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Book Cheap Flights to Santiago

Santiago de Chile is the capital city of Chile, commonly known as Santiago. It is the largest city in Chile and makes it in the list of the largest cities in the Americas. Flights to Santiago city’s territory has been lined with single-stoned hills and the charming Mapocho River. It has several picturesque gardens like Parque Forestal and Balmaceda Park. This city is so tremendous that you can see the Andes mountains from various points. As these mountains surround Santiago. Drive from any part or go in any direction, and in an hour, you’ll surely reach a spot nearby.

One interesting fact about Santiago is that the name of this place is based on the iconic biblical figure named Saint James. This city is considered the financial and political center of Chile. As it has made a huge contribution to this country’s development in particular. Santiago is the city that marked its name in the history of America. Ancient colonial architectural buildings and splendid Churches. Along with breathtaking graffiti on the walls, are the reason that makes Santiago a place where everyone wants to pay a visit.

Santiago is a package of vibrant environment, diverse culture, famous museums, spectacular dining scene, and colorful nightlife. Everyone’s list of dream places surely has the name of Santiago enlisted. Scroll down to become aware of Santiago’s places, restaurants, and major attractions, and be ready for your trip.

Airlines to Santiago

Several options of airlines are available. These airlines  operates a wide range of flights to Santiago, Chile. You can easily find a flight to the capital city of Chile. And, you can also get a ticket at a fair price if you are smart. Book your flight ticket to Santiago in advance, at least 3 months before. Some airlines are Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, British Airways, American Airlines, KLM, Etihad, Delta Air Lines, Emirates, Qantas, United Airlines, Air France, Jetstar, LATAM, and Air Canada. No need to worry as these airlines have operated connecting and direct flights to the mesmerizing city of Chile, i.e., Santiago.

Tips for Booking Cheap Flights to Santiago

Some tips have been given which need to be kept in mind if you want to book a cheap flights to Santiago.

  • Be sure to book your flight ticket in advance. Cause the prices will rise when your departure date comes nearby.
  • Always make the booking for the odd time slot. Odd slots includes (like midnight and early morning), which many people do not prefer.
  • Make a habit of comparing flights on multiple platforms to pick the best.
  • Prefer to fly on Wednesday. As most of the flights have a lower price on that day. Whereas Friday is considered to be the day having expensive flights to Santiago.

Perfect Time to Visit Santiago

Whether you are a person who has a zeal to ski in the snow in the Andes or a lover of witnessing the sizzling salsa in any recognized clubs of Bella Vista, each month of the year is for you. Don’t hesitate to make your flight booking for any time of the year but remember to find a cheap flight to Santiago, don’t go with the first one.

Prime Season

December to March is the span when the flight tickets to Santiago fill up very rapidly as it is the peak time when most of the tourists make their plans to visit this beautiful capital city of Chile, Santiago. Local people of this place leave and move to the nearby city called Valparaiso to make themselves safe from Santiago’s hot and humid climate.
This city is the capital of the World’s most catholic country, Chile, so getting a flight to Santiago during the holy week of Christians and the period of Easter is tough. If you want to witness the environment of this specific place at this time, then make your booking in advance.

Off-Time Season

You can easily find a cheap flight to Santiago during the transitional phase of the fall from Spring. As Santiago is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the fall occurs in September, and the Spring starts in April to June. Getting a cheap ticket to Santiago for September can be a lucky thing for you. Still, the prices of flight tickets are generally high during this time as Semana de la Chilenidad; a popular Chilean festival celebrated with Parades and many happening performances.

Meals and Shopping in Santiago

Santiago is a cosmopolitan hub. It is officially  home to many cuisines along with its specialty, i.e., Sea Food. This city is filled with many restaurants known to serve delicacies that can make everyone crazy. Mercado Central is the top restaurant in Santiago, famed for its finger-licking seafood. It has also been honored by having its name in the list of top ten food markets in the World. . Mark the name Tirso de Molina market, which is famous for its open food markets. These markets have several local food stalls serving the street food of Santiago. If you have a sudden craving for fresh fruits and vegetables, then Pueblito Los Dominicos is the perfect venue for you.

Mall Plaza Vespucio, Mall Alto Las Condes, Mall Plaza Norte, Persa Bio-Bio, and Mall Portal La Dehesa are some of the city’s popular malls. Suppose you are a person who only wears branded outfits. And, then you happen to visit the luxury market in Santiago  Alonso de Córdova Street, and Nueva Costanera Avenue. Centro Artesanal Santa Lucia is the spot for  locally handcrafted items.
Plaza Nuñoa is a paradise for book lovers, and Patronato is a spot for buying cheap items like food and clothes. Another major thing for which the name Santiago comes on the top is jewelry. These jewelry items made of wood pieces, lapis lazuli, and wool scarves.

Getting Around in Santiago

Bus system and metro are the easiest way to travel in Santiago as both have an extensive network spread over the whole place, and it can be a perfect move to have a travel card which can save you money. Other than that, many travel agencies are there, providing the facility of exploring the place without any hassle, but it is advised to rent a car with Tours N Travel Pro, which will be delivered to your stay home. It is easy then to roam and visit every street of Santiago as per your choice.

Final words

Santiago is the perfect spot in Chile and the right destination if you leave your house while considering visiting the whole of South America. Protected by the grand Andes Mountains and existing around some of the stunning beaches near the Pacific Ocean is a naturally developed gem in Latin America, filled with multiple cultures, making it a venue to discover. This exotic city is also one of the most visited places in South America. So, think a little and don’t only imagine. Just make a plan either solo or with your friends. Jump up to Tours N Travel pro and book cheap flights to Santiago and make your journey worth remembering. You can also make a booking for your hotel to have a luxurious stay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans. If you are looking for a one way flight to Santiago, then it’s gonna cost you around $1000 dollars on regular days. To get the best deal, make sure to book your flight in off-season to find cheap flights to Santiago. However, if you happen to book cheap flights to Santiago, then it’s gonna cost you around $154 for all the flights departing from Los Angeles.

Ans. The cheapest day to get your hands on the cheapest tickets to Santiago is Sunday. Yes, in this case booking a cheap ticket is possible on the weekend. However, if you happen to book it any other day of the week, then you can expect to pay a hefty amount for a one-way ticket.

Ans. There happens to be multiple airlines that flys to the Santiago such as Cathay Pacific, Delta, Japan Airlines are some of the regular flights that takes passengers from United states to Santiago.

Ans. If you happen to fly from Calama to Santiago, then it will take you at least two hours to get there. And, if you are flying from Antofagasta & Buenos Aires, then you can expect to get to Santiago in less than 2 hours.

Ans. Yes, there are many direct flights to Santiago. And, you can find one by searching it up online.


No one knows much about this place as this spot is still left to discover completely. No need to plan that much, even if you don’t know anything about this place. A simple travel plan is highlighted below. All you need to do is implement this just how it is written.
Start your trip to Santiago by going to Fantasilandia, an amusement park that infuses thrill into everyone’s life with roller-coasters. Go to Araucano Park, another park, but peace resides here as few people visit. 
If you are the kind of person who likes snow, then go to do Skiing at El Colorado, located in the heart of the Andes Mountains, and shoot down all your tiredness. After that, take a walk in the evening at Parque Bicentenario, as the paths are so pristine that goes in between the lush greenery gives you the vibe that makes your heart calm.
For this last day, you can opt to take a visit to the Sky Costanera towers, which are so high as they can get seen from any point in the whole of Santiago. Take the view of Santiago by reaching the top of this tower. Next to this, go to Mercado Central and explore what the local market this place looks like and what items are available there.