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Informative Guide About Booking Cheap Flights to Quito

Quito, originally San Francisco De Quito, is the capital city of Ecuador and the most populous one. It is the oldest among all Southern American Capitals and quite appreciable as being the well preserved old town. It is located in the Andes at the foot of a famed volcano named Pichincha volcano, which is active. This place’s history is preserved in a commendable way in the whole Americas. Quito was among the two places declared as first-world cultural sites by UNESCO in 1978. This place is a wonderful mix of ancient and modern architecture, creating an environment fit for all tourists. It is the right time to book flights to Quito as Christmas and New Year are coming.

Despite the rich pre-Columbian history, Quito is fully developed on the ruins of Incan City and possesses everything a modern-day traveler might expect. This city is considered the cultural capital of this nation due to the existence of various attractive museums, cheerful festivals and events, and vibrant nightlife. Every time of the year, Quito remains cold due to its presence near the Equator. One interesting fact about Quito, it is the highest constitutional capital city in the whole world.

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Airlines Providing Flights to Quito

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The most recognized airlines that run ample flights to Quito are KLM, Copa Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, United Airlines, Avianca, Air France, JetBlue Airways, and LATAM Airlines. Both direct and connecting flights to Quito are available.

Note: The duration of the flights to Quito, Ecuador, from the United States is generally about 6-7 hours. 

Tips for Finding Cheap Flights to Quito

Suppose you are on your hunt to find a cheap flight to Quito, whether a one-way flight or a flight for the round trip. Here are some tips that should be applied to finding a cheap flight to make your journey happy and comfortable.

  • Flexibility in your booking: It is the prime factor affecting your flight’s price. If you are sure where to go but are fine with dates, it will benefit you. Search for the flights to the place you want without entering any particular date. Rather search for the whole month and then book accordingly. Choose the date on which the lowest fare is available.
  • Always book for odd times and days: Search for days when people are generally busy and prefer to avoid travelling. The same goes with time; people prefer to avoid adjusting to their comfort, so they prefer not to travel at midnight and in the daytime.
  • Set the option of Price alert: It is now easy to track down the prices of the flights. Set up the price alert option so that whenever the prices go down and match your price, an email will automatically be sent to your email id.
  • Always look for the connecting flights: Direct flights to Quito is expensive, so it is suggested to go for a connecting flight which will have two benefits-

(1) It will provide you with the opportunity to spend some time in a new place other than the one for which you book your flight, and
(2) It will impact the price of the flight as it costs you less.

Perfect Time to Visit Quito

There is no such perfect time that should be suggested as the climate or season of this place remains cool almost every time of the year. But mark one point: try to visit Quito before Lent starts to celebrate the carnival held once a year (to remember Jesus fasting for 40 days).

About the days, it is advised to fly between Monday and Thursday as most people fly on Fridays and weekends. But generally, the price of the flights will depend on the location or airport to which you are flying. Other than that, events and festivals also may affect the prices of the flights.

Prime Places to Visit in Quito

There are several options to visit Quito according to the people and their choices.

  • Pay a visit to the large monument to the Virgin of Quito, which offers a glamorous 360-degree view of the whole place as it is situated on a high Citadel. It guards the whole city and is considered one of Quito’s fantastic spots.
  • Do the courage to climb up to the two towers of Basilica to get the reward for an exquisite view of this beautiful city. It is another notable landmark of this place with its outstanding exterior.
  • Plaza Grande, commonly known as Independence Square, Presidential Palace, City Hall, A Cathedral, and the Archbishop’s Palace, are other spectacular buildings where you can witness the hustle and bustle of this city. Get a taste of Ecuadorian culture at this place through the presence of many street vendors.
  • If you have a childhood dream to directly stand on the Equator, then it is your chance. Just take a drive of 2 hours and reach the place called “Mitad Del Mundo” or “Middle of the World.” It is the perfect spot in the center where you can bestride between the Northern and Southern Hemisphere. There are many classic restaurants, bookstores, museums, and a planetarium, which makes this place splendid.
  • Being a holy and pious city, it has several Churches. Among all, the Iglesia de la Compania de Jesus is the most ornate and famous one. It has a natural architectural exterior, whereas the interior of this place is well decorated with gold. If you can make up to one Church in Quito, then be sure it will be that one.

How to Travel in Quito

Though many means can be utilized for travelling inside Quito from one place to another, mainly taxis, buses, and the metro, out of all, the economic one is to get around with the help of Taxis.

Another beneficial option is to rent a car so you can roam anywhere of your choice at any time.

Summing Up

Quito is the right choice if you are thinking of a place with amazing modern architecture and a plethora of contemporary trends while having roots in ancient art and culture. Then Quito is the right choice as it is the cultural hub and has many fascinating sites worth visiting. If you want to go to Quito, then be quick in booking the flight. Navigate to the Tours N Travel Pro and book a cheap flights to Quito, as the prices will rise. As soon as you make your booking, you can save a lot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. You must book your flight 40 days before your scheduled departure. Cause the cost of the flight will increase if you book your flight at least two weeks before you confirm departure.

Ans. If we talk about a specific day, it happens to be Tuesday. Tuesday is cheaper compared to other days in the week. At the same time, Saturday is one of the most expensive daysdays to find cheap flights to Quito. 

Ans. As per Google statics, the afternoon is considered a fair time to book a cheap flight to Quito. However, be ready to pay a high price if you happen to change your flight at night. 

Ans. The cost of an average flight to Quito is at least $546. But, if you find the cheapest price, you can get your tickets for 120 dollars. 

Ans. There are no direct flights if you are traveling from India or Ecuador. However, many flight routes to Quito have one or more stops in between. 


Quito is a place that can get covered in two days, so here is the plan according to that period. On the first day, you must explore TeleferiQo, Mitad del Mundo, and La Mariscal. It will make your day as you will be in the lap of nature. Beware of taking a jacket with you as normally Quito remains warm but chilly winds flow when you reach that height.
Spend your second day in the Old Town Market to rejoice in the highlights of the local markets. There is the presence of several majestic parks that can make you happy with their charm.