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Flights to Bogota
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Secrets You Must Know Before to Book Cheap Flights to Bogotá

Flights to Bogotá, earlier named Santa Fe de Bogotá, is the capital of Columbia and is regarded as one of the largest cities in the world. However, it is a Multicultural enriched place possessing a pious blend of old and new. Basically, here you can find classy landmarks of ancient heritage and lofty mountains surrounded by lush greenery and exotic coastlines. Apart from being historically recognized, it is also famed for its arts, gastronomy and culture. Most people who love to see these art-endowed places already settle here and don’t go back as they fell in love with this place.

Bogotá is full of art, culture, traditions and landmarks connected to ancient times and remarkably represents the Columbian civilization. Therefore, it has become a rapidly growing city and receives too many yearly crowds. It is a great place to live and travel, possessing the blend of African and Indian culture, as people are kind here. Planning to go to Bogotá is your chance to experience the perfect blend of culture and history.

Be prepared to plan a trip to Bogotá, so the first step is booking a flight. Find a flight for any place on your desired departure date and time and choose one of any airline depending on your budget only on Tours N Travel pro. Be done with this and pack your bags while thinking about Bogotá all night and day. Hence, all the information regarding Bogotá and to find cheap flights to Bogotá is given here.

Several Airlines to Bogotá

American Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways and Delta Airlines are some prime airlines to which you can opt if you are planning to visit Bogotá. These airlines regularly provide flights (connecting and direct) from every part of the world to Bogotá. Make your reservation as the earliest on Tours N Travel pro to get a cheap Flights to Bogotá.

Finding a Cheap Flights to Bogotá

  • For a cheap flight, make a booking in advance, like 3 weeks before the departure date, as the prices are low at that time.
  • Moreover, Friday is the ideal day to take a flight to Bogotá as the stats show that flights are cheaper on this day compared to others.
  • Thus, choosing a connecting flight can be a move you can make as it can reduce the cost of the ticket while it allows you to take some rest and be in one or more places other than your preferred one.

Perfect Time to Pay a Visit to Bogotá

July, August and December are the best months to be in Bogotá. You can experience the glorious feeling of being at some famous festivals. The annual carnival of Bogotá takes place in August, spreading a magnificent charm all over the place. While December keeps this place glittering because of Christmas, many parades and decorations can be witnessed everywhere. The remaining months are the wettest time in Bogotá, and people don’t prefer to plan a trip to Bogotá at that time, so booking a flight for this time is a classic move as you can get a cheap flight to Bogotá.

Places to Visit in Bogotá

Bogotá should be one of your ideal places to visit if you are a hardcore art lover. There are several unique and impressive museums here, which are:

  • The Gold Museum: Tens of thousands of gold pieces in different designs having significance related to Columbia Pre Colonial history.
  • Museum of Modern Art of Bogotá: Modern-day artists can be known in society through this place. They all belong to the 20th century and are mainly Latin American.
  • Museo Botero: This museum is a tribute to one of the prominent artists of Columbia, Fernando Botero, whereas the masterpieces of many other artists can be found here, like Miro, Renoir and Pissaro.

Other than that,  all these places, La Candelaria, the old town of Columbia, is undoubtedly the top attraction of Columbia and is quite famed for its Colonial Architecture and golden exterior architecture. Be with locals to enjoy the culture of this place and wander in the huge gardens, which also is the place where most of the annual events take place, including the renowned rock festival, i.e., Rock al Parque.

Parque de Los Periodistas is the place to sit and relax after a tiring day. San Francisco Church (counted as one of the major landmarks and finest church) and if you want to do the shopping and be in a place possessing many shops and malls. Plaza de Chorro de Quevedo is the perfect spot. Torre Colpatria (South America’s second-highest building where people go to have an ecstatic look at the whole place and to click pictures), World of the Fat and Zipaquira Salt Cathedral are some other landmarks to pay a visit in Bogotá.

Authentic Food and Shopping in Bogota

Tamal, Arepas, Ajiaco, Empanadas, Aerequipe, Caneloza, agua panela, Aguardiente and Guascas are some of the signature dishes of Bogotá, which can be tasted only in this place. Sometimes it is hard to find a restaurant or cafe of a different cuisine. Still, on the other hand, you can go to many local restaurants that serve the delicacies of Bogota. These delicacies includes  La Monapizza, La Taperia, Cadaqués, Astrid y Gaston, Henry Comida Rapida, Dona Elvira Clowns Delim, Casa Mexicana, Hard Rock Cafe Bogotá, and Harry Sasson Restaurante. This place is popular for its street food like Waffles and Crepes. Other than that, you can find nightclubs and Pubs where people enjoy their drinks and spend some time. Collectively it all makes the nightlife of this place worth experiencing.

Travelling in Bogotá

As a prominent city, Bogota has many options that you can use. Besides, private and rapid transit buses are here, which are the main source people use to move from one place to another in Bogotá due to the management of bus stops and specifically marked lanes. If you are in a group of friends, use private buses to reach a specific spot. Cabs can be the ideal option for traveling in Bogotá on a private basis.

Safety Measures in Bogotá

  • To maintain a record, all travelers must fill in their details on the Colombian Government CheckMIG application within 72 hours before boarding any flight.
  • Passengers above 18 years of age must provide proof that they are vaccinated. Else they need to take a test for appearing negative in an antigen test within 48 hours before boarding.
  • If you feel any emergency, you can call Columbia’s emergency number, 123.
  • Currently, the Columbia-Venezuela Border is closed, so it is advised not to cross the land border of Columbia from this side particularly.
  • All the rules of entry and exit in Columbia via air or land are subject to changes, so please regularly visit the Colombian Ministry of Health website to get updated with rules and safety measures.

Final Words

Bogotá, commonly referred to as “The Athens of South America”, is a dream place for many due to the many architectural sites and cultural diversity. People are so kind here that they wouldn’t make you feel like you are in a different city. Food is one major aspect of Bogotá, which is mouth-watering. If you wish to be at this place after reading all this about Bogotá, then this is the time to book your Flights to Bogotá on Tours N Travel pro for a mesmerizing experience both in your journey and in Bogotá. Hence, we are the one-stop solution for all your concerns regarding the dream of having a trip to Bogotá.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. A normal flight to Bogota will cost you around $767. However, if you get your hands on cheap flight tickets, then it will cost you around $70. 

Ans. To book cheap flights to Bogota, you need to start by searching your flight on various search engines. Compare the prices, and if you find the cheapest flight rate, then book your flight then and there. You can take the help of many travel sites or the official airline sites for that matter. 

Ans. Wednesday is the cheapest day that you can book your flight tickets on. At the same time, Sunday is one of the most expensive days to fly to Bogota. 

Ans. If we talk about months, then April is considered to be the cheapest Month to book a flight. Whereas most tourist visit Lima between November to January. So, you can expect to pay more than a few dollars to secure your seat. 

Ans. Central Bogota is only six miles from actual Bogota. However, you can take a cab from the airport to reach central Bogota. 


Pick up your necessary stuff yourself and start your trip by going to the Gold Museum. Here you need to pay the price for the same, which is surely time-consuming. For the second place, Torre Colpatria is the right venue. To look at the whole place, people will prefer to climb up the mountain or some higher place, but you can see the entire Bogota by reaching the top of Torre Colpatria. In the evening, rest is necessary to continue the trip on the second day, so eating and sleeping are advised.
Have you heard of Monserrate? If not, then begin your second day with this place. Spend your time in the afternoon to witness the enticing attraction of Plaza de Bolivar. Both of these spots will take your whole time of the day. Thus, feel the night of this place while staying at Hotel de La Opera.