Why is allegiant air so cheap?

Allegiant Air is a top-notch airline that has been helping people reach their desired destinations since 1997. Passengers highly recommend Allegiant because of the fantastic customer service and in-flight experience that it offers. But one question that everyone wonders is, Why is Allegiant so cheap

The truth is that Allegiant applies various strategies and has intensive planning on how to give the customers what they want and gain profit as well. If you read the blog till the end, you will learn more about how Allegiant Cheap Airlines makes travel so easy and affordable. So, let’s begin reading.

Why is Flying Allegiant so Cheap?

If you have ever traveled with Allegiant Airlines, then you must know the outstanding services that it provides, and at that, at a minimal cost. So, you no longer need to wonder Why is Allegiant so cheap?, as the points given below answer this question in detail.

  • Allegiant is Nevada-based and an ultra-low-cost airline.

  • The Airline operates all Economy Class aircraft.

  • The Airline flies to more than 110 destinations in the United States of America and has a total of 90 fleets.

  • Allegiant follows an Ala carte pricing model. This model allows all customers to pay only for the services they want to use.

  • Therefore, the base fares are kept minimal, and no extra fees are charged to any customer.

  • For Example- if a customer wants in-flight entertainment, they may choose the option while booking their ticket and pay the additional fee.

  • On the contrary, someone who does not want in-flight entertainment needs to pay just the base fare.

  • The basic fare by Allegiant provides a seat on the aircraft, along with one personal item.

  • The personal item may be a backpack/purse/laptop or such. No customer needs to pay for the personal item.

  • However, if you wish to opt for a seat of your choice, food, priority entry, checked baggage, and more, then you must pay the additional fee.

  • Allegiant usually starts its journey from smaller/regional airports, which helps in saving costs.

  • Moreover, the Airline manages to cover world-class destinations, such as Los Angeles International Airport, Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, and more.

  • The Airline chooses to avoid flying to the same destinations every day. They choose two days a week for specific destinations.

  • This is because Allegiant believes that flying more passengers and fewer flights is better, as it helps save people’s hard-earned money.

  • Please note that you must keep your travel dates flexible, as your itinerary will depend on when Allegiant is flying.

  • Lastly, in the case of checked bags, customers should add the bag at the time of booking itself.

  • This is because the rates for checked bags are higher at the airport. So, buying baggage at the time of reservation will help you a lot of bucks.

Does Allegiant cancel flights often?

There are a lot of reasons why airlines sometimes have to cancel flights. While some flight cancellations are in the Airline’s hands, some aren’t. Some extraordinary circumstances for which the airline may have to cancel the flights include poor weather conditions, air strikes, protests, government orders, and more.

In such cases, Allegiant has no other option than to cancel the flight and provide customers with a full refund or alternate flights. However, if the airline cancels the flight due to a fault of theirs, and they do not inform the passenger well in advance in time, they are liable to pay compensation. Customers may claim compensation by visiting the official website of Allegiant Air or by reaching out to the customer service representative.

Do you have to pay for carry-on bags with Allegiant?

Yes. As mentioned above, Allegiant Air follows an Ala Carte pricing model. This means that the base fare only includes a seat in the basic economy section. So, if any passenger wishes to bring a carry-on to their flight, they must pay an additional fee.

The Ala Carte pricing model is beneficial for all customers, as they only need to pay for the services that they want to utilize. Whether it’s food, in-flight entertainment, checked baggage, and more, be ready to pay for it every time.

How strict is Allegiant with a carry-on?

Allegiant Airline has set a maximum dimension for carry-on bags for all passengers. If any passenger is found exceeding this dimension, then they are liable to pay an over-weight bag fee. Please note the maximum exterior dimension for a carry-on bag is 10 x 16 x 22 inches. Moreover, the carry-on bag must fit perfectly well in the overhead bin or underneath the seat in front of you.

Allegiant cheapest days to Fly

Every Airline has a day or two on which they drop their fare prices. If you have a flexible travel schedule, then the way to book the cheapest Allegiant Airline flight is by booking them on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday.

On these days, you can avail the best Allegiant deals for your trip, so mark your calendars right away. If you are looking for other cheap fares, then read about the Allegiant Airlines Low Fare Calendar in the following section.

Allegiant Low Fare Calendar

A low-fare calendar, as the name suggests, is a tool or feature that helps customers book cheap flight tickets. As compared to the traditional method of booking, a Low Fare Calendar has more Allegiant discounts and vouchers.

The calendar will allow you to look for the fare prices in advance and book tickets even 11 months before the set departure. Moreover, you can plan your itinerary easily, depending on the tickets and your budget.


Allegiant Air is a renowned ultra-low-cost air carrier. If you have a low budget, you should definitely choose Allegiant Air as your air carrier because it is the cheapest fare provider currently. If you wish to know more about Allegiant Airlines, then get in touch with a human. Call Allegiant Airlines Customer Service at 1 (702) 505-8888 or 1-844-402-8105.

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Frequently Asked Question

A. If you wish to talk to a human at Allegiant, then call 1 (702) 505-8888 or 1-844-402-8105. Select your query, and an Allegiant representative will answer your call shortly.

A. Yes. The Allegiant 24-Hour policy allows customers to change or cancel their flight free of cost in the first 24 hours of booking. This means you don’t have to pay any charges for cancellations or changes.

A. Yes. Allegiant allows all customers to bring one personal item for free. This item must fit underneath the seat in front of you. You may bring water, a purse, food, or a jacket as a personal item.

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