FIFA World cup Qatar 2022

The FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 has already started in Qatar. The Country is ready to roar by the sound of mammoth football zealots. The place is hosting one of the major and dynamic football events. All the grounds of the Country are glowing with sparkling lights and green grasses. In FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022, 32 national teams are participating from five different confederations vie to win the title of Football World Champions. The World Cup Qatar 2022 started on November 21 and will be continued until mid-December. 

Which are the Teams Playing in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022?

The Teams are Divided into Different Groups:

  • Group A: Netherlands, Qatar, Ecuador, Senegal 
  • Group B: Iran, USA, Wales, England 
  • Group C: Mexico, Poland, Argentina, Saudi Arabia 
  • Group D: Australia, Denmark, France, Tunisia
  • Group E: Germany, Japan, Spain, Costa Rica
  • Group F: Morocco, Canada, Belgium, Croatia 
  • Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Cameroon, Switzerland 
  • Group H: Uruguay, South Korea, Portugal, Ghana

Below we have mentioned the details that can help you in case you are thinking of visiting and watching the FIFA World Cup. 

What are the Covid 19 Measures for the Tourists?

Below we have mentioned all the measures that Tourists must have to follow while visiting the Country for the Qatar World Cup:

  • Every individual has to visit a healthcare facility in Qatar to check the COVID-19 status.
  • You don’t have to do a rapid Antigen or PCR test before going to Qatar.
  • The residents of the Country are also free from all the restrictions of the Antigen or PCR test.

What is the Importance of the Hayya Card?

Hayya Card is an asset for all the people who are visiting Qatar. The Hayya card work as a visa that permits you to enter Qatar. Moreover, it will also grant to the stadiums, give free access to public transport, and be used as a fan Id as well for the matches. 
You can only get a Hayya card if your age is at least 18. There is one more perk of a Hayya card; you can take 3 more people on your Hayaya card.
Grab the card by visiting

How is the Weather in Qatar?

Qatar has a very hot climate throughout the year, as it is located in Arabia. However, in November and December, the temperature remains a little low when comparing it with the other months. Every Single bit of Qatar is pleasant these days. Thus it is considered the best time to play Qatar World Cup matches. 

Detail about the Flights to Qatar for FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar Airways is the only prime operator when we talk about flights to Qatar based in Doha. There are different airlines that flies frequently to Qatar, including British Airways, JetBlue, Delta Airlines, Alaska Airline, American Airlines, etc.
Four of these airports are in the same place. Only one airport is the Internation, i.e., Doha’s Hamad International Airport (DOH). Numerous flights land at this airport every day. 
To travel to Qatar, a flight needs 12 to 13 hours from New York City, 6 to 7 hours from London, and 15-16 hours from Los Angeles.

What are the Best Places to Stay in Qatar?

When it comes to accommodation, there are different options available for the tourists. You can choose an option according to your comfort and Budget. 

  1. Hotels: Even before the announcement of the FIFA World Cup Games, Doha is the most famous place where many Luxury hotels exist. Numerous people went to Doha to find rooms at budget-friendly prices. For three-star hotels, the prices are around QAR550.
  2. Fan Villages: The Blooming accommodation at most of the villages of Qatar are cabin style, camps, and beautiful caravan. The most famous fan villages in Qatar are AI Khor, cabins Rawdat AI Jahhaniya, Heenat Salma Farm, Qetaifan Island North, and Caravan City. 
    These Fan villages cost around QAR400-QAR7300 per night.
  3. Holiday Homes: Alternate choice for a budget-friendly place that people can opt for is Holiday Homes. The main specification of these holiday homes is they are fully furnished and present at the main Venue of Qatar. The charges of these houses vary according to your Venue, but it is almost around QAR787 to QAR787.
  4. Luxury Villas and Budget Apartments: In case you don’t have any tension about the Budget, then you can choose to opt for Luxury Villas or apartments as well. These villas have Modular Kitchens, Housekeeping services, Wi-Fi, etc., for around QAR300.
    However, if you are choosing a five bedrooms villa, you have to pay around QAR3,450, and it is compulsory for every individual to book the place for at least 3 nights.

Which are the Most Recommended Restaurants in Qatar?

Watching a match with an empty stomach? Is it worth it? Definitely Not! You can’t even go back to your hotel in between the match, then what to do? It is always recommended to taste local flavourful dishes. Trust us; you will fall in love with the mouth-watering and delicious delicacies of Qatar. Whether it is Machboos, French Flair, or Spiced Karak Tea, each and every restaurant will give you a unique and tempting experience. 

Other than this, you can find Nourlaya (a Sri Lankan Dish) or Damasca (Syriah Dish) almost everywhere in the Country. 

What are the ways to Get Around in Qatar?

You can try the Metro, buses, trams, trains or personal cabs as well if you want to travel in the city. 

Qatar’s Metro

Mainly three lines are operated, i.e., (Red, Green, and Gold). These three lines will help you in reaching every part of the Country. During the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022, all the Hayya card holders can easily utilize the Metro without paying any charges. All the free Metro-linked buses are also running to drop you at the Metro stops from the place you stay.


There are two Trams alternatives available, and these are beneficial to everyone. People have permission to enjoy a free ride from the Education City tram for all those matches that are being played in the Education City stadium. 
However, if you are in Msheireb and want to explore the places in the Downton, you can choose the Msheireb Tram.

Rental Cars in Qatar

In Qatar, you also have the option to rent and Car and room in the city by yourself. There are many Car rental service providers available at the airport terminal itself. Thus you don’t have to run around. Simply rent a Car at the airport itself, and go to the destination.

If you can’t drive but you want a car, then you can choose Taxi. The local taxi service is called Karwa Taxi, and these are Turquoise in Color. It is one of the best ways you can select to travel to the Country while the Fifa World Cup 2022. 
These taxis charge the customer per hour and can be booked in advance as well. 
Note: Qatar also has Uber and Careem taxis.

In a Nutshell!

Qatar is a very beautiful place, with the best weather during November and December. Thus this time, visit Qatar and explore the beauty of the city. Moreover, if you are a football lover, book your tickets now for the FIFA world cup Qatar 2022, and enjoy the matches. 


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