flights leaving from San Francisco - At least 12 hours
• Flights departing from Los Angeles – Same as above


Barcelona is the name that comes to the top when considering Europe as a city loaded with restaurants based on different cuisines, clubs, bars, and several flocks of tourists. The atmosphere of this place is so vibrant and lively. Hence, you can understand this phrase independently When you travel to every place in Barcelona.
On the very first day, Take a Walking tour first so that you can see the whole of Barcelona but can have an outer view only. Then pay a visit to the oldest part of the town, i.e., Barri Gotic. Here you can find all the shopping shops and restaurants. Apart from these two, several other spots also exist to visit. These are the Barcelona History Museum, Chapel of Santa Agata, Barcelona, and Museum of Contemporary Art. In the end, wander to see the public market named La Boqueria.
At the beginning of the second day, witness the grandeur of the work of the Gaudi architect. It includes Park Guell, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila, Palau Guell, etc. After all these architectural splendors, without a second thought, hit the beach to refresh yourself with the splash of water. Now, take a stroll on La Rambla Street and gaze at the lifestyle at this place. Just remember two things: don’t eat anything here as the restaurants are too expensive, and beware of the pickpockets.