Hotels Near The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

Top 10 Closest Hotels to Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

When the question came out, which is the most tourist-like spot in the Netherlands? Then the name of the most precious place in the Netherlands comes to the top. It is considered the world’s finest art museum as the masterpieces present here can bind anyone with their beauty. Taking a visit to this place will make you aware of the history and culture of this place. For this, you must book in any hotels near Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.

There is no need to visit multiple platforms as we have already listed some of the Amsterdam hotels near Rijksmuseum. Go through all of these and pick the one that suits your preferences well.

1. Park Centraal Amsterdam

Park Centraal Amsterdam
Park Centraal Amsterdam

Having existed near the Leidseplein and the Vondelpark, Park Centraal Amsterdam certainly makes its name in the list of Hotels near Rijksmuseum Amsterdam. It is covered by fascinating arts and culture and numerous shops; we are open to everything that wants to become the next trend. The Interior of this place is designed elegantly with the impeccable talent of design studios GHYCZY and Urban Nature Culture. Park Centraal is a name in Amsterdam known for providing comfort hand in hand with ancient Dutch Heritage and captivating modern design.

Whether the sun is out or not in the sky, you can enjoy several delicacies while sitting in two of the finest culinary spots that are MOMO (a bar and lounge), along with Bar Claes. We also ensure that no one’s routine will get hampered because of us; thus, a gym setup is available here that is always open.

You can roam freely in Vondelpark when you get fed up by staying inside the room. Various other parks are situated near this place, another one of the top hotels near Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

  • Distance from the airport – The airport exists at a distance of 10 km.
  • Number of rooms – 188 rooms are present in this hotel.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – $204 is the price here.

2. Jan Luyken Amsterdam

Jan Luyken Amsterdam
Jan Luyken Amsterdam

Delight your heart with the welcoming breakfast along with the refreshing beverages, and make your stay in Amsterdam hotels near Rijksmuseum, i.e., Jan Luyken Amsterdam. Located in the heart of Amsterdam on a stunning tree-lined street. It is mainly regarded as a townhouse where the Museum Quarter opens its gate in the wondrous shopping street.

We invite you all to spend a vacation or stay here that will make you feel you are staying in your other home. You can gain every amenity and facility you think of while staying here. When forming a list regarding the best hotels near Rijksmuseum, Jan Luyken is the auberge that you will witness in this list.

  • Distance from the airport – 9.4 km is the distance you must travel to reach the airport.
  • Number of rooms – Total 61 rooms are available here.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – Pay $168 to spend a day in this hotel’s room.

3. Hotel Fita Amsterdam

Hotel Fita Amsterdam
Hotel Fita Amsterdam

Another hotel in Amsterdam near Rijkmuseum is Hotel Fita Amsterdam, which is out-of-the-ordinary. It is adorned with too many amenities that will upgrade the quality of your stay. Because of the presence of some of the exquisite spots nearby, you wouldn’t get bored. Such spots are Moco Museum Banksy & More and Concertgebouw.

If we talk about the rooms of this place, then they offer all the amenities and facilities that anyone can expect. You can have the baggage storage facility for free and paid parking, so you need not think of anything else. Your trip to Amsterdam would never get finished if you didn’t taste the Oyster based iconic dishes at Foodhallen, Restaurant Haesje Claes, or The Seafood Bar van Baerlestraat. During the trip, pay a visit to a government building like Gemeentearchief, which is worth a visit.

  • Distance from airport – Travel 10 km to get to the airport.
  • Number of rooms – 21 rooms in total are available here, so make your booking earlier if you want to stay here.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – You need to pay $205 to make your stay at this place.

4. Max Brown Museum Square

Max Brown Museum Square
Max Brown Museum Square

Some minutes away from the renowned spot of Amsterdam like Van Gogh Museum, Stedelijk Museum, and Rijksmuseum, and nestled in the sphere of a beautiful street where calmness resides, Max Brown Museum Square is all set to attract travelers towards it. When you look out for Amsterdam hotels near Rijksmuseum, Max Brown Museum Square is present in Amsterdam to satisfy your adventures and urges.

Stepping up into the hotel’s premises will make you stunned with its charm and enchanting beauty. Though it comprises four townhouses of the 19th century that are completely traditional, when you witness the interior, your thought will turn upside down. It is pet-friendly, so you can come here by holding your furry buddy with you. Every kind of essential you can have here.

  • Distance from the airport – Max Brown Museum Square and the airport are 9 km apart.
  • Number of rooms – 64 rooms are present here for all the guests.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – $206 is the approximate price for a person to stay here for a day.

5. Hotel Cornelisz

Hotel Cornelisz
Hotel Cornelisz

Have you heard of the most dynamic shopping street named P.C. Hoofstraat? If the answer is yes, then you are familiar with Hotel Cornelisz. Looking for luxury hotels near Rijksmuseum, Hotels Cornelisz is surely present in your list of the choices you are considering for your stay. Start the time and take a 5 minutes walk, and you’ll find yourself standing before Leidseplein.

All the rooms of this hotel are designed by the influence of Hotel Cornelisz, with a marvelous interior that is enough to bind anyone with its splendid beauty. In the well-specious lobby, you can easily spot a vending machine with alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Besides this, I relish the taste of international breakfast in the breakfast room every morning. In need of anything else, you can call reception, which is operational for 24 hours.

Within one kilometer radius, you can feel the air full of the beauty of some splendors like the Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum, and Vondelpark.

  • Distance from the airport – Take some time in the buffer as the airport is 14 km away from this spot.
  • Number of rooms – Overall, 50 rooms exist at this place.
  • The price for a night to make a stay – $114- is the charge a person must pay for a night.

6. Hotel Seven One Seven

Hotel Seven One Seven
Hotel Seven One Seven

A prime private guest house in the center acts like a focal point from where all the stunning sites worth a visit are located at a negligible distance. Hotel Seven one Seven is indeed a 19th-century building, but the experience you will gain by staying here will make you fall in love with this place. Each Modern amenity exists here that you even can’t think of. No matter what type of trip you have, like a business or a leisure one, accommodation and comfort remain the same or ultimate in both scenarios.

The main aim that they want to fulfill is to make a home for the traveler away from their home so they don’t develop a feeling of homesickness. We always look forward to welcoming everyone with open and wide arms at our place.

  • Distance from the airport – Only 10 km is between the airport and Hotel Seven One Seven.
  • Number of rooms – Only 9 fully loaded and furnished rooms are scattered in this hotel.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – Pay $90 and sleep carefree in the room of this hotel.

7. Hotel Van Gogh

Hotel Van Gogh
Hotel Van Gogh

It is not a difficult task to find an ideal hotel in Amsterdam, and if you think that it is true, then you should pay some focus to Hotel Van Gogh, one of the finest hotels near Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Suppose you want your stay at a place where you don’t need to put effort into visiting the wonders of Amsterdam. An infinite number of facilities is present here, including a concierge one.

Give respect and let your tongue taste the local favorite dishes at Foodhallen, MOMO, or PIQNIC. Apart from this, if you are unaware of the stuff to do or how to get your time passed in Amsterdam, look here. You can explore the red light district, Anne Frank House, and Van Gogh Museum, some of the famed tourist places all across Amsterdam, and a little walk is needed to be there. This hotel never remains on the back foot as it welcomes tourists to accommodate here for as many days as they want.

  • Distance from the airport – To reach the airport, cover a distance of 10 km.
  • Number of rooms – Only 52 rooms are present in this hotel.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – For a night here, pay $102.

8. Blossoms City Hotel

Blossoms City Hotel
Blossoms City Hotel

Every year tens of thousands of tourists come to Blossoms City to stay; they keep this place as their priority whenever they think of accommodation during their trip to Amsterdam. Blossoms city hotel strive hard to maintain everyone’s stay calm, peaceful, relaxing, and enjoyable. When you come to Amsterdam with the urge to visit Hagelswag, then Blossoms City Hotel is the apt place to make your stay.

Are you a person whose taste buds satisfies only when they have seafood? Yes, then you will have butter on both sides of the bread while residing here at Blossoms City Hotel. Some famous places are nearby, like The Seafood Bar van Baerlestraat and Bridges Dining.

A single reason that is perfect for taking a visit to Amsterdam is the interesting or alluring historic sites. You all might be familiar with the names like Anne Frank House, Museum Het, Rembrandthuis, and Concertgebouw. Anyone can simply visit these places in one day and take a break; you can take a layover at any cafe on every street corner.

When you expect to have the best of Amsterdam at your fingertips, you must book your room at Blossoms City Hotel. It will surely make your vacation relaxing and fun loaded.

  • Distance from airport – Travel 9 km from this hotel to the airport.
  • Number of rooms – Only 6 rooms are available here.
  • The price for a night to make a stay – Everyone has to pay $72 to stay here.

9. Hotel Espresso

Hotel Espresso
Hotel Espresso

“Book a hotel near Rijksmuseum” is what you are looking for, then go with Hotel Espresso. All kinds of essentials that you can imagine are present here. Within 800 meters, several tourist sites are present: The Van Gogh, Leidseplein, and Rijksmuseum, along with numerous clubs and fancy restaurants.

It doesn’t matter what type of room you are staying in; you will find yourself with all amenities and facilities. The bathroom has all the necessary toiletries and a walk-in shower. Satisfy your hunger every morning as breakfast and complimentary tea and coffee are served. The facility of bike rental is also present here.

The known trait of Amsterdam is its beguiling canals, and witnessing it is not an issue from here as 10 minutes is only the cost you need to pay through walking.

  • Distance from Airport – This hotel is 9 km from the airport.
  • Number of rooms – 69 rooms are in this hotel, so book in advance.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – Charges for a night to spend a night here is $111.

10. Hotel Roemer

Hotel Roemer
Hotel Roemer

Cheap Hotel Roemer is a boutique hotel in 2 historic 20th-century mansions, but the interior is like you have entered another country or everything changes suddenly. The most attractive thing about this hotel is the private garden that is present here. Settle your thirst for shopping by heading towards the P.C. Hooftstraat, only 350m away from here. A 10-minute walk will take you to the Rijksmuseum and Van Gogh Museum.

Air conditioning makes the rooms cold enough that you wouldn’t even know what summer is. In addition, you can find a minibar and a desk using which you can do your work if there is any. The restaurant is there that will make you have a toothsome breakfast.

Roemer is formed with the combination of multiple modern facilities that shows authenticity and comprises a vibrant, cozy cocktail area. Two other facilities that you can have are bicycle hire and complimentary newspapers or magazines.

  • Distance from airport – 10 km from this hotel to this airport.
  • Number of rooms – Only 37 rooms are present here.
  • Price for a night to make a stay – This hotel ranges from $180 to $290.
Last Words..!

In this write-up, you can find the list of some of the best hotels near Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Go through the description of each of them and then choose one that is quite appropriate for you and satisfies your needs. Every major detail is highlighted here that anyone wants to know when they are looking for a hotel to make their booking. If you are finding high prices for the hotels listed here, you can visit our portal, i.e., Toursntravelpro. Here, you can find the bare minimum price for the hotels. And whoever knows, if you might get lucky, you can get a deal or discounts on the platform.


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